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Valentine Weekend sex surprise
  • Hello, all.

    As a Valentine Weekend surprise, my wife got a We-Vibe II. While I was inside her I could feel the vibrations right through my body and into the Eupho, which started "rotating" around my prostate. Wow! Got a bunch of Dry-Os followed by a Super-O. I can highly recommend that combo of toys.

    Now, I'm wondering if I had an Aneros Vice, would my wife feel the vibes from me to her when coupled (without the We-Vibe)? Anyone here try that?


  • neubieneubie
    Posts: 17

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the We-Vibe II. What does your wife think of it? I was going to get one for my wife as well but she's hasn't had much success with vibrating toys. I believe they make her numb too quickly.
  • neubie;

    My wife loves the We-Vibe. Works for her in solo mode, too.

    Best Regards,