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Super O Possible without Aneros Inserted?
  • I have been using an aneros helix for about 3 months now and the feeling it is giving me has opend a door to incredible interal pleaure that I have never previously experienced. I have not yet had the pleasure of a super O but look forward to having one some day in the near future.

    I can now get the pleasuree waves, as though the helix is in, when I am in my car driving to work, sitting in a chair watching a movie or just laying in bed in the morning. I can do this by just focusing my mental power on my prostrate and do not even have to do the warm up contractions to get it started, it just starts happening by thinking about it. It is not quite as intense as when the aneros is inserted but it is not a whole lot different. It seems like I even get more precum without the aneros in.

    What I am wondering is this: since I am getting good feelings(almost identical) even without the aneros inserted. Will I be able to achieve the super O without the aneros once I have experienced them with the aneros inserted?

    Has anyone every experienced a super O without the aneros? Thanks for all of the advice that everyone leaves on this forum, it is most helpful and appreciated. Wish I had found out about aneros years ago!!:)
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi LC,:)

    >Will I be able to achieve the super O without the aneros once I have experienced them with the aneros inserted?<<br />
    Many here and elsewhere have described having Super-Os without an Aneros device in use.

    I learned my MMO practice through the Aneros and KSMO and have had the good fortune to reach a level where I can call up Super-Os at any time just by wishing them to visit - no devices, unnatural practices, chemical substances or anything else.

    IMHO the mind-generated ejaculation-free orgasms are, by far, the most intense and erotically exciting of them all.

    You seem to be well established on your re-wiring journey and you have as good an opportunity to achieve eventually device-free orgasms, but it might require considerable practice.

    Good luck,

  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    In a word...yes.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    To reinforce what 'mog' & 'dtmsmith' said you are encouraged to read ANEROS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY?...REVISITED by our venerable 'B Mayfield' for further validation.