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Sucess after 3 years!!!
  • Hi people! It's strange to write a post here after all those years
    lurking around this forum, I don't even know when was the first time I
    have find this forum, I remember I just clicked some banner and went
    to a site talking about a device that could make some incredible
    things to man, read the testimonials and I said to myself, nah....that's bullsh*t. Man I was
    wrong, so wrong.
    But all this don't matter anymore, what matters now is that I became a
    believer in this so called Super-O.

    I will try to be short here, and say how I did it, what helped me,
    what didn't work and give some tips. I don't know how discussions are going here cause I
    haven't read anything around herefor a good time, so if you all
    already know this let me just try to help the people who hadn’t any success yet.

    First, a Dry-O has nothing to do with penis stimulation. Believe me, I
    have tried everything, stimulating your self to the point of no return
    and try to use aneros to bring you over this point will make you have
    a ejaculatory orgasm, it will be a nice and powerful orgasm but it has
    nothing to do with a Dry-O, for short, if you are trying to have a
    Super-O, don't touch your penis for nothing, pretend you have no penis.

    Second, Stop masturbating, Really this helps a lot, this was what
    helped me to reach the glorious Super-O. For me, I just needed 4 days
    and 3 nights without monkey spanking action. I know it's hard,
    specially me who can't sleep without relive the pressure. To help you
    with that keep saying to you self how a Super-O was gonna be better
    than 1000 average orgasms, and again pretend you has no penis.

    Third, Keep it simple. I know how many strange and bizarre techniques
    this forum have, you will go crazy if you try to remember all then
    during a session, most of then will only distract you, all this thing
    about syncing your respiration with your pc muscle contraction is just
    too distractive. I will say what really works, holding a constant
    small pc contraction really helps, not a strong one, but a really
    subtle one, just like 1%,is sufficient to make your muscle quiver. And
    let's be frank, staying lay down in a bed for hours spec ting something
    happens from nothing don't helps much, so if you insert aneros and
    don't feel at least some little pleasure or P-wave immediately after
    insertion believe me, you are doing your session in a wrong time, when
    you feel how a Super-O start you will understand that to reach this
    level of arousal just doing some contractions or breathing exercises
    will take hours and maybe in the end you may not reach success,
    and this is a little frustraiting.For me the most important thing was waiting
    for the call, when your body begs to feels aneros inside him and when
    inserted if it respond positively ,just hold a small pc contraction and
    let your body do the rest. Don’t hold your breath or try to control it,
    you can try breath quickly, it may helps.But if everything goes right you
    won’t need to force yourself to breath quickly cause you in be almost
    fainting What I have found that really helped and was the difference between
    a Super-O and a Super-failure was something I read here in a
    post ( if someone could point me to this post I will be gratefull), in the post
    someone talked about to treat P-waves as a orgasm, like if your
    feeling a P-wave just pretend this is not just a P-wave but a orgasm
    say to your self that the pleasure that you are feeling is good enough,
    you don't need anymore, you just want to be in the same place,
    nothing more and nothing less. This will take off
    the pressure of your mind to reach something forcefully and will make
    things happen. That was the final step that had let me freed my mind
    and reach the mythological full body non-ejaculatory orgasm.

    Fourth,No porn. I don't know why this work, you people must know why,
    cause I have seen some big discussions about it, my theory is that
    your brain is used to do a association to porn with ejaculatory orgasm
    and this is counter-productive, cause when you use aneros and watch
    porn your body will try to have a ejaculatory orgasm, it's not a bad
    thing, but it's not what you are trying to reach. If you are looking
    for something to increase your arousal and get things rolling a good
    thing is stimulate your anus externally or just a little bit
    internally, especially in a sweet spot that I have found near the
    entering, Just put the tip of your finger in your anus and make the
    "come here" movement and look for a sensitive spot just above the anus
    internally. Put some pressure and you will fell like you are
    stimulating your prostate directly. Other good way to do that is to
    use a Bidet if you have one in your bathroom, I have discovered
    that when I was kid, that a good, strong, hot, stream of water in the
    right place mixed with masturbation can make you have a strong
    orgasms, at the time I didn't know why this worked, now I know this
    stimulate the prostate indirectly and is perfect for a warming before
    a aneros session.

