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MGX: Disappointing. Bad angle? (First time user)
  • Just received my first Aneros product, the MGX. I'm a novice when it comes to anal toys, but I was able to handle it just fine. Unfortunately, other than the ridges and general fullness, I felt nothing. It didn't feel as though it was making contact with the prostate at all, but I followed the guidelines in "Keys to the Back Door" and tried to keep an open mind. So I left it in for a while, trying various positions, movements, and non-penile stimuli. Still nothing. I could never tell if I had the angle right because there was no stimulation to use as feedback.

    After an hour of nothing, I finally gave up and did things the old-fashioned way. This is where the only good news comes in. With the Aneros in, masturbating normally seemed to produce contractions strong enough to push the MGX against my prostate at least somewhat. I was able to climax twice in thirty minutes, which is amazing for me. I'm very slow to climax and can only ever do it once per session. (The orgasms themselves were pretty mediocre, though.)

    After all the hype from the testimonials and on the forums, this first session was quite discouraging. Am I doing something wrong? Is 5'10" too tall for the MGX? What do other users initially feel? I'm eager to experience the things that others have written about, but I would like to avoid resorting to simply buying a larger massager.

  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    I'm 5'10" and use the MGX. Like you, the first run was nothing to right home about. For me, the best position is on my back with legs bent and feet close to my butt. Feet are flat on the floor. I stay in the position until I'm ready to stop.

    With that said, give this time. It took me a few weeks to realize that even though I thought I was relaxed, I was not. I quickly learned there were muscles stopping my MGX from contacting the prostate. While breathing I inhale deeply, and exhale very slow. On the exhale I lightly 'push' the MGX away from me. Doing this a several times allowed my muscles to relax, causing them to open and voila. Contact had been achieved, p-waves started and the rewiring process has begun. Concentrate on your breathing, not the device. This allows you to relax the muscles you are unaware you own.

    Do not give up. I've been a user for about a month and can say that every session gets better. Hang in there and best of luck.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    @Aztec -- nice work in cueing in on relaxation guy. it took me from May 2009 to the following October to achieve what you accomplished in just a few sessions.

    @45515 -- while you have to find your own best positions and postures, as Aztec notes, relaxation is the key to success with the Aneros tools. Stress is your enemy and for many (but not all) guys rectal and pelvic stress is increased with larger tools. My own test for lube and relaxation is, "am I sufficiently relaxed so that just my breathing will move the tool inside me." Since YMMV, adopt what works best for you.

    Once you are truly relaxed you can feel very subtle sensations and follow their lead with the very smallest of muscle moves. Rather corny but, "less generally yields more."
  • Good day, AU45515, and welcome to our forum. (BTW, unless you have personal reasons not to, why don't you re-register with a personal user-name...and easier for us all to get to know you.)

    My friend, I don't know how many times I, or one of the other denizens, have written in response to your post. It has to be in the hundreds. Rare, indeed, is the guy who uses an Aneros for the first time and gets results worth talking about. If you've read anything on this forum, you must know that each of us is different and each of us must experience the Aneros "journey" for himself. And mostly, IT TAKES TIME as well as the relaxation and patience that rook mentions above.

    You don't tell us how old you are, but even if you're in your 20's, you've been for years trained to think only in terms of penile orgasms. Nothing wrong with that, but you're now venturing into completely new territory, and this will not happen over night in most cases. There is a whole section here on the forum that our brother rumel has cobbled together, called Cherry Picks, where you will learn a great deal about the Aneros experience and about yourself. This is a journey of awakening self awareness, patience and practice. Please, please, whatever you do, don't be discouraged. Many men spend months, even years, achieving satisfaction from their Aneros experience, and yet still work at it. "Waking up" your prostate may take awhile, so please, be patient.

    (I know you just bought the MGX, but for many guys, it's not a very useful Aneros, IMHO. It doesn't work well for me, either. If you bought it here, there is a money-back guarantee, and you may want to exercise that and purchase a HELIX model. This may move you along faster as it's a little longer and shaped differently, and for me, it made all the difference in the world in moving me along on my journey. Just a suggestion.)

