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GrandTiger's Extended Male Deer Exercise
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    thanks to GrandTiger for leading the way on his "Extended Male Deer" (EMD) exercise, a very erotic interpretation of the tantric classic Male Deer.

    here is a link to his thread in our sister forum (for therapeutic use of the aneros) at

    i tried it last night. i ended up doing it for something like two hours. two hours of bliss.

    i did just what GT suggested:
    - liberator throe sex blanket on bed in case of lube accidents
    - flat on back
    - aneros-less
    - lubed from pubes to neck, in my case with rapeseed oil
    - meditative music (Jeffery Thompson's Gamma Wave Meditation)
    - one hand on my friends: fingers over balls, pushing them nicely down; thumb firmly on base of penis on the top side, nicely pressing into pubic bone.
    - other hand starting in my pubes and doing a slow circular rubbing motion, moving up towards my navel a little bit each cycle, and then continuing beyond my navel all the way up to my sternum, chest and neck, and then slowly down again
    - when reaching back to the pubes, swap hands and begin again.
    - stayed on calm seas, relaxed and letting it all come to me, not pursuing
    - (didn't let body hair bother me.)

    it doesn't sound like much but it is a MUST TRY.

    its attack is very very slow, but it builds and builds and builds until all that exists is your whole body, your hands and your pleasure.

    i felt absolutely wonderful and delicious, and cannot wait to do it again.

    my penis responded by staying semi to rigidly hard the entire time. my cowpers responded by effusing (which is very rare for me). when my rubbing hand was down in the pubic region my pre-cum teased it with a lovely cool and slippery feeling, wet.

    most amazingly, the smooth and hard surface of my sternum when massaged was like a direct stimulator of my pelvis, forcing me to orgasm.

    GrandTiger this is a grand slam, and very different. i also like its explicit tantric roots.

  • Many thanks Darwin for crediting me for the EMD exercise and for furnishing a superb set of instructions.

    I seep volumes of sweet sap during this exercise and enjoy long orgasms over and over again for hours on end without ejaculating. The amazing thing is that with more and more practice the intensity of pleasure continues to increase as if there is no limit. I'm already beyond the point at which I thought I would pass into eternity if it were to get any better, and I'm still here to tell you about it!

    Thanks again Darwin.

    Everyone enjoy!

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    GT, by any chance have you found any particular power to massaging your sternum? So strange, but it really stood out as an oasis of orgasm for me.

  • Yes, on the bone itself and just above and just below. But same everywhere from pubic bone to collar bone. I think these areas correspond to the "chakras." There is a chakra also in the middle of the front of the head, and I feel the pleasure there also! When I arrive at sternum, gentle circular motion of thumb on nipple at the same time and I go supernova. Sometimes I move on from sternum and place the palm of my hand on my forehead. Try it.

    I'll also add that dissipating the pleasure throughout the whole body like this prevents the prostate from becoming conjested. It is just as if the fluids flow upwards and are absorbed into the body. And remember that every time we avoid ejaculating we are saving the nutritional value of two steaks plus ten eggs plus six oranges plus two lemons! All that energy to enjoy ourselves all the more!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    in the highisland forum thread you praise Aura Cacia Exotic Massage Butter as incomparable.

    what are the economies of it? i only see a small size tub (4 oz) which is kind of expensive ($7). how much do you use, or, how long does the tub last?

    by comparison, albolene and boy butter seem to last a really long time. i realize that the massage butter has to cover a much much larger area, but, still...wondering.

    and, what are its particular strengths?

    as mentioned, i used rapeseed oil. it was dark and so i think i put too much on (i had in mind the guy in the squirting female orgasm video saying "you can never put to much oil on"). i'm gonna try to meter it out to get the right degree of smoothness without slickness.

  • Aura Cacia Exotic Massage Butter must be the slipperiest substance known to man, all natural ingredients, smells lovely, and a little goes quite a long way and will last a good solid two hours. Also it blends sumptuously with your own sweet sap. When finished, just dab off the excess with a dry towel and it leaves your skin lovely and smooth and nourished. A 4oz jar lasts me a few weeks.
  • Hi Guys!

    You sure have my attention on this one!

    Can't wait to try it!