    Sixth, No special preparation is needed, Really now this enemas only
    did bad things to me, it just irritated my anus and induced diarrheas,
    argh, not a good thing. Two days ago when I had my first Super-O, I didn't did a
    enema and only used some vaseline over the aneros as lube and things went
    perfect.In the past I have tryed a lot of different lubes from the
    good ol’ K&Y to the notorious J-lube. They all have made aneros move
    perfectly, but may be moved it too much, cause when I had a Super-O the
    aneros just moved a little, specially near the orgasm, when my body
    just thrusted in all the way in and stayed there until the orgasm come.

    Seventh, Drugs are fun. One of my biggest surprises was when I got high
    with some friends and when I arrived in home I felt extremely horny
    and decided to do a aneros session, it’s was incredible! I got
    involutaries as soon I inserted my aneros, I felt a lot of pleasure
    that day, my body contorted and quivered. I had reach multiple times a near
    Super-O, but it never really happened, I tried this thing of been high many times after
    this event, but hadn’t had any success, Maybe the cannabis helped with
    arousal but at same time suppressed the ability of the body to have a
    Super-O,but it helped me to learn how to focus in those pleasurable
    and subtle feelings and in staying relaxed during the sessions, it was
    a very useful tool. I have tried poppers too without any success, it
    just made more easily to insert the aneros and enhanced the ejaculatory
    orgasm. One of the most bizarre events happened when I toke Salvia
    while using aneros,if you ever used Salvia you know that strange
    things can happen when you use it, well what happened was that right
    after I ended smoking my dose, I felt like been raped by something
    cause the aneros started thrusting involuntary and forcefully in my
    anus, It was somewhat scaring, but I was able feel some pleasure, the most
    strange kind of pleasure I ever felt, well maybe this will be useful
    to someone who like this kind of stuff, it just don't worked well for
    me. But when you reach for the first time a Super-O, you will see
    that no drug is so intense or pleasurable as a Super-O, not
    even having sex on marijuana was nearly as intense. It sounds like too
    much to believe, but trust me I not making up nothing here.

    Eighth, Training your muscles. I have done PC exercises for a long time,
    I think I started with 13 years old and now I'm 23, but I have done
    those exercises in wrong way for a long time too, only 1 or 2 years ago
    I discovered that too much of this only make your muscles sore, then I
    learned the right way was to do the exercises one day and in every
    other day, in that way pc muscle has time to heal and gets
    stronger. Other thing is to do reverse pc contractions, that is simply
    pushing the muscles instead of normal contraction. A combination of the two done quickly and alternating will
    really workout your muscles. In me this exercise sometimes make me
    start feel a good prostate stimulation with presence of a erection
    and with a good production of precum. Train hard,train good and you
    will get some very responsive muscles.

    Ninth,Practice,Practice a lot, wait some time between sessions, when
    you start feel this peculiar feeling in your belly you know your body
    is ready, Don’t force anything, only help things happen in a subtle
    way. Set your mind in autopilot and let things happen. And one more
    thing about positions, the old knees in chest worked perfect for me,
    but really, when the first strong feelings start any position will do.

    Tenth,Be good,I know this sounds strange and you may think it has no
    connection with aneros use, but I want to belive it has. When I say be
    good, I'm talking about to be good with yourself and to the others,
    like if you are trying to accumulate some good karma, I like to think
    that doing the good to the others make good things happen to us.Good things attract good things. So try to be good to everyone and make everybody around you happy, I think this also helped me.