    So, what to do. First off, the advice you've received above is good. Most of us have our best results, at least initially, by lying on our backs, legs raised a bit, feet on the bed. This allow the Aneros freedom to move. Be sure to pre-lube with whatever works for you, personally I use KY "natural feeling" liquid (no flames please, glycerin based works for me just fine) about 1 cc is all that is necessary, in addition to lubing the Aneros. Especially with new users, having enough lube is always a factor. The Aneros must be free to "float" and be allowed to stimulate the prostate.

    You've never had prostate massage before, so it's likely that you'll have to "wake" it up by repeated sessions. this is where it gets a bit philosophical. You are working on a paradigm shift (a new way of thinking) here, away from traditional male ejaculatory orgasm to non-ejaculatory multiple male orgasms (MMOs). This is foreign to our male-ness. We've been trained by our bodies and our sexuality, to seek ejaculation, as often as possible in some cases (HA) and to change this takes some doing. It is exactly this change that allows Aneros to work. Most significant changes in attitude and practice take time, and Aneros is no different. On that Cherry Picks link is this post that might help you understand the mental change required here.

    Second, and I'm only realizing this after several successful years of use, is that the goal of Aneros use is NOT Super O. The problem with focusing on the Super O is that it's an imaginary point. As such, each time a guy uses Aneros and doesn't achieve it, he feels like he has failed. Failure mentality, and you've fallen right into the trap with your first post to the forum, is a joy killer.

    The real goal of Aneros use is joy, bliss, enjoyment, fun, exhilaration! There is no such thing as a Super O, not really. It's only one stop along a fantastic continuum of pleasant experiences and auto eroticism that grows out of Aneros use. So practice what I like to call SUCCESS STAGES. You might not have felt anything from your first experience, but trust me when I say this: YOUR PROSTATE DID!! Awakening take a while, so, my friend, your first outing WAS SUCCESSFUL, you just don't know it yet! How do you like that? Doesn't that make you feel better? Success with Aneros comes in steps or're just beginning so don't be frustrated or feel like you failed. You simply took the first step, that's all. Think of driving your car to distant location. Are you there after the first mile? Of course not...but you're SUCCESSFULLY moving in the correct direction, right? Is that not success, even of a small measure?

    OK, enough, I think you get the point. You must be satisfied to know that each session brings you closer to realizing the every expanding "goal" of Aneros...pleasure, bliss, and enlightenment. You'll get there. Don't be disappointed if you don't get to the "destination" after the first milestone.

  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    I have an MXG that works just fine. I think the key is to give it some time and learn from the vets on this board especially on their mental/meditative approach. I will tell you that my sessions got much better after I modified my MXG. First I cut off the handle, do a search, there are several threads with detailed instructions and photos. Second, I covered the P tab with a piece of rubber that formerly belonged to a medicine dropper. The MXG P tab can be pretty rough on the skin, and most users find that some sort of padding is very helpful.

    Hope that helps.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Question... Cockadoodle, you say there's no such thing as a super o. Do you also mean to infer that one can't really define where the point of an orgasm is? Do you also mean to say that one can have some kind of orgasm that does not involve involuntary contractions?
  • Hi, Korkelz. OK, let me be clear. Once one reaches a certain level of proficiency with an Aneros, there comes a time when he experiences varying levels of orgasmic pleasure. Whether that pleasure is a Super O or not depends on the definition of said Super O. I maintain, and I know others here who will agree with me, that striving for a Super O, while certainly not a bad thing, may sometimes lead one to believe that because one has not attained the holy grail of a Super O, one has FAILED with Aneros.

    Yes, it's difficult to really define what constitutes an orgasm with Aneros. I think the distinctly wonderful orgasms we experience with Aneros are difficult to explain, right? I can't do it. I don't think anyone can. It's a very subjective thing. So, yes it's hard to define. And for some guys, Aneros orgasm is not about involuntary contractions...certainly not for me much of the time.

    Yes, most definitely, One can (I do) have wonderful, exceptional, mind blowing orgasms without experiencing any overt involuntary contractions. Simply stated the Calm Seas Orgasm, is, by definition, a calm event. Overwhelmingly satisfying orgasm with very little accompanying thrashing about. Yes.

