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I get nothing
  • rookie45rookie45
    Posts: 1

    I bought the Helix and have been using it for about 3 months now. I've at least 20 sessions if not more and have yet to feel really anything. I've read through as much as I could on the forums for tips and methods but nothing seems to work. I'm close to just giving up after seeing what people have experienced on those videos and me getting no where close to that.

    Any light anyone could shed to help me feel SOMETHING???
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, rookie45.

    "Nothing?" Not a tingle or the feeling that you have to pee? If so, your Helix is probably not making contact with your prostate. There are a lot of reasons that could happen, though based on posts in this forum it seems to be rare.

    Make sure you know what prostate contact feels like so you have a reference point. If your finger won't reach (mine doesn't), try using a condom-encased small Zucchini squash and lots of lube. Once you have the contact feeling reference in mind, try manually moving the Helix to reproduce that feeling. Note how the Helix P-tab and handle touch your body when you've got contact. There's a good chance you'll have to make some minor modifications to the P-tab arm and handle to get a good fit. There are threads on this site about those topics. I think you'll find links in the Wiki as well.

    Best of luck to you for making some progress.


  • anal funanal fun
    Posts: 51
    Hi rookie,
    Sorry to hear you are having problems,but don't get disheartened.The first thing you need to do is learn to totally relax.Are you new to anal play? If so you could be feeling anxiuos about using the Aneros. The Helix is a good first choice,easily insertable.Another vital thing is to make sure you use plenty of lube so that the Helix can float in your anus freely,probably a good idea to inject about 5ml of lube using a syringe before inserting.
    Next after insertion lay down ,probably best position to start with is on your side with your legs curled like the foetus position.The basically lay there for about 10to 15 minutes without doing a thing.Let your body get used to the Helix and keep relaxed.After this time try very slightly contracting your sphincter just enough to feel the Helix pulling into you so the tab puts pressure on your perrinium.Hold for about 30 second and then relax,keep relaxed for another 30 seconds and repeat .keep doing this slowly increasing your contractions but no more than about half of the full contraction and hold for around a minute and release.Soon you should start to feel your prostate stirring and you should start to feel pleasure in your prostate and anus.Once you do you are on the start of your wonderful journey.Your journey to the Super O may be quick or it could take a year or more but the pleasure you will experience will change your life and all the guys on the forum will help as much as they can.
    Good luck,
    regards AF
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    thanks anal fun, i will try that when I get back on this journey.
  • anal funanal fun
    Posts: 51
    No problem,get practicing.
  • tpskytpsky
    Posts: 6
    thanks anal fun, i will try that when I get back on this journey.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    It took me almost a year to produce consistent orgasms. What helped me the most was lying on my back with it in 10 minutes totally relaxed, then doing gentle PC contractions (the muscle contraction you use to cut of your urine flow midstream) about 20 seconds then relaxing about 20 seconds repeating this a number of times while tickling my nipples "listening" carefully for wiggling anal sensations varying the contractions to augment these. After reaching that first milestone of producing that sensation, I was within a few months able with it to feel warm orgasmic feelings rising in my pelvis and later on in sessions flowing out into my penis where it felt like I was ejaculating intensely, though I was completely dry.