    One thing, is there a video showing the correct way to do this? I have always believed that a video can save allot of mistakes and cut directly to the correct methods right away...

    Again, fascinating and exciting stuff!

    Later, Hlaser
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    Well i knew i couldn't wait to try EMD again. I did it two nights ago, and woah, it was awesome. my best session ever.

    (see my thread "my theory of orgasm success").

    a few things to note.
    - this time i started and ended the session with the aneros (sgx with no handle or tab, encased in a condom). in between it was aneros-less. the aneros went really well with it.

    - the EMD is awesome in the way it brings in the penis without inducing ejaculation. the pressure points at the base, thumb on the top side and fingers on the scrotum side, keep it straining hard and leaking, just pulsing with pleasure, and the orgasms are like really strong ejaculations with no cum.

    - the pressure point on the scrotum side performs a similar function, for me, as the p-tab. so with my finger i can compensate for the absence of the p-tab.

    - the massage between the navel and pubes is actually an "abdominal prostate massage." when the prostate is engorged you can massage it through your belly. in EMD you really feel the effects of that massage.

    - at one point the massaging of my lower belly was almost too much to take it gave me so much pleasure.

    - the slow tracing up the torso really spreads the pleasure. i did variations like traced my mid-line up, or descended with both hands following lines from my nipples to my thighs. this brought in my glutes in a big way.

    - at another point the pleasure that had come up to my chest was so intense i felt like i was experiencing my nipples for the first time in my life.

    - i just came and came and came super hard and strong with a big cock component and a big anal component.

  • Mine was so intense this morning I experienced missing time. This has happened two or three times before. I go into a profound orgasmic state of excruciating whole-body pleasure and whole-being ecstasy for what seems like five or ten minutes, only to find that thirty or forty minutes have passed on the clock. I would have started all over again but needed to get up and do some work!

    I told my naturopath doctor about this exercise and about refraining from ejaculating. Though I'm 60, I've started getting one or two spots like when I was going through puberty. Doctor says I'm probably overproducing testosterone due to the exercise, no kidding! I feel like I'm going through puberty again but continuing on from where I left off when I was 16 to a whole new level. It is totally awesome.
  • For about 45 years I’ve had on the average two ejaculatory orgasms per week, each orgasm lasting about 10 seconds, so the total orgasm time adds up to 13 hours.

    Having mastered continuous orgasms without ejaculating (through EMD exercise), the time now I spend in orgasmic state averages about one hour per day. So in 2 weeks I’m enjoying as much orgasm as I had in all of 45 years! This amounts to about 1000 times increase in orgasm time.

    As for the tremendous increase in the intensity of orgasmic sensation, I can only attempt to quantify it on a logarithmic scale. For example, if my ejaculatory orgasmic peaks were around 90dB, I would put my sustained pleasure level now somewhere at around 130dB.

    Have you tried EMD yet Hlaser? Looking forward to some feedback.

  • What is EMD exercise, I googled it and did not find anything. No need to reply, I just read the first post and figured it out, sorry for the bother!!
  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    Just want to thank Darwin and Grand Tiger for posting your version of the EMD exercise. Wonderful experience. I've been doing qi gong and meditation for about a year now, still a novice, so moving energy around is somewhat familiar. For the first time using this method I was able to experience a heart orgasm. Thanks again.
  • Many thanks BigE for your feedback. I'm delighted to hear about your heart-gasm. Now go for the head-gasm, with the understanding of course that we are really talking about whole-being body and soul orgasms of cosmic proportions.
  • Don't you think maybe this should be kept to the strictly rational side of things? I'm not discounting the pleasure you experienced, but it wasn't a heart orgasm.

    If an orgasm involve muscular contractions, a heart orgasm would kill you. Simple as that.

    And then talk about stuff like souls... seriously, if you guys are really onto something, try and be as explicit and scientific about it as you can, for us lot. Otherwise we might as well be reading erotic literature.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249

    if you go to and search the definition for the word "heart" you will see that in the english language, it applies to far more than the anatomical organ. For instance:

    3. the center of the total personality, esp. with reference to intuition, feeling, or emotion: In your heart you know I'm an honest man.
    4. the center of emotion, esp. as contrasted to the head as the center of the intellect: His head told him not to fall in love, but his heart had the final say.
    5. capacity for sympathy; feeling; affection: His heart moved him to help the needy.
    6. spirit, courage, or enthusiasm: His heart sank when he walked into the room and saw their gloomy faces.
    7. the innermost or central part of anything: Notre Dame stands in the very heart of Paris.
    8. the vital or essential part; core: the heart of the matter.

