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Finally love the Progasm
  • I never have really loved the Progasm as much as the other models. In fact, I preferred the Maximus if I wanted a large ride.
    The problem I had with the Progasm is that it would ease out about halfway at times to the first "bump". Of course this also meant no P tab contact either when this happened.
    It did it often enough to become a distraction. I hate distractions when I am in the zone.
    I knew all along that the lower shaft base of the Progasm was wider than the other models and if that were not the case, the problem would be solved.
    I finally decided to modify the base width and now, it remains in place and P-tab contact is total and uninterrupted.
    Now, I like the Progasm a lot more.
    Accomplished by a lot of good ol fashioned sanding. Started with very coarse and finished with 12000 fine.
    The K tab removal was accidental. It broke off when I dropped it on a tile floor. I smoothed it.
    But that seemed to give it a bit more movement so...happy accident there.
    I attached photos of stock versus mod.
    Given the materials used in the "Ice", I would not try this on that model.
  • So, tell us what you like about it after the modifying? I just had my first real go with the Pro today and was amazed by it!
  • I thought I had explained it. It no longer eases out to the halfway point. It stays in place and maintains P-tab pressure.
    As I said, I found that to be a big distraction personally.
    It solved this issue for me so I thought I would share..
    I also have a bit more control over fine movements than before.