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Training exercises/metaphors
  • I've been thinking about useful metaphors that might help in developing my aneros practice. I'm a musician, so a musical analogy occurred to me, but I think a sports metaphor could be similarly applied. I'm choosing to think of myself as a sexual musician in training.

    When I got my first musical instrument there was no way I could make music with it. I had all kinds of things to learn first. I had to train my fingers to do the right thing, control my breath, learn the scales. I wanted to play songs right away, but I simply did not have the skills. It took weeks of practice before I even attempted my first, simple song.

    The first few songs were painfully bad (that is, not at all musical). Even though I had started playing songs, I still had to spend time on exercises. Finger exercises, scales, etudes. Sometimes I would practice for an hour or more and only do scales. There wasn't even a thought of playing a musical piece. But through diligent practice, my musical performance improved

    When you learn to play a sport you start off not very good. You may know the rules, but they are not internalized. If you are serious about learning to play any sport, you will do engage in activities (e.g., batting practice, running over tires, weight training) that aren't part of playing an actual game. The skills you gain through these activities are used in an actual game, but you may do entire practice sessions without playing a game.

    I'm taking that attitude with my aneros practice. Of course what I want is to stick it in and have a super-o. But that's completely unrealistic for me after having the thing for less than a week. I've got to practice the scales, learn how the notes are produced, practice holding notes, learn how to play fast notes and short notes and loud notes and quiet notes and high notes and low notes. I have to learn all of this before I can expect to play any kind of song.

    Even once I've learned to play a musical piece, at first it's not really music. The notes may be right, I may even be in tempo, but it is mechanical and not expressive. But at some point after all the practice, the individual notes, finger positions, breath control - all the details I had been focused on - drop away and I find myself making music.

    I'm going to make sure that a portion of my early aneros sessions are devoted to exercises without any expectation of pleasure. I've already found it's hard to do, because the pleasure rises and I start thinking I can play the music. I start focusing on the pleasure rather than the exercise and I lose track of exactly how things are working. Eventually the music sort of peters out and I'm left feeling vaguely dissatisfied. It's like I can play the first few notes, but I don't have the chops for the rest of the piece.
  • HelixerHelixer
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    AlthoughI agree that there are similarities, I'd say there's one striking difference, namely: an instrument is outside your body, whereas with the orgasm your instrument is your body. But it's important to note that they are both kinesthetic experiences. IMO this is how the analogy should be used. And this is why I for one don't like getting too technical when discussing Super O's, dry O's and all the different labels people have ascribed to their personal experiences over the years.
    I don't know if you can relate to this as a musician, but when I'm at my best on the piano, my awareness is actually away from the instrument and inside, with my feelings/emotions and the melodyline. I've actually become a better musician using the Aneros. I realized I had to let go of technicalities and just let the feeling and melody guide my hands(like you play better tennis when you don't think about the technique of HOW to hit the ball, but think where you're going to hit it )

    As I mentioned above with the art of orgasm you are already acquainted with your body, so you basically don't have to 'learn to play' but like the analogy with the piano using melody and feeling to guide your actions a similar framework is helpful when using the Aneros. Only instead of melody in your head you use mental imagery(this can be erotic or energetic/chi or both) and just like with the piano using feeling to guide your actions, you use the sensations in your body to guide your actions(awareness, body movement, body position).
    I'm just an amateur musician so I'm never that conscious of my breathing when I'm playing(it's hard enough thank you), but I can definitely agree with the use of it in the art of orgasming. To me this is perhaps one of the most important elements.
    Perhaps counterintuitively when I'm cumming hard I don't take more shallow breaths but I actually take deeper breaths, not only does this make the orgasm more intense(especially on the outbreath), but it also spreads the orgasm thru your body
  • Helixer, I couldn't agree more. Both of us are talking about transcending the technical and making our experience (aneros or music) purely kinesthetic. When playing an instrument or during an aneros session, the best experience is completely without any thought of technicalities.

    I'm not sure I agree that we are already acquainted with our body. I had no idea that I was capable of the kinds of experience I learned about through tantric meditation and the use of the aneros. Biologically speaking, my body needs nothing more than to quickly deliver my semen. After that, nature has no interest. Indeed, after ejaculation most men have no interest. I had to learn through technical practice that withholding my semen improved the experience. The technical exercises and descriptions are "pointers." They help point the way to the deeper (or higher) ineffable experience.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Before my Aneros journey I'd already read about pc-exercises as a means to have stronger orgasms and also as a way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Sure I hadn't known consciously how to use the muscles(or scales in your analogy), but when it was explained how to locate them it became clear that I'd known all along, I just wasn't aware that was the 'pubococcygeus' . Later when I started using the Aneros, the manual said to use the pc -and anal muscles. But it was only (for the most part thanks to my ingestion of thc) after I had become properly aware of my prostate and of the orgasmic energy that I got any pleasurable sensations. So now just flexing my pc can give me orgasmic sensations.The same movement(technique if you will)but a different sensation because of an expanded awareness

    To summarize: I think there's a big difference between becoming aware and learning a technique to master something outside of one's self
  • Absolutely. You can study the scales and learn all the technique and still play like shit. The techniques are not the experience. The session I just finished gave me my first glimmer of understanding of my prostate. I didn't know the thing was there experientially. I knew the word, I knew the drawings. Touching the prostate with my aneros gave me the experience of the prostate. The prostate was not a gland, it was a center of experience in the context of my aneros session. And yes, the herb helps.
  • artformartform
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    Excellent topic(s) and dialogue gentlemen, aneros_user44994 and Helixer!!! :D :D :D

    Indeed, submit to your own raw awareness of the experience, allow the flow and ride with it! The most successful eroticists live in metaphoria and euphoria. Phenomenology and physics merging...

    all the very best growing beyond the prostate being a just a gland – and emerging as multidimensional eroticists all

  • Thanks artform! I have a new answer to "what do you do for a living.?"