    And orgasm:

    1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation

    Taking these definitions into account, why can't there be a "heart orgasm" or Heartgasm for short?

    Feelings are often difficult to understand and virtually impossible to explain, especially through a medium like an internet forum. That's why we have things like art and poetry to express through other mediums those feelings which we cannot define in simple, much less scientific terms.

    The the people in this and similar forums have employed the use of the word, "heartgasm" for years as an umbrella term to describe a common experience/feeling/sensation that many of us relate to.

    Personally, I see no reason why any of us should feel obligated to address our feelings in scientific terms. If you wish to post from a scientific point of view, then by all means please do. It can only add to the "body" of knowledge here. Just keep in mind that the poets have every right be poetic and the mystics the right to be mystical.

    We all choose which posts to learn from and our own ways to express our feelings and experiences here. If science doesn't have appropriate understanding or terminology to describe a particular and commonly shared experience, then what choice do we have but to adopt new terminology in order to communicate such experiences? At least until science catches up with us.

    Oh and as for that "head-gasm" GrandTiger was referring to. I've been enjoying them for years. They can be achieved by learning how to actively stimulate the anterior amygdalae or the Septum Pellucidum areas of the brain through conscious visualization, which increases activity in their neural pathways, resulting in a cascade of pleasure-inducing endorphins, creating an intense orgasmic sensation that can last for extended periods of time regardless of genital or other physical forms of stimulation. In other words, a head-orgasm!

    This practice has been studied and documented by scientists and medical practitioners using M.R.I.'s and such. However, I prefer to simply call it "clicking forward," and refer to the experience as a Third Eye Orgasm. I'm sure many people have no idea where those areas of the brain are, but intellectual understanding is irrelevant. Almost anyone can enjoy the same experience with a little practice and an open mind.

  • Thank you Pan for your comprehensive explanation.

    Anonicos, orgasms don't necessarily involve muscular contractions. There are different kinds of orgasms. Ecstatic sensations are difficult to describe and quantify, but the feeling of orgasm, for me, is often like my whole being is dissolving into a higher dimensional continuum in waves of utter bliss. My muscles are not contracting, yet my whole being is somehow pulsating. The pleasure is indescribable.
  • Ok but rather than this dimensional continuum stuff, how about we keep it scientific? Nerve impulses, vasodilation, hormones etc.

    I'm not saying I know exactly what they are in those terms, but that's what we should be trying to find out, otherwise this will remain an undocumented hobby for a small group of guys on the official forum of a sex toy.
  • vigorvigor
    Posts: 6
    Thanks guys, this is great. I tried a modified version of the exercise yesterday morning and achieved dry orgasms with mini Os without the Aneros. Being on holiday and not having my Aneros with me gave me the opportunity to try this one out and I sure dont regret it. I was surprised I managed it on the first try being a relative newbie and all. This is what happened:

    Woke up yesterday morning and decided to give the deer exercises a go. Didnt have any lube so just massaged my abdomen without it. I didnt try moving energy around or moving the massage around as I found it effects my concentration. I must have spent about 1 hour massaging with my right hand while my left was pressing on my balls with the thumb at the base of my penis.

    I was getting some good feelings and getting a small amount of pre-cum. My concentration was split into what i would describe as 2 parts. First i was concentrating on my prostate, with a second form of concentration on my entire body almost as if i was out of my body looking (and feeling) at myself. Im sure that explanation has confused you but i dont know how else to describe it!

    Anyway, the feelings of increasing pressure and pleasure were building up cyclically, but eventually i began feeling like my arousal was fading and i was loosing my concentration, so i decided to stop everything to regain my focus. I was still lying on my back doing nothing but relaxing. Immediately after removing my hand from the base of my penis and balls i noticed my penis was throbbing up and down. I would describe it as a combination of involuntary muscle spasms (mainly PC muscles) and possibly slightly due to my heart beat. I relaxed as much as possible, and the pleasure started building with each throb. Within 5 minutes i was having dry Os accompanied by mini O climaxes. The rate at which i was leaking pre-cum was unbelievable. I had wave after wave of mini Os all preceded by a stream of pre-cum. Within 10 minutes i had a puddle of pre-cum on my abdomen. The pleasure was so intense i was moaning and growling, I felt completely in another reality, I had absolutely no awareness of time or external events during this time yet I think it was still not quite a super O.