    So, when I say there is no such thing as a Super O, I guess I mean that there is a point or an experience that is BETTER than whatever you think a Super O is. Another way to put it would be to say that, as in the words of dtmsmith on the chat the other night "I hope I never have a Super O, because every orgasm I have gets better and better and I'd hate to think I'd reached the top." (apologies if I didn't get it exactly right, but you know what I mean.) As I enjoy the utter bliss generated by the slightest of Aneros movement, bliss that continue for countless minutes....hours...are those not SUPER orgasms. When I experience fist-clenching full body orgasms...are those not Super? I guess it's different for everyone, but my main point here is for all to consider that no matter where they are in their Aneros journey, each session is a success, and brings one closer to the ultimate bliss which for him is Super O.

    Aneros use brings greater and greater reward, Korkelz, and I'm always looking for a new height, a better experience, a more Super-er Super-er Orgasm. And I'm getting there. Relax and let your mind and body exceed your expectations, and know that where ever you are on your journey, whatever you're experiencing with Aneros right now, and succeeding, not failing, is just super.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    IMHO, new Aneros owners frequently get 'stars in their eyes' from reading the hype in the testimonials. The problem with all those testimonials is they are someone else's experience, NOT yours. Reading about them naturally stimulates the imagination and plants the seeds of expectations in your mind, therein lies the problem. It is nearly impossible to set those imaginings aside once you begin your own Aneros journey, yet to be successful, this is exactly what you need to do. Developing the ability to orgasm through prostate stimulation requires you to develop a new paradigm of thinking about what even constitutes any orgasm, much less what constitutes a Super-O. While buying a bigger Aneros model will impart different physical sensations, it is no guarantee to get you to the fabled Super-O zone any sooner than your current model, in fact it may even delay your progress because it is another layer of expectation.

    There is a lot of good information and advice contained on this site, 'Aztec', 'rook' & 'BigE' have given you some nice tips to help you along.'Cockadoodle' has also provided some very wise counsel here.

    I invite you to read archived post (#10) from member 'Trojan' from 8 years ago addressing the "Nothing Happens" issue. Then please read the listed posts from the Cherry Picks Group. In particular please read the Penis, NOT! thread by 'Cockadoodle' and 'rook's thread Whole Body/Whole Mind --the mental side for a little insight.

    For a discussion of what constitutes a Super-O please read 'B Mayfield's response in Non-Ejaculatory response vs. Super-O and 'Buster's thread What exactly is a Super O?.
  • AkselAksel
    Posts: 30
    OP here. Registered with a unique username as suggested.

    Thanks to everyone who replied. It's at least good to know my first session wasn't a "failure." I know it must seem like I had high hopes, but the truth is: I was skeptical from the moment I found the site. Lately, I'm in the habit of being very pessimistic, especially when it comes to myself and my body. Rumel said new users get starry-eyed reading the testimonials. For me, they had the exact opposite effect. It all seemed so far-fetched that I drew the immediate conclusion was that I didn't have the ability/patience/mental focus to even come close to using an Aneros properly. Still, I bought one. You never know until you try, right? This is why my first session had me so discouraged. Not because I wanted mind-blowing results from minute one, but because I felt literally nothing and thought I had just confirmed my doubts.

    A few quick questions:
    )Should I really go for the Helix instead?
    )I'm spacing out my sessions by one or two days. In that time, should I avoid normal masturbation?
    )Should I follow what the guides say and not end my sessions with a climax?
    )Diet... Does it matter? Because mine isn't very good.

    I appreciate all the advice. I really do. But now that I know the mental side of it is so important, my worry is even greater, specifically concerning my inability to quiet my thoughts and focus on myself. I can't seem to relax enough to think from moment to moment. It's not a masculinity thing. I'm not intimidated by anal toys. I'm no veteran, but size or male ego is not a problem. In other words, it's not the Aneros. This is something I've always had trouble with.

    I keep asking myself if I'll spend months, maybe years, lying there feeling literally nothing, and eventually give up or forget about it. As much as I desperately don't want to, I just can't help but feel that I'm going to be a particularly difficult specimen (if it even works for me at all). I'm going to address a few sensitive issues of mine, only because I know very little about this "journey" and what is relevant to it.

