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nothing with progasm
  • mikeygmikeyg
    Posts: 14
    im new to aneros and bought the pro ice ive used it a few times now and get nothing out of it. what am i doing wrong ive tried relaxing and ive tried working my muscles non stop, i just dont feel anything out of the ordinary
    any help please
  • Hi, mikeyg. Can you say a little more about your progasm sessions? Especially: How long were your sessions? How long did you relax? When you relaxed, exactly HOW did you relax?

    For example, my first sessions were with the MGX. The first was about 90 minutes. I lay in the recommended position on my right side, top knee drawn toward my chest, bottom leg straight. I took deep breaths for a few minutes. All focus on the breath. During that time my attention would drift to the MGX and whether I was doing things right. When that happened I gently returned my attention to my breath. After 10 or 15 minutes of just breathing, I directed my attention to my pelvic region and just paid attention.

    I could go on, but this is your thread :) Others will surely have advice.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I can't imagine starting out with the progasm being my first model but to each his own. Do you own other models?
    you don't give much info about your sessions.... it takes time. for me, it's been years, although I had great sensations about my third session
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    -- things to check:
    -- are you getting full insertion with steady p-tab contact?
    -- are you getting 'interference' from the k-tab (touching skin between your anus and coccyx) ?
    (fully inserted and not contracted, can you slip your index finger between the k-tab and your crack -- I like the k-tab tickling my ass when I'm contracted but not restricting the forward tilt or 'suck-in' of the tool.)
    -- when you contract can you feel the tool moving easily in your canal?
    (better yet, can you move it with just your breathing?)
  • mikeygmikeyg
    Posts: 14
    sorry i wasnt very thourough my sessions have been about an hour or so then i would lose patience and quit. i would relax as well as possible i even tried reading a book. most of the time im laying on my back. i dont own other models but the progasm is the same size as the dildo i "warm up with" for my favorite dildo which is about 2 inches in diameter. so im definatly not new to anal play just new to prostate stimulation. i have tried contracting all the muscles i could down there and sometimes get some new feelings but can reproduce them consistently. i could be a paitience thing. im not good at the meditation and spiritual side of it for me its all about the feeling and with all my other toys its not a slow and easy type of "session" if you know what i mean. hope the helps you help me lol thanks