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I think I discovered external prostate massage yesterday
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    I was having a nice anerosless session and decided I wanted to ejaculate (I hadn't in a few days). In the past, I've tried external prostate massage but it never did much for me. I haven't tried it again since I was rewired. I wasn't 100% sure exactly where to massage or how to do it. So, I started messing around. I found that rubbing with three fingers a bit below the scrotum felt really good. The hand position ended up being such that I was cupping my balls in my palm and extending my fingers towards my anus. I suppose my fingers ended up something like halfway between my scrotum and anus. While I was rubbing, I was also stroking. The combination felt really nice. I suppose my rewiring has made prostate sensations more available to me (even externally). When I tried this before, I was focused on using a lot of pressure (a single finger) and trying to find a specific spot. It seems like, at least for me, this doesn't work. More moderate pressure over a larger area was better.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I find my experience with energywork can make some amazing combinations with the Aneros.
    For example when you're Super O-ing to just hold still and then focus your awareness like a laserbeam on a part of your perineum you'll feel all the orgasmic energy being drawn to that area until the pleasure becomes too much you just can't hold any more.
    Also with the Progasm you can experience some amazing massaging of the perineum, the way if feels and the way I imagine it is as if these balls are travelling up and down the length of my perineum in rapid succession.
  • You may also want to try external prostate massage on the *front* side, between the public
    bone (just above the penis) and belly button. Just above the pubic bone is particularly sensitive for me,
    even more sensitive than the perineum, for some reason. For me, the sensitive area can also extend to the
    left and right over to just inside the hip bones.

    I've also found that continuous rubbing/massage doesn't work as well as simple press-for-a-few-seconds-and-release.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi dtmsmith, Helixer and cosmicmuffin!!! :D :D :D :D

    Very nice discovery dtm! Mrs. a works wonders down there for me, as do I solo. Ahhhhhh!!!!.....

    And dtm, as you keep progressing with working with your energies, Helixer (thanks muchly) is right on the mark and mental focus can take you virtually anywhere to any intensity!!!.....

    And thanks too to cosmicmuffin for mapping some of the best of frontal external prostate massage!!! Here is one of the best sites for furthering that skill development:

    all the best developing the varied access and varied responses to/from our sacred ecstasies command centre our prostate centre of our second (gut) brain all

  • Artform, Thanks for posting that link! Yes, I have been to that site before, and I liked it!
  • Hey, dtmsmith, nice chatting with you lately.

    As to your "discovery" think about it for a moment. Hold your aneros, any model up on the outside of your body, simulating where it is when inserted. Where does prostate contact occur? Directly behind your perineum! So the prostate is behind the "root" of the penis.

    So, my non-aneros sessions always incorporate a nice, sustained erection, because the added rigidity of the erection presses against the "back" of the prostate (opposite where the Aneros works) and the sensation is, well, sensational. Included in the link that Artform posted is this sub link that describes exactly, with picture included, what I'm saying.

    Try putting one finger on each side of the penile "root" in the perineum area, and massage it gently while erect...NICE! I get super non-aneros orgasms in this fashion (while often stimulating the glans of my penis, as well).

    YMMV, but it's pretty good for me.