    I was really surprised in being able to build these orgasms without any physical stimulation whatsoever after the intial deer exercise. I have only managed to achieve one dry orgasm with my Helix before but have only had the Aneros for about 2 months now.

    My greatest success factors without a doubt would have to be my level of relaxation and concentration. To anyone who hasn’t achieve the dry/mini/super Os keep trying because it is sooooooooo worth the wait.

    Once again thank you guys for showing me the path to such bliss!
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I am VERY INTERESTED in this thread! I DO have heart orgasms, and they are not metaphorical. They do involve muscular contractions, not of the heart, but of the muscles that contract in the chest during strong emotions, the physical sensation of "heart-wrenching." The sensation seems very similar to what a man experiences during ejaculatory orgasm, with rhythmic contractions at about the same pace as the contractions after a regular orgasm, with a strong sense of a shooting out of energy from my chest.

    I have one of these about once a day or so. I have to be thinking of a sex object to have them, to be "pouring out" to someone. I imagine this is similar to men needing a sex object more than women to have a regular orgasm (women can have orgasms just by thinking erotic thoughts, without a specific focus). It almost feels as if men have a corresponding "innie" to my chest "outie" if that makes any sense. From what I've read of tantra, this is a tantric female thing, that a woman's natural outpouring chakra is the chest chakra, and she receives energy at the second and sixth chakras.

    That is why I am also EXTREMELY interested in the mention of forehead sensations. Any further information on this topic would be very much appreciated! :)
  • I have posted about this before but I myself experience pulsating twitching orgasms that seem to happen at random times and they happen in random places. Just today I have been having pulsating twitches in my thighs accompanied by a mild euphoria feeling like a weak mini O. The contractions are rythmic and seem exactly like what zane describes above with intervals similar to a normal O, except it happens in random places (I think I noticed the contractions happening near my chest area only once). I still haven't gained control of it, but I would be really interested in reading _something_ about these experiences. I can't seem to find any info about this phenomena anywhere at all. (I have googled it)

    If anyone can point me to some info, or some mental exercises to help gain better control over it, I would really appreciate it. There has to be something to this phenomena, I refuse to believe that I am the only one to experience it.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi ALL!

    You might check-out "Heartgasms" on the KSMO site. There are several there than have these regularly and "Laly" comes to mind, as one of them. (She is a friend there and would be very happy to tell you about her experiences...)

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Thanks everyone for your feedback. I think Vigor and I are more or less on the same page. I too get volumes of pre-cum during EMD and I use it for added lubrication, especially for my nipples.

    Since you mention forehead sensations, Zaneblue, first I arrive at my collar bone having started at my pubic bone. With the palm of my hand on my chest, I use my middle finder and thumb to stimulate my collar bone on each side. I am lying on my back and the extremely intense pleasure in my penis is flowing down to my feet and up to my neck. Then I tilt my head backwards so the front of my neck from my collar bone to my chin is stretched. The pleasure flows up through my neck to my lips and face (my tongue is already feeling the pleasure). Finally I place the palm of my hand on my forehead and stimulate my temples with my little finger and thumb while my other fingers stimulate above my forehead. Sometimes I just use my middle finger to stimulate my chin, the end of my nose, and finally the centre of my forehead. The excruciating pleasure in my penis flows through my whole being, to the soles of my feet and the crown of my head. Hours on end of bliss beyond words.

    Happy New Year to all,

  • Reviving an old thread here, but couldn't resist commenting on my Extended Male Deer exercise. Don't stop when you reach your collar bone! Continue on upwards to massage the center of your forehead just above the level of your eyebrows using all four fingers. At the same time massage your temple with your thumb. Also try placing palm of hand on your forehead, massaging both temples at the same time, one with your little finger, the other with your thumb, while using your first and second fingers to massage the front of your head. Your sustained orgasm will flood your head! Continue until you can't stand the pleasure any more, then allow yourself to wind down, keeping the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Relax a while and then start the exercise all over again from the beginning. This way you can enjoy long states of pure orgasmic bliss from the souls of your feet to the crown of your head for as long as you like, and repeat it over and over as often as you like!