    I'm a single guy and I masturbate a lot. Usually 2-3 times a day. I'm overcircumsized and NEED pornography and special materials to maintain erection and ultimately climax. I haven't been able to climax with just my bare hand since I was in my mid-teens. Audio stimulation helps a bit. Pornography with sound seems to yield the best results. I also have no patience and crippling confidence issues. This may be why I can't imagine something this good or pleasurable happening to me. Like I said, when I read such detailed accounts of other users' experiences, I don't get stars in my eyes. I get a terrible sinking feeling, a deep envy, a lump in my throat.

    I mentioned the connection between audio and ease of orgasm. I'm a sound guy. My ears are pure gold to me. I love music. I LIVE for music. One of the first things I went for was the HypnAerosession CD, but after listening to the sample, that definitely isn't for me. A bit ridiculous in my opinion. Any other suggestions? Particular songs or meditations that might help?

    And thanks again so much to everyone for all you've offered.
  • Aksel, I think a big part of the Aneros process is learning to drop expectations. This is not a criticism, but your last post contains a number of assumptions that I think are worth challenging. I had many of the beliefs and feelings that you describe, and through diligent practice I have found that I've been able to greatly reduce their influence on me. I discovered that many of my most deeply held beliefs are simply wrong. I have a few suggestions:

    1. Simply contradict your self-thought. For example, you say "I have no patience and crippling confidence issues." I trust that you would rather have greater patience and confidence. When you catch yourself saying, writing or thinking that try rephrasing it to "I'm overcoming my patience and confidence issues," or "I used to have patience and confidence issues." You may feel like this is a lie, but it's a good lie.

    2. Open your mind to the possibility that something you absolutely know to be true is not true.

    3. Persist, persist, persist and honor small changes. When I got serious about dealing with my issues I started journaling. Looking back on years of writing, I can see the gradual changes that I would not otherwise have noticed.

    None of my suggestions is intended to point you to any particular outcome. That outcome is entirely your choice. I'm not one of those who says you can achieve whatever you imagine, but I am convinced you CAN achieve much more than you imagine at the moment.
  • My, MDE, what a phenomenal post! Beautifully stated. Aksel, (good screen name, btw) If you will but cease to be in fear of yourself, and instead simply relax, put aside negative thoughts and just BE, especially when having an Aneros session, a whole new world of self esteem may appear for you.

    Persist, persist, persist, and honor small changes...that's EXACTLY what the Aneros journey is about! So well said. There is no failure here, Aksel, only small successful steps toward a larger reality.

    And along the way, other things will heal as well. Of this I am sure.

    OK, Aksel, My .02 worth:

    Should I really go for the Helix instead? As I said originally, you may find the Helix brings about more prostate contact than an MGX. Most all of us have more than one model anyway, so it's a good excuse to try it. I have also cut the curly handle off mine, it allows the Aneros to move more freely and bring contact with the prostate, IMHO. Others have found this, too. Click on this link for more information on that. If you do cut it off, be sure to polish the stump down nice and smooth.

    I'm spacing out my sessions by one or two days. In that time, should I avoid normal masturbation? Personally, I would encourage you to have a session every day when you're first starting out. I believe that multiple session build on one another. So increase your session frequency, if you can. Many of us practice withholding of ejaculation for a period of time. Remember, this process involves a paradigm shift..AWAY from ejaculation. If you're using Aneros as a prelude to a normal ejaculatory orgasm, you'll have difficulty reaching the intermediate goal of full body orgasms (FBOs) which are stepping stones to the pleasures that can be had with Aneros use. So, if you can stand it for a while, don't masturbate, as it will slow your progress, IMO.

    Should I follow what the guides say and not end my sessions with a climax? Yes, see above. Try it for a while.

    Diet... Does it matter? Because mine isn't very good. There has been much written on diet and sexual ability. I suggest you do some reading on the subject. A Google search will likely fill your bucket with good stuff to read. A good diet is beneficial in many ways, as I'm sure you know, but I'm not so sure it's absolutely critical for Aneros pleasure. Good prostate health can be fostered by the use of many food supplements on the market, but that's simply good common sense. Take care of your body, both physically and mentally and you will grow stronger.

