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Happiness Peridisified
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Wow, Wow, Wow !
    This is insane.
    How is it possible to be owned by a piece of plastic.
    Thats what happened to me for over 2 hours this morning.

    The owner was the smallest produce in the Aneros range.
    The smallest of the Peridise advanced set.

    The cat woke me early.
    I made a cup of tea and was feeling horny.
    Put the smallest Peridise in and sat drinking my tea.
    There was a constant itching pulsing sensation.
    Went back to bed.
    The sensations continued.
    Waves of pleasure up my neck to crown of head.
    I moaned, groaned, panted.
    This went on for about an hour until the alarm went off.

    I got up and made a coffee..
    As I sat the sensations continued without a break except for a stronger wave now and then.
    My eyes were open but I was not aware of seeing anything.
    Only the itching pulsing pleasure.
    Sensations down the back of my legs.

    My cock felt full.
    My balls felt alive.

    My knees felt like jelly.
    I did not trust myself to walk around.
    This went on for over an hour.

    I finally had to halt things when the urge for the morning toilet visit arrived.

    I still have an itch inside and the occasional pulse and it is now 3 hours from the start.
    I feel tired.:)
  • neubieneubie
    Posts: 17

    That's excellent! Sounds like you're having no trouble in Peridise...

    I was thinking of getting a set myself but didn't know if I should start with the beginner set or go straight to the advanced. I currently have four Aneros models. They are listed below in order of most favorite to lease favorite.


    I have had much success with my Aneros sessions but would like to see if I get more wave action with the Peridise. Did you start with the beginner set? Also, have you ever used the Tempo?
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    @ neubie.
    As I have been a user for 2 1/2 years I bought the advanced set.
    I have enjoyed them very much.
    It was the smallest of the set that did the business yesterday.
    I was still getting echoes some 13 hours later.

    I did think about getting the Tempo but I ordered the Peridise.
    The Tempo is a possible future buy.
    Hope this helps.
  • neubieneubie
    Posts: 17
    Thanks, for the info. Although I've only been on my journey six months, I've had many excellent stops along the way. Accordingly, I think I'll go with the advanced set as well.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    HI Voyager and neubie!!! :D :D :D

    WOW Voyager!!! Congratulations sir! Sounds like a high energies planetary circumnavigation at first launch!!! All circuits cleared, OPEN and FLOWING sir! Hallelujah!!!

    Onward as muscle/nervous-system memories establish, and more openings are added as your journey advances from here on my friend...

    who knows what time and confluence of openness and feelings will knock the blocks and grease the ways and launch one so magnificently

  • I think I need a Peridise very soon!