    Edit: I guess I should have read my previous post first before submitting this.

    Oh well. Enjoy!

  • Wow GrandTiger,
    Thank you for reviving this thread. I've never seen it before. I've read about the Deer Exercise but never tried it. I will have to give this a go.
  • So I tried to follow the link but it's no longer in service. This is the same as the deer exercise here:
    The Secret of the Golden Flower

    but you massage all the way up your body? Are there any other differences?
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    I read the article above, but am confused on "pubis just below the navel" and "rub in circular motion" How big of a circle, and where is the "pubis"? According to wiki, it's waaaay below the navel... :(
  • Hello BMF. Yes, that's the same exercise, but Darwin above and the Aneros Wiki describe it best:

    Advanced Skills - Aneros Wiki

    The Wiki contains a link to the website where I first discovered the basic version which you can read if you like, but it's too ritualistic. Darwin and the Wiki say all you really need to know and keep it simple.

  • Hello Korkelz

    I start at pubic bone. Big circles, little circles, as you like. Don't worry about details, just get the general idea. Feel the pleasure rise up to fill your whole body. As it rises, it also flows down to fill your legs and feet! Imagine the most intense pleasure you've ever felt in your penis permeating your whole body. That's where you are going, but be patient. Practice makes perfect!
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    I've been getting these kind-of "lack of blood flow" type tingling sensations in my hands and feet... could this be the feeling of energy? It's definitely not because of lack of blood flow, it seems to be associated with P-waves.
  • I would not describe the pleasure waves as "tingling." They are more like the sensation moments before ejaculating, but whole-body, and of course without ejaculating. I think a likely cause of tingling in hands and feet would be too much oxygen in your blood due to hyperventilating. Try breathing deeply but slowly. I'm assuming we do the EMD exercise with Aneros inserted. Contract slowly while exhaling and release slowly while inhaling, contrary to what you might naturally tend to do.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    Hey GrandTiger, yeah, p-waves are not what I described, it's something else, something I should pay attention to. I'll let you know if anything becomes of it.
  • wow! i introduced myself to the EMD exercise last night/early this AM while self-pleasuring having previously had oral and vaginal intercourse to orgasm with my wife ...

    i am a "mindful masturbator," practicing prolonged pleasuring with meditative elements - and also new to anything anal and to aneros - anyway while supine i pressed my nuts and scrotum down between my thighs and my thumb firmly into the base of my erect penis on the top side

    ... i was already fully rigid but couldn't believe my dick got even harder and "craned" upward with a visible concave bend and the glans darkened and swelled even larger than it had been as precum drooled over the knob and down my rigid shaft

    after about an hour of "zoning" with minimal manipulation of my boner i went into the bathroom filled the bidet with very warm water soaking my anus as i gently teased it with a soapy finger (using a dilute gentle "no tears" shampoo in a foamer) stretching it some until the sphincter was fatigued and relaxed enough to accept my vaseline-lubed progasm - then i returned to bed and again practiced the EMD exercise with the progasm filling my rectum and working my prostate

    ... it was the best session i've had with my pro filling my ass - only now somewhat more comfortable with the previously uncomfortable feeling of fullness knowing i didn't have to take a shit ... managed to keep my hands off my junk concentrating more on the total body pleasure and relaxation making circles with my right palm on my pubic area abdomen chest - but no way i could ignore looking at my penis which danced like a cobra and continuously oozed i did touch it lightly to spread and tast my precum spreading it also on my nipples

    anyway 2-1/2 or 3 hours of near ecstasy passed by before i decided to remove the pro and to sleep blissfully - i did not ejaculate but did have orgasmic sensation for a prolonged period and believe that semen drooled out of me as well as copious amounts of precum

    ... next time i am going to smoke a little weed and i know the session will be even better

    thanks for posting the EMD exercise

    - rip
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    The tingling in my feet and hands are *definitely* associated with P-waves. I feel the energy moving from my feet up my legs and then throughout my body which are P-waves.