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It felt so good, and then it got this okay?
  • Hello all,

    I've add the Progasm for some time now. The first few times I tried it, it didn't do much for me...maybe a few involuntaries. So I left it alone for a year or so and recently stumbled on to the forum and read about the difference techniques people were using and decided to give it a serious try.

    First time, I relaxed with breathing for a good 30 minutes, then contracted with inhalation, then moved on to the constant contraction. I had felt the warm waves that started in my pelvic region, resulted in an instant erection, but unfortunately went away. Then it progressed to quaking of my legs, arms, an upper lip. Not particularly pleasurable in a sexual way and even a bit scary, but I think it's just my trying to rewire. That session went no further, although the end penile orgasm was spectacular (first time I ever moaned out loud).

    Second session (2 days later) was much of the same, although this time prior to the quaking, I felt an growing intense tingling/vibrating in my fingertips that progressed up my arms, they started to sweat, and the muscles contract to the point where I had a great deal of difficulty moving them. Then I flipped on to my back (I usually start out on my side) and this slowly went away, and the session from there was much like the first.

    The third session (the next day, can you tell I'm becoming addicted) the session became great and then got scary and now I'm concerned. I was in the persistent contraction of anal/rectal muscles and then I noticed the numbness/tingling in my fingertips but this time let it continue. Soon my knees starting vibrating, then my feet, then my abdominal muscles started to contract really severely, then my upper lip started vibrating and my lips contracted into an O. I still continued thinking that soon all of this energy could be directed to my pelvic region. Then in addition to the vibrating, my fingers, wrist, and arms started contracting...and contracting....and contracting...and I thought THIS IS IT, THIS IS GOING TO SPREAD EVERYWHERE... and then I opened my eyes. Both wrists were flexed at a severe angle and my fingers were extended at severe angle, and my hands started sweating, and it even looked like the tips of my fingers were turning dark red/blue and the contraction was only getting stronger. I got real scared....I couldn't even feel the tips of my fingers, let alone move them. I tried to pull the Aneros out, but couldn't get a grasp with my fingers. I was finally able to yank it out and finally was able to start getting control of my fingers and wrists but this whole body vibration (which by this point was not pleasurable at all) continued for the next 10 minutes even without the Aneros in.

    Even now, some 1 hour later, whenever I try to use my fingers, they shake like I have Parkinson's or something.

    Has anybody experienced such severe muscular contractions like this?
    Did I have some sort of lucid seizure? (I was completely with it, no altered consciousness whatsoever)...i have never had a seizure nor do I have a family history of epilepsy.
    Was I danger of breaking my wrist with these contractions?
    Or was this all normal, and was on the path to the Super-O and should have let it go?

    Now that I have at least started to properly use the Aneros, my mind is officially blown regarding what it does to me and how it makes me feel...and I want to continue to train my body in its use. But, I was rather creeped out this evening, and if this was actually dangerous, then perhaps the Aneros is not for me.

    Please let me know what you guys think, if you've had similar experiences, etc...I would really appreciate it. And thanks again for all of your forum posts. I never realized the potential of the Aneros until I started learning from you.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Zoltek,

    And welcome to the Aneros forums. :)

    I'm pretty sure what you are experiencing is the result of hyperventilation. You can read about my experience of this in the following link:

    See what you think, and if slowing down your breathing in Aneros sessions helps. Keep us posted.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    This was typical during perhaps a half-dozen of my first 20 sessions with Helix (wish now that I'd journaled those early sessions.)

    My own feeling is that, early on, our brains are searching out ways to deal with and respond to these new sensations. A lot of random messages flow out from the motor portions of our old brain to muscles. As we encourage some responses, the brain gives up an increasing number of the random responses. In the limbic part of the brain, there's a sort of switching center that sorts out the signals and sends messages outward. Once the synapses are formed, results will become more repeatable and the epileptic-like responses should fade away.

    In my own journey, these random responses seemed to resolve into two paths --- one with warm p-waves, and another with cold shakes, loud ear sounds and jaw clenches.

    For about two months, If I was slow and relaxed in my approach, I'd get the warm waves and energy enhancement in my belly. If I 'pushed' the arousal, I'd go cold sweat, jaw clench and experience visual migraine. Eventually I found a meditative path that got me aimed where I wanted to go. .

    I think you're doing well -- probably more like a bucking bronco than a well groomed saddle horse but well on your way. You might consider wearing a mouthguard during these early sessions just in case you get into serious jaw clenching.

    And as Love_is mentions, it's all about breathing and meditation. You might try 15 minutes of Zazen medition before your sessions.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356

    i would recommend you proceed with caution. You might want to end your session when you start loosing that much control. I do think your body will adjust to the sessions over time. but until then, it seems to me that the response you were having is too strong for comfort. i think by stopping before that happens you overall learning curve and journey will be better.

    if it hurts, stop!

    if it is scary, stop!

