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I'm curious about something...
  • I was tooling around on the Wiki, and came across a statement to the effect that "ten years and 16,000 posts later, it is not clear what distinguishes the "fast-track" Aneros users from the rest of us." (Damned Bell Curve...)

    Would you "fast-trackers" (those who advanced very quickly to the mini-O's and on to the Super-O's... you know who you are!) say that you have a highly-developed sense of spontaneous humor? See humor everywhere you look? Even find something to laugh at in the darkest of circumstances? Would you also say that you think you are unusually sensual in nature? By that I mean, very highly attuned to your sensory input, pretty much at all times?

    Just pursuing a thought I ran across elsewhere (possibly in this forum, but I'm not sure) I remember the point being made that people with a highly-developed sense of humor tend to be more in-tune with their bodies than the average Joe, **on the average** As usual, the exceptions prove the rule...

    I have always had what has been labeled by one of my counselors as "Emotional Incontinence" (just can't contain my laughter at things that hit my funny bone.) Doesn't matter if I'm at a wedding or a funeral, a high-powered meeting or just hangin' out; out it comes. And I get almost as big a charge out of it even years later as I did originally. My sister's the same way, and we both drive our respective mates insane with this. I also happen to be an extremely sensual person (for a male, anyway,) and am at all times very attuned to my senses... feel of water flowing over skin, of gentle breezes stirring arm and chest hairs, warmth of the sun feeling different over different areas of my body, the sound of the breeze through the pines, chirp of crickets.... just a never-ending symphony of sensation. It's hard to block, sometimes; I have a reputation for being easily distracted, or having the attention span of a gnat. It's not that, exactly; I'm just easily, well, distracted by various sensual inputs. Most of the time, they're more interesting, anyway. (I'm also a touch autistic, as in extremely high-functioning Asperger's ), so things can be a little difficult at times.

    All of which is a very long-winded way of saying that I'm a laughing fool with a huge funny bone, and a sensual sack of mush. I've used my Helix only twice, and I'm able to check off most of the "milestones" in the Wiki. Hoping to be a fast-tracker too, but satisfied to be a grinder, if it comes to it. Pleasurable either way!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome kharrisma!! :D :D

    Great post and may I suggest that you create a multiple response Poll here to ask your questions; then we can all see how the results shape up. Sounds indeed like you are leaping forward. I share a number of the characteristics you mention and hope to compare notes in the Chats here with you soon.

    all the best full spectrum sensual and sensibility openness and response levels all

  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    my theory is its part physical some people are just more sensitive but a major factor is you natural ability to relax i am a naturally wound up person and find it hard to relax without weed so my sessions with aneros are rarely good when not high but some people can just lay down breath deeply and clear their mind lucky gits you mentioned your in tune with your body and senses and laughing uncontrolablly you sound like your naturally high all the time i envy you
  • I agree that some people may be "naturally" more or less sensual, relaxed, focused, etc. But I also think that each of those qualities can be developed. I worry that thinking of these things as "natural" gives folks an excuse to give up if they don't achieve success quickly.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Kharrisma, :)

    A good topic, thank you for starting it! I've often wondered the same thing. Myself being a long term grinder of just over four years, I suspect now that my high anxiety problems (which I feel is the opposite of being relaxed), depression, and also pessimist thinking has played a big part in this journey taking such a long time. But it's purely speculation. I actually love to laugh, comedy, and humor. But perhaps I'm not as much prone to easily feel that way as yourself. There is a lot of speculation about what happens in this Aneros journey. I'm not sure it gets anyone any closer to super-Oing. But it is fun to think about and consider. :D

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Great idea for a poll. Will be very curious about how it might play out.

    Personal experience: I think that personality plays a gigantic role in how quickly one 'falls into the water' and swims with ease.

    I'm an ESTJ (Myers-Briggs MBTI) and took about a year before I finally let go completely and allowed Dame Aneros to penetrate my being and inject my being with a monster spiritual-visual orgasm. Until that moment I had bounced against many brick walls and fences that lined my journey.

    I think the 'TJ' (thinking-judgment) elements, when combined, make a tough nut for Dame Aneros to crack. I'd hazard that gents with 'FP' (feeling-perception) tags on their MBTI are more quickly visited by the Super-O.
  • I'm uncertain what happened to my reply... apologies if this turns into a double-post.

    Thanks for the replies; all interesting, some unexpected. All valued. @rook: I'm intrigued by the reference to ESTJ (Myers-Briggs MBTI) ; who/what/where/when/why????