    A word about pornography. (Please, no flames...this is simply my opinion..start your own thread if you want a debate on the subject.) Personally, I find it offensive and ugly. I do not use it to stimulate myself because the whole degradation of women (and men, for that matter) thing that's so explicit in porn. I think it's damaging to a man's psyche to utilize it, as your sensitivity is dulled by it. It's an insatiable beast within us to want more and more, and porn addiction requires, just like any other drug, more porn, coarser porn, uglier porn to satisfy the craving. I know...I've been there. It's certainly up to each individual to decide, I'm simply giving you my thoughts on it. I think it can become debilitating...relying on it for gratification leads to greater dependency.

    I'm going to suggest that the next Aneros session you have (buy that HELIX!) you prep yourself (btw, always cleanse your rectum before a session with a warm water douche...really helps relaxation, imho) insert your Aneros, and put on some of your favorite instrumental music, no vocals, play it softly, and lie in a warm bed or room. I say warm because I find that it helps relaxation, so don't hesitate to cover yourself with a blanket or whatever to make sure you're warm. I've come to realize this really helps. Now, lie back, close your eyes and just let all other thoughts be still...expect nothing, do nothing, just relax...don't do contractions, just be still. Breathe in and out, let your body respond to the Aneros...don't force it.

    If after 45 minutes or an hour, regardless of what has transpired, remove your Aneros, and try this again at your next session. Try doing this in the morning when you're rested and your mind tends to be quiet. Mornings are often my best sessions.

    Peace Brother, and success on your journey.


    PS...please feel free to send me a private message (PM) if I can be of any personal assistance.
  • AkselAksel
    Posts: 30
    Just finished my second session. Hot shower, warm bed, blanket, soft music. I went ahead and ordered the Helix, but I'm still using the MGX while I wait for it to arrive. I clipped off the handle and smoothed down the nub with a nail file. As this session was just as uneventful as my first (that's still normal, right?), I saw no perceivable difference. Although it did open my eyes to a new concern. After reading up on a few of the links you gave, it doesn't seem like I'm getting the mobility they describe. The neck/ridges aren't able to move very smoothly and I have to apply some serious pressure to get it to move at all. During this last session, I used plenty of lubrication and tried to use breathing to relax things down there as much as possible, but I don't think I quite got it. As I said, nothing happened, so I can't tell for sure. I'll keep hacking away at this, though. How long do you think should I stick to this particular type of session before I start doing manual contraction exercises?

    And no masturbation, huh? I was afraid you were going to say that. Going cold turkey from 2-3 a day is going to be a trying experience, but I'll do my best. How long would you suggest I abstain?

    I really, really appreciate the time you've taken for me.
  • Hey, Aksel, and good on ya!

    Yes, I think (know) you'll like the Helix. Cut the tail off, again, as you did with the MGX. As I said before, I don't think the MGX moves very well, and the p-tab is uncomfortable. Having said that, Yes, continue to use the MGX until your Helix gets to you.

    You may want to GENTLY move your MGX with your and out about an inch just to get the "feel" of the movement. Then, once you know what the feels like, try to get it to move similarly by simply applying pressure with your PC and Anal muscle groups. You should be able to move it, especially if you've lubed enough. On your back, bring your feet up closer to you butt, so that the Aneros can move. You'll be able to feel it when it does.

    We don't recommend manual stimulation, but I feel that you have to know what that sensation is like, so a little manipulation is OK. After that, just simply take your time, continue to lie quietly and allow the Aneros to work on your prostate. It IS, and yes it may take a while to wake it up. I can tell you from personal experience that it takes a while. Be faithful, be patient and BELIEVE us when we tell you that this does work.

    Rumel can tell you that he answered my first "it doesn't work" posts with the same advice. Please be patient.

    There is no rule for abstinence, Aksel. How about trying to go from 2-3 times a day to once a day! Try that for a while, then cut down to every other'll get there. I can tell that you're young, so a high libido is not a bad thing, just remember that you are the master of your body, not the other way around.