    Now about how my first Super-O happened. Five days ago I had put in my head that I won’t masturbate for some days and only have a orgasm that was induced by aneros.In those four days a barely touched my penis and tried to focus on any different sensation I felt trough my body.In the third day I felt this strange sensation in my belly, the kind of feeling you get when you body ask for sex or masturbation. So I decided to wait one more day to let this feeling to get strong. On the forth day I felt that my penis was very sensitive, just underwear rubbing my penis when I walked made me horny,I felt that my prostate was really sensitive too. So when I got home I took a quick shower, lubed my progasm and inserted it as quick as possible. Immediately after insertion I got a great feeling on my prostate and a partial erection and my body only wanted to lay down and relax. When I layed down in my bed, my heart started beating rapidly and my breath was getting rapid too. Then a very quick kind of involuntaries started,it had no pattern, my anus was just quivering like crazy,my breath was very short and rapid, my heart pounding in my chest. It was like the begin of panic attack induced by some drug, but then some different feeling was growing in my prostate, it was like if my prostate was getting bigger and bigger and I had a vision of a white ball getting bigger too. I tried o focus on the sensation and stay on this level but suddenly the progasm had gone all the way inside me and stopped moving but the feeling was getting stronger, then I exploded, my body was quivering, like I was having a convulsion, I felt a strange kind of pleasure in my whole body and covered my mouth with my pillow to not scream,time just disappeared, I lost control of my body and everything. But in same way it came it went way,I was breath less and not believing in what just happened, the first thing I remember to do was to thanks God for giving me this, I waited for so long but I finally did it, really that was one of the most intense things I ever felt and it was just my own body pleasuring himself.
  • Sidus,

    Nice testimonial. Alot that you say is good advice. I have been an Aneros user for about a month and have had 1 dry-o. I've had some nice sensations and enjoy exercising my pc-muscles but am still waiting for consistent sessions. I agree that the slight movements seem to start the feelings that truly count.

    Your an encouragement in knowing that if we don't give up and if we relax and "just let it happen,' we will get there eventually. Much of our problems with our Aneros journey is found within our minds.

    Again, thanks for your post :) LryDee
  • I think what blocks people from getting Super-O's is the fact of them been to focused in tryng to get one! There was some times in past I was so obsessed in getting Super-O's that I just keeped reading about it everyday and used aneros everyday too, then I just tried to forget about it, some time later I got the call,had a session and here I am! A little guy with big smile! So the secret is let's things happens!
  • DavidMDavidM
    Posts: 4
    Thanks for your lengthy explanation. This evening, after quite a while, I had what I would describe as a micro-o. I experienced the emerging white ball you referred to and involuntary but pleasant Aneros movement. I like your suggestion to avoid stimulation until getting back to the next session. Again, thanks.
  • Completely agree, Sidus. The best sessions I have had are the ones when I had no expectations and just relaxed. Always, new and more intense things happen when I just let it happen as it will. Enjoy the journey.

    [QUOTE=-=Sidus=-;90143]I think what blocks people from getting Super-O's is the fact of them been to focused in tryng to get one! There was some times in past I was so obsessed in getting Super-O's that I just keeped reading about it everyday and used aneros everyday too, then I just tried to forget about it, some time later I got the call,had a session and here I am! A little guy with big smile! So the secret is let's things happens!
  • Congratulations on your super O achievement! It really is quite an amazing achievement! As for some, maybe most, it does take a while to reach. You have to take some personal time to develop a understanding of how your body & mind work in a response to anal stimulation. Force nothing and just allow yourself to indulge in every ounce of sweet pleasure every step of the way! No shame here... it really is ok to be sensual... to be vocal... to get down and dirty with yourself as you'd like! We were created with the ability to experience pleasure, so experience it already! There are some very helpful tips here on this forum for which I am most greatfull for. However, as the post says, keep it simple... Don't go into it with "blueprint" expectations or with the intention of reaching the plateau on the first try... not on any try for that matter... For however long it takes, just let it happen... The journey is the payoff! Milk every session for all it has to offer. Your job is to just relax... Just Relax and Enjoy riding the Wave... One session at a time. The Super O will present itself whenever it feels like it or when you might least expect it!