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The SUPER-O SPECTRUM: what's your point of view?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    At this mornings Chat Room session, the question of how do you define what a Super-O is again came up. I hazarded a 3-part spectrum as a rough guide. Tomasheen also launched a great thread getting down to the nitty gritty of the first prostate transition to dry direct prostate orgasms: mini-Os, dry-Os and Super-Os.

    BF Mayfield and others have long celebrated the virtually infinite variety of possible Super-Os, and that perspective remains a keystone of the discussion of this topic.

    The key point, also recently much discussed by the Chat Room Midnight Ramblers who made a habit of gathering at the same time through several chats a couple of weeks ago, is that the celebrations and enthusiasm for this mythical vast never-before-imagined SUPER-O can become a great block to real progress for many, by setting unreal expectations for too many who expect it to happen soon after they take their first Aneros out of the box and insert it in theirs.

    The other key factor is that we are are working with energies here that can be powerfully sexual in nature, butt can also be profoundly other than sexual. And increasing numbers here are experiencing non-aneros orgasmic sessions that are predominantly non-sexual, yet still orgasmically (NOT ejac-like orgasms) ecstatic. Eros goes beyond the strictly sexual. It is a wider phenomenological excitement of varied levels, a frisson at being alive and sharing that with others, for example.

    So, when asked this morning, I set out the following Super-O Spectrum as I have identified these things in my own developmental progress. This is based also on reconciling my aneros development with earlier Taoist sexual kung fu explorations, Tantra interests, and the fact that mine has been a mixed Aneros/KSMO practice almost since the beginning four years ago. I've always liked and shared the same experience captured by BF Mayfield when he describes our aneros models as our "Tantric Training Wheels"!

    Just as Tomasheen and the others in his thread have their particular focus, mine here is one guy's personal map, and I invite you to share your variations and unique personal definitions here. Welcome!!!

    For me, p-waves are the key sensation that drove my practice forward. They are pure energies blossoms and flows as our body brings these energies to full consciousness. While I have enjoyed Butt Buzz, mini-Os, and torso-filling dry-Os and other passing or sustainable energies joys with great gratitude, I didn't apply the name Super-O until I first experienced:

    1. full-body, active-body, limbs flailing, laughter and tears, overwhelming energies, deep vocalizing orgasms: Active Body Super-Os!!!

    Because of old wounds and injuries scar tissues, which cause pains soon for me in the Active Body SOs, I began to experience elevated "floating bliss", warmly, gently vibrating, deeply energetic, wondrous peace and ecstasy:

    2. full-body, still-body, serene breathing, deep peace and ecstasy: Still Body Super-Os, or Calm Seas Os. These need not be "overwhelming" at all; they can be more like meditations or light ecstatic lucid dreaming, or carry you "above and beyond", as they have for many. Yet they can also escalate further, or serve as the launching platform for:

    3. voyaging outward, throughout the universe/multiverse, universal-union, encountering the presence, unspeakably elevated ecstasies, and flowing ecstatic energies: Spiritual Orgasms

    These correspond with the familiar Taoist energies spectrum of:

    Jing (eros orgasmic, life essence, semen kung fu)>>> Qi/Chi ( life force, eros spritzed or neutral "joie de vivre", ecstatsy of living)>>> Shen (spiritual energies, sacred ecstatic, sacred sexuality)

    I offer this not to create expectations, but an OVERVIEW MAP to offer a set of guideposts, particularly for new members here who may be pitched by their body/minds, not initially into enhanced sexual orgasmic sensations as expected, butt asexually thrust into a fearful encounter with God, as some here have, or who experience non-sexual energies and feel disoriented or disappointed, when that opening to this Spectrum can lead onward into the wide range of other dimensions, including great dry sexual orgasmic bliss! So, in a real sense, one can say that this is the Tao of Aneros, a Whole Male, whole life energetics launched by simple health-giving prostate massage! :D

    This journey is rarely if ever a straight path to a goal; it is that long and winding road, with many forks and branches, and all great adventures wherever they may take you, if you relax deeply and trust your body/mind wisdom as it expands for you.

    I know others who feel the Super-O in other ways and related to levels of what I have defined as dry-Os, and I do not dispute their spectrum. There is room for all on this astounding, growing, collection of unique, individual aneros journeys unfolding here in the thousands every day. Hallelujah!!!

    Please add your experiences/thoughts on this with posts here too. Thanks.

    all aboard the orgasmic energetics spectrum of infinite possibilities wherever it takes each of us all

  • artform,

    Good post!

    In response, all I have to say is, everyone who finds an Aneros that fits their body and uses it regularly will eventually get a lot of pleasure from it. Trying to put labels on the various physical and mental reactions to these devices is an interesting academic exercise, but kind of beside the point, which is, enjoy yourself. When you can share that joy with a partner, so much the better.


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    This is an excellent posting. I really like the term "SUPER-O SPECTRUM" for that is exactly the phenomenon we are experiencing. It is a spectrum of orgasmic sensations from tiny whispers of pleasure waves to full body quaking spasms. These may all be encountered in a single Anerosession or only some of them, nonetheless, one may be experiencing one of the Super-O types you described.

    I think many men begin their Aneros journey with "...unreal expectations..." from having read the hyperbole of others experiences. Frustration and anxiety set in when these unreal expectations are not being met. I sometimes wish we had an alternative term for the "Super-O" as it seems to have been misinterpreted by so many men as to its essential meaning. 'Tomasheen's thread does go directly to the heart of this misinterpretation.

    Just as white light is composed of a spectrum of colors, so too is a Super-O experience, from lusty infrared to the spiritual purity of ultra-violet. Enjoy each nuance of color pleasure in the spectrum as you encounter it and the rainbow will ultimately unfold for you.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 308
    Thanks Art,

    I like the "Calm Seas Orgasm" and "Still Body Super Os" terms. I've been experiencing those lately. They are truly like a state of perpetual bliss. During those periods I continue to have dry O's. It is an amazing place to be.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks so much ten_s_nut, rumel and brine!!! :D :D :D :D

    Every posting here enriches the SUPER-O SPECTRUM OVERVIEW MAP. Feel free to add yours here!!

    guideposts, not expectations, every journey is unique

  • Truly is an "Artform", a very nice read indeed. I love this and I quote Artform, "This journey is rarely if ever a straight path to a goal; it is that long and winding road, with many forks and branches, and all great adventures wherever they may take you, if you relax deeply and trust your body/mind wisdom as it expands for you."

    How can that be explained any better?? It can't. That's exactly what I feel. What fun would a journey be if you crossed the checkered flag immediately? I love that every session is different, whether it's a classified as a "failure" or not. I do not like that "F" word at all. Never let it set you back. Those are just bumps in the road and heck, it still can be fun. Half the fun of the journey is the ride, right??

    Great thread, enjoy!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Thank you so much for this thread. I can now relate to so much of what you have said here and I am finding it very helpful to my understanding of what is going on as I progress on this journey. A year or so ago I might not have understood but now I am beginning to gain vague insights into the great variations of experiences that one can have here. However, as you have said, it is obvious now that every journey is indeed unique.