    I'm a multidimensional eroticist.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Multidimensional Eroticist: bound to be a new and growing Census category soon at the rate we are growing here!! … :D :D GO Aneros!
  • Do you know anybody that's hiring?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    [QUOTE=aneros_user44994;93508].... I'm a multidimensional eroticist.

    What pray-tell might the Avatar look like for an "M.E." ??

    Follow-on question: How might it be depicted within a two-dimensional medium?
  • Very good question. I'm thinking that two kinds of animation could be used. One would rotate the image on one of the spatial axes to help visualize 3D properties. Properties of the "solid" representation could morph through multiple shapes, the surface could have colors and textures to help with another couple of dimensions. I'll see what I can come up with.
  • Just want to let folks know that I used to be aneros_user44994 . Thanks for the name, artform.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    You're most welcome MDE!

    And a baptism of energies and ecstatic potentialities it is too MultiD_Eroticist!! :D :D

    all the best deeply relaxed natural nameless listening/observing without reaching along this transcendent journey all


    ps Notwithstanding all of the above, your initial thoughts in response to rook's scientific/aesthetic question are very pertinent and I look forward to sharing more on this topic!

  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    If you're acquainted with energywork there's one exercise I can heartily recommend(at least if you've got a little privacy ;) ), it's bringing energy down from your crown and out thru your penis while breathing out. As your orgasm increases your voice on the outbreath becomes louder and louder while your body 'acts out'until you can hardly contain yourself from screaming out.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Yes Helixer!! :D :D

    Thanks. And when you are in the right state and balance and in your partner and you go silently expressingly great outbreathing, you have the most astounding dry pure blaze of light orgasm into/with your partner through/around your penis. It is one of life's greatest unforgettables. Neither you nor your penis are ever quite the same again.

    all the best literal love and light energetics near and far all

  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Thanks for your input artform, but I prefer a path less onerous!

    You can do something similar during a solosession. When I rub the head of my penis with copious amounts of lube it's almost like dipping it into a wet pussy, only better. The head is very sensitive and rubbing, kneading and sliding over it with your hand gives a lot of variety in sensation and very rapid dry orgasms. If lube was in infinite supply I could go on all day doing that. And yes, afterwards the shaft of the penis is tingling with sensations like never before.

    There's also a difference in energymovement when you have a hardon and are rubbing the head of the penis. It doesn't move from the crown and (blasting) out of your penis, but it goes in the reverse order, from penis out of your head
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    @ artform I think you've touched on something important. Correct me if I'm wrong but IMO the 'secret' of male multiorgasmic potential is directing one's attention (from outwards to) inwards. Whereas, IMO if a partner would have any value, you would be directing your attention outwards instead of inwards.
    As I've stated in other threads, I feel there's large discrepancy between our modern mindset and our inherent wired in sexual desires, there's also a large discrepancy between the psyche of the male and the female. Sex has been the prime motivation to delude ourselves and justify our obvious incompatibility with notions of romantic love and deluded projections of our anima(us) onto the other sex. But what happens then the motivation of sex falls away?
  • Helixer, when I've done some energy work I tend to bring energy up through my root chokra first. I feel the root fill, then feel it pass into my sex chakra. As my sex chakra is filled, the sensations are as if the energy is rising through the penis into my solar plexus chakra. I have felt hints of raising the energy to the heart, throat, brow and crown chakras. Your experience of having the energy leave from the penis is interesting to me because I have a sense that allowing the energy to leave at the penis keeps it from flowing through the other chakra (when moving energy from crown to root) or chakras (when moving energy from root to crown).

    I'm not married to the metaphor of "energy and chakra" to describe these sensations. As we all know, the metaphor we use to describe things is not the experience. My mind affects my sensations based on the metaphor I choose. Something in me thinks that there is a "best" metaphor that will point me to the highest, deepest, most complete experience. But there's no reason to think that there is a "best" metaphor -- and even if there is, how likely is it that I will find it? I decide on the metaphor I use. To the extent that the metaphor determines experience, my intention creates my experience. I'm not saying that you can pick just any metaphor. A metaphor doesn't work if experience contradicts the metaphor.

    I will experiment by thinking of the energy leaving through the penis.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Again let's not get dogmatic about it or make it too one dimensional, see it as just another tool to experience operating in a certain Gestalt.
    But if you want to make the analogy with music and technique. I'd say sharpening the bodyawareness and as a byproduct discovering chi is like the fingerexercises and the scales in learning a musical instrument. Whereas the sensitivity and the musicality is the honing into the orgasmic sensation.

    When you combine this with breath, nipple, body movement there's no end to possible variations of the Gestalt. Not just what I described above. But the discovering of chi and the accompagnying sharpening of body awareness not only makes it possible to attach the chi to the orgasm sending the euphoria whereever you want it to go, also to pinpoint a specific sensation to a certain place in the body. Do we have to categorize all these places and give them a name? of course not!
    After all our brain can't even objectively see color, the actual color is perceived different in a different combination. Same goes IMO for bodypartsensations. Just be aware of a certain place of orgasmic sensation and pinpoint by using the sharpened awareness of energy exercises.

    Seriously, chi an chakras are very real. And it's something you better not fuck around with. It can be used to harm as well as to heal.
    If you have the money I'd buy Mantak Chia's book Awaken the healing energy. If not give me a pm with your email and I'll see if I can find the links somewhere