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A few questions about pivot...
  • Normally, I would never be comfortable talking about these topics, but I guess the community's open and accepting feel has made me rethink this a little.

    Just to give a little background, I first bought an mgx and a bottle of id glide from the site a few months ago. I first used it without prelubrication, intent on avoiding that practice alltogether. I believe I was able to tell that this was not adequate. A little observation resulted in a most likely accurate conclusion. Like a few others on the forum though, there are a few other problems that aren't immediately obvious, and I am having trouble finding what is causing them on my own.

    The next time I tried using it, I did prelubricate and I finally noticed definite movement... To describe it the best I can, it felt like as the unit pivoted, it pressed up against something, and then slid off it to the side and up a little farther... I guess it felt like there was a well defined portion of the movement that was forrward, and after that, a well defined portion that was off to the side. It was very enjoyable. I have taken the community's advice seriously, and I am trying not to rush things. So, a while into this session, I decided to end it, call my gains for the night exceptional, and pick it up next session. However, since then, I have not been able to obtain that glide or that pivot.

    I first assumed that it was a lubrication problem. I tried using more, or injecting it deeper. I tried a variety of positions as to hopefully allow it to move around and coat every area. However, I was still finding each time that there was no longer any movement at all. Unfortunately, I now had to consider the less pleasant conclusion that it was a health related issue. I have crohn's disease, which can cause all sorts of inflammation and other unpleasantries, and at this point I cannot determine what kind of factor this may be. I have stopped seeing doctors for this issue, as their tests and treatments have caused me so much pain in the past, and there is yet no cure, that I have given up on them in favor of simply dealing with the symptoms. I realize the logical advice is to talk to a doctor, but I wanted to make it clear that there is little chance of that happening. Even if that is the best thing to do, it is probably not going to happen so please skip that piece of advice.

    I do not think it is a serious issue, but I wonder if the potential inflammation could be the cause of immobility. I have been paying close attention to the status of the condition each use, looking for some factor that changes the session so that I can begin to learn when it just isn't a good time for a session. Since I do not want to risk aggrivating my condition during the work week, I only use it once a week on the weekend. It is disappointing when there is no mobility and I know immediately that I will not get to continue the journey for another week, though even without movement there is pressure that is enjoyable.

    So, to the questions... I do not believe I am sharing some other users' problems of not identifying the prostate or not contacting it. Perhaps I have not clearly identified it or gotten to know it but it must be contacting it because it does feel enjoyable. Movement is quite important though, right? Does it sound like lubrication could still be at fault for it's lack of movement? Is there anyone else who has crohn's or any other inflammation problem on the forum, and if so, do you have any advice or experience to share? Is once a week infrequent enough to interfere with rewiring? And really, any other feedback related to this is appreciated as well.

    Today, perhaps prematurely, I ordered the Helix. It will be at least a week before I know if that makes a difference, but I thought perhaps it would be worth a try...
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    welcome to the forum and I hope that you will have better luck with the helix. I'm a grinder myself, been 15 months on this journey, but i had some suxxess and moving steadily forward i someday i will hopefully hit the jackpot.

    But on movement, it takes very little movement to move mountains, so i dont think its really that big issue that you don't get much movement, and if it feels good go with that, and just relax

    A little tip on prelubing that i can share is that after you injected the lube, hold your finger on your hole and then try to push the lube out (without pushing to hard obviously), that will distribute the lube evenly in the canal, coating everything, then you can insert your unit very carefully (well lubed up ofc.) and hopefully get a sweet ride