  • I think you experienced "Terror at the Gates". I had this experience too. Read this thread (Rumel's answer) to get a better explanation.
  • Thanks everyone for your thoughtful responses. You have put my mind at ease. I was seriously scared for my health until I learned what you all had to say.

    I took something from each of your posts. I've come to the initial conclusion that the quaking of my muscles accompanied by rhythmic contractions in my pelvis is due to proper use of the Aneros (and I will work towards helping my brain rewire for this to lead to more pleasurable sensations), while the tetany I experienced was my simply not properly understanding the signals my body was giving me.

    I think it was combination of a lot of hyperventilation (Love_Is, thank you so much!) and some more "Terror At The Gates" (it is exhilarating, but also frightening to allow these new sensations to take over) and some more "my body is trying to work out a new way to deal with this new form of neurological input".

    And darwin, I completely agree. That's actually what left me so scared because I tried to stop it. I was instantly turned off upon seeing how grotesquely contracted my wrists were. I tried to pull out the Aneros (and eventually did) and for the next few minutes I was in a state of tetany. But yes, if it's too scary, or if it hurts, I plan to stop and thank you for your advice.

    I am going to give myself a few days to recuperate physically and mentally and then I will try again...reading everyone's thoughts already has me tingling (in a good way this time) to try again and this time, control my breathing. I hope nothing terrifying happens again, and I suppose the Terror at the Gates phenomenon will become more of a hurdle to overcome in the coming weeks

    I will keep you posted...and thanks again so much. You have all helped me calm down.

    P.S. Medical science stuff coming up: For those who are wondering a little about the medical aspect of it (and I should know this given my field of work, I just never thought that I was improperly breathing)... hyperventilation causes hypocalcemia, the progression of symptoms of which include numbness/tingling in the extremities, then numbness/tingling around the perioral region, then tetany (which is the act of unrelenting constant muscle contraction) first in the extremities and then in the trunk. So for anyone who has experienced similar symptoms...remember to breathe properly! Thanks again guys!
  • Liam9Liam9
    Posts: 25
    Yikes!! I just got my progasm, but now I am terrified to use it! ackkk.
  • yes, let me know when you do, Liam, I am a little afraid also!
  • What an adventure!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hey guys, particularly Darwin (an old hand at this game -- there otta be a category called "Supervisory Senior Member") and Zoltek (following his first time with major quaking and tremor).

    First guys I appologize for what may have seemed like a hollier-than-thou or overly self-confident post regarding the Parkinsonian and Epileptic-like tremors that Zoltec experienced. Co-incendentally I pretty-much duplicated Zoltek's session last night. Maude's old TV line, "God'll get you for that" might have been operative here or perhaps this was just the Full Moon guys warming me up for their big event today. (Did someone stick a pin in a Voodoo doll?)

    I'd never really explored uncontrolled tremor before and am usually able to ignore it's onset, shift focus and let the session expire. I've not craved uncontrolled tremor or 'dark side' orgasm (jaw clenches, cold sweats, migraine, etc.) So, I've cultivated paths that produce calm-seas and visualizations.

    Last night (eve before the Full Moon) I took an unintended turn when I rushed to kick off a Helix session. I ignored most of my usual session ritual, shortcutted my initial meditation, didn't use a warm-up tool, and skipped douche. I'll spare all the grueling details but I made the mistake of trying to force the session and managed to produce a long chain of dry-Os, each with it's own cycle of large muscle tremors. As Zoltec discovered, any attempt to move a finger or use a limb yielded more uncontrolled tremor. I'd never been this locked-in before.

    Darwin's admonition to be sufficiently gentle with ones self is well taken. I'd add that, as you progress, be purposeful rather than selfishly craven. Be Budist--- mindful in how you place one foot ahead of the other as you walk the path of this journey.

    I lost management of the my session last night but was able to track my Cardio and know that it wasn't nearing the red line. The lockstep was so severe that it took over 3 minutes of vigorous Fleshlight action to move me from dry-O to Trad-O. (I'm usually an early ejaculator) I'm confident though that had I pulled the Helix I could have managed myself back down with just mindful focus.

    Perhaps everyone needs an out-of-contol session once in a while. Suggestion would be to keep FL or Merry-FiveFingers handy as an exit strategy. Fleshlight was a good deal here since I don't think I had sufficient control over my arm an hand to effectively masturbate. I'd also question my ability to safely remove anything larger than the Helix.

    If it helps, a Flight Surgeon, also a great shrink, once told his fledglings that, "Panic attacks never last longer than 10 minutes and NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM A PANIC ATTACK!" Just breathe!!

    rumel's sig-line regarding "good vibes" now makes more sense to me. The 'bad vibes' are a bit of a nuisance. :)