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Strange problem... need help!
  • miraimirai
    Posts: 2
    Hi there!

    I have been following this forum for quite some time now. I joined the community about one and a half years ago. Nevertheless, so far, I was not too successful with using the Aneros. I own both the Helix and the Progasm.

    Initially, when I first used the Helix it felt great. I had intense sensations and could clearly tell there was something special going on down there. Simply awesome. No burning or anything. The more I relaxed, the more intense the nice feelings became. This experience continued for a good few weeks. Yet, at some point I couldn't get anything out of it anymore. Instead, my anal region began to show some signs of irritation. I tried to ignore it, which probably now is the root of the problem. Whenever I insert the Aneros into the anal channel, a slight burning will occur within a few minutes time. With slight I mean very slight but uncomfortable. Ever since this occurred, I was not able to enjoy my sessions anymore. Now I get the typical "nothing" feeling - except for the burning sensation of course.

    I have tried several different lubes, with glycerin, without it, coconut oil, and even the stuff pjur markets as bodyglide. I also tried shea butter. Whatever I try, within minutes after insertion I get this slight burning in my anus. It disappears pretty much as soon as I remove the device!!!

    The amount of lube I typically use should not be a problem. I have tried various amounts from little to an extremely large dose. It did not change anything. Sometimes, when I removed the helix after the burning started, I noticed some areas of the device tend to feel dry while others were soaking wet. However, I don't really understand what could be the cause for this phenomenon because as I mentioned I have tried various amounts of lube all with the same unsatisfying result. Typically, the device comes out clean so any remains do not appear to be the problem. Btw, it is the same with either device.

    The burning does not appear to be occurring when using a normal finger - it only starts when using an Aneros. I haven't tried any other devices yet. Also, it feels like the stinging sensations are emanating from the internal muscle ring... not sure how to describe it. When I put a finger in I soon find a ring which seems to have very tiny little bumps on it. After the burning starts when initially using the device, and checking with a finger afterwards, I noticed this area becomes very sensitive to pressure. It seems like this part of my body gets irritated when inserting the Aneros in combination with any lube.

    I also tried to abstain from using the Aneros for a couple maybe 3-5 weeks at most... But the issue did not disappear. Now I really don't know what to do... Right now I guess I could only try to wait even longer and see if that helps in any way... Do you guys maybe have any other idea what I could try to improve the situation? My sessions are very relaxed. No force whatsoever. I even stopped making any kind of contractions. Nothing... Too bad. Initially this really felt f****** awsome...

    Thanks for your time reading this. Hope someone has an idea...

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    The plastics are different in Helix and Progasm. Both are hypoalergenic.

    How about the cleaning agent you're using to scrub them before and after use?.
  • miraimirai
    Posts: 2
    nope... just some regular soap with lots of water...
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    Perhaps u can get a peridise, as i understand it the peridise do not directly push on the sphincter wall like normal aneros models, hopefully after some "massage" your problems will disappear (thats what it was designed for kinda)
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    I suppose a proctologist could quickly diagnose the problem, but who wants to go that route?
    Couple of suggestions that may not help or could even make it worse, but you might want to consider them. First, have you tried inserting the Aneros into a condom before inserting it? This would at least isolate the surface of the Aneros from your membranes. Of course you might have the same reaction to the latex of the condom.
    Second, and I have no medical training, but if I had this problem I might try coating the Aneros with a very small amount of one of the many over-the-counter brands of corticosteroid hemorrhoid creams. These are intended for use in the rectum, and the cortisone might relieve the irritation.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    I get irritation at the same internal sphincter level with water soluble lubes, whether glycerin containing or not. However, I've found that a very small amount of one of the over the counter corticosteroid hemorrhoidal creams applied only to the anus (just as if for soothing an inflammed hemorrhoid) prevents this, even with using a thin coating of KY on the Aneros. (I don't routinely enema or inject lube for my sessions). I believe the corticosteroid containing hemorrhoidal creams are packaged without an applicator nozzle and with instructions that they not be injected into the rectum itself whereas the non-corticosteroid creams sometimes come with applicator nozzles which when used inserts some of the product internally in the rectum.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    What is the brand name of the corticosteroid hermorrhoidal cream you are using. Is this Preparation H or what?

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    It's an over the counter non-name brand equivalent to Preparation H cream (not ointment) that contains the corticosteroid that helps prevent inflammation most.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    BYW, excellent description, mirai, of the internal sphincter. The external sphincter is the thick, muscular opening you see and feel on the outside and which you can contract with voluntary control to control passage of stool or gas. The internal sphincter is a thin ring-like feeling structure about a fingertip's distance inside and which has a slightly tiny bumpy feel to it. This is the dentate line which separates the portion of your anus you have sensory fibers to (below) from the insensitive part (above) that opens into the rectum. You have no voluntary muscle control over the internal sphincter. It merely relaxes in response to a bowel movement filling the rectum at which point you feel that "wow, it's right there wanting to come out" feeling. Amazing how we're made there.