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Peaking quickly, then declining
  • Recently my sessions have been very good in the first 15-20 minutes, and then they kind of go dead. I'm wondering if it could have something to do with my typical sequence, which involves three phases:

    1. Aneros only
    2. Masturbation with Aneros in
    3. Traditional orgasm without Aneros in (I prefer this sensation as it seems to prevent anal pain that I sometimes experience afterward and during the day if I have a traditional orgasm with the Aneros in.)

    Alternatively, it could just be that I don't yet have the stamina to maintain a good session for very long. I've only had my current model for three months and use has been a few times weekly, involving some more extended breaks (like 2 weeks in December.) The rest of my history is kind of convoluted. I first got the Aneros in Spring 2009, an MGX. I took a break from it in Fall 2009, then came back to it for two months or so in early Spring 2010. I took another break until late 2010, when I got the Helix. I do enjoy the Helix much more than I did the MGX, and I've been fairly satisfied with my sessions recently, just thought I'd gather your thoughts on the phenomenon I'm currently experiencing, the early peak.
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    To some extent, this is a natural response of our nervous systems, I believe it is called accommodation. The nerves get used to the new stimulus and at some point quit responding to it.
    More importantly, in your case I suspect that the masturbation and traditional orgasm, while enjoyable, are short-circuiting the rewiring process. There have been many posts about this in the past. I think at this time you should avoid any penis contact during your sessions, and avoid going for an orgasm, see if that makes a difference. Better to learn to nurture and prolong those initial sensations, the orgasm can wait.
    I have experienced the same thing (goes back to sleep after 20 minutes). Sometimes I was able to reawaken it just through meditation, other times I would take it out an try again in an hour. As time went on, it has become easier to reawaken it, but it is never a sure thing.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    what you describe has been typical of my aneros journey since very early on. THis has continued for almost four years, however, with the time, I have found that my peaks last longer and while the sensations do calm down, it takes much longer. I have always used several models during a single session, swaping out for a different model as the sensations die down.
    Although this has taken ma a long time, I now don't really have that conditon. I now can have wave after wave with the same model and while I still do change out during a session, I might go for an hour without changing.
    My advice, like Woodsmans, would be to avoid any penile contact and stop masterbating as a part of your sessions. Give it time and enjoy whatever you get out of it.