    You may not have read this or been told this: The first "feedback" from your prostate will probably be very slight...very quiet, if you will, and if you're thrashing about, squeezing and contracting, you're likely to miss this little signal. You may actually get an erection, too...let it come...that's a bonus (boner=bonus, get it?)

    Ok, man, have patience, continue your relaxed, warm, musical will yield results. Hope your Helix arrives should move things along for you.

    Good luck and enjoy, quietly, peacefully. It'll come.

  • AkselAksel
    Posts: 30
    Okay, third session over. Tried this one after waking up. Nothing felt different, but the hour seemed to go by a bit faster.

    I tried moving the MGX manually, got the feel for it, but I can't seem to move it similarly without my hand. I have to really push. You know...clenching my abdominals as though I'm on the toilet. That's the only way I can get the neck to slide. I trust this isn't what I should be going for, as it's impossible to relax while clenching in that way. There is movement when I just contract my sphincter, but only from the movement of the sphincter itself. The neck isn't sliding at all.

    Looking at the Helix, it doesn't have the same neck type as the MGX. I take it the Helix isn't meant to slide like that. What should I expect with this change?

    And yes, I'm rather young. I'm 24, and I do have quite the libido. Over the years, I've been trying to build myself up to be able to go more than once in a session (or at least have an easier time with things). This is something I've sought after with a vengeance, so bringing myself back down will be a challenge in itself.

    Thanks again, and here's hoping the Helix makes a difference I can build on.
  • I had the problem of being unable to relax while "clenching" muscles. At first I had only two ways to contract muscles and two or three levels of intensity of contraction. Over a period of two years I've discovered that the muscles are capable of much greater control than I thought. I've learned to be able control the muscles much as I control my tongue. I can "ramp up" my contractions from very gentle to very intense with every level in between, and stay relaxed in the rest of my body as I do it. (When I started I could even breath evenly on strong contractions.)

    The Eupho is my favorite model (I have MGX, Helix as well). I find I'm able to grip the Eupho anywhere along its length, and pull it in with muscles "above" the anus, leaving the anal sphincter relaxed. I also feel like I could hold it that way all day. I think we can do with our anal/rectal muscles what we can do with other muscles in our body. It just takes lots and lots of practices. Think of how much practice it takes a baby to simply hold something. In my last couple of sessions the image of holding a penny between my fingers came to me. Just as I could hold that penny all day long, I'm learning to hold the Eupho gently and indefinitely. It doesn't take much effort at all to pull it in and hold, once you have the control of those muscles.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Nice work MD_E -- in snagging control of some autonomic functions. IIRC, "Pan" was also a master at crossing over into that realm.

    -- Autonomic nervous system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --
  • new myself not only to the aneros (progasm) but to all things anal ...

    i can only confirm what others here have preached => the key to all sexual pleasure (and especially the prolongation of that pleasure) is relaxation

    ... it's been the facilitator to overcome the discomfort of inserting that brute through my anal sphincter - and actually converting it to a pleasant (or at least not unpleasant) experience.

    i'm a pretty laid back male by nature but i can affirm that a little 420 never fails to enhance the journey of any and every sexual encounter - whether solo or with a partner

    Relaxation is always the key to bliss - i may not attain the ultimate ecstasy on this trip

    ... but i'll be damned if i'm not going to enjoy the journey

    - rip
  • [QUOTE=Aztec;93896]I'm 5'10" and use the MGX. Like you, the first run was nothing to right home about. For me, the best position is on my back with legs bent and feet close to my butt. Feet are flat on the floor. I stay in the position until I'm ready to stop.

    With that said, give this time. It took me a few weeks to realize that even though I thought I was relaxed, I was not. I quickly learned there were muscles stopping my MGX from contacting the prostate. While breathing I inhale deeply, and exhale very slow. On the exhale I lightly 'push' the MGX away from me. Doing this a several times allowed my muscles to relax, causing them to open and voila. Contact had been achieved, p-waves started and the rewiring process has begun. Concentrate on your breathing, not the device. This allows you to relax the muscles you are unaware you own.

    Do not give up. I've been a user for about a month and can say that every session gets better. Hang in there and best of luck.

    Truer words were never spoken than aztec's final sentence

    - rip