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Involuntary shaking but no mind blowing orgasm?!?!
  • Alright, so im taking a break from my aneros session that just happened a while ago. this is about my 8th time to use the MGX and this is what happened. after prepping myself up (number 2 plus hot shower) and slowly inserting the MGX in, i decided to do the "do nothing" technique and just focus on my breathing (position was lying on my back, feet flat on bed) . after about 30 minutes i switched to the side position with one leg bent and the other straight. i sort of fell asleep and then i woke up and said that this session should be good enough and i said id just wait ten more minutes before i pull the MGX out. after about 7 or so minutes my leg just started to shake and it grew more and more intense! before i knew it my whole body was shaking! it felt like a seizure! totally uncontrollable. so i switched positions and i was still shaking like crazy. after about ten minutes the shaking slowly died down. so here's my frustration... :(

    1. during the whole session, i experienced minimal pleasure waves (in fact the FIRST time i used it, i felt pretty good waves but not that intense of a shaking.)
    2. i was involuntarily shaking like hell but that was it. i didnt feel any mind blowing, make your eyes roll orgasm.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this??? I can feel that im almost there! i just need that one little step forward towards the super O!

    Now im going to give it another shot. ive rested maybe 15 minutes by now so lets see what happens this time... :)
  • wow, what a coincidence. I just had a very similar experience and was just going to post a question similar to yours. being in the same boat (except that I've been using the aneros for 3 years with no super o) I can't help but it will be interesting to read the replies.
  • Maybe your prostate is in a rewire process. or Maybe the model is not for you.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    Any experience, if it has happened only once or twice,or even more, may just be a phase in the rewireing process. In my almost four years, I have seen change after change, each time thinking that this must be the big one. Sadly for me, it hasn't.
    I wouldn't consider it progress or a setback... just a change, although partial or full body shaking most certainly be thought of as a step in the right direction. How many posts have you read of members saying they feel nothing?
    If the shaking comes again, perhaps try something different during that time with breathing or contractions? I'm not thinking that a different model, at this time, would be that way to go, but if you are up for it.... why not?
    My advice, for what it's worth, is to just stay the course
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    i rarely get full body shakes. when i do, i don't seem to be able to direct them into stimulation, so pleasure-wise they are neutral. one time though they were a result of crazy internal vibrations, in which case they were not neutral but part of an intensely stimulating package. see the thread

    i do think it is a signpost along the way, as the more things your body does involuntarily, the better. it is a kind of large muscle expression of excitement.