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I can not take this standing up!
  • Quick background: 50+ years old who got the MGX, Helix, and Progasm about six weeks ago. Generally enjoyable sessions but nothing to get too excited about. No issues, I was resided to the fact that it would take much time to rewire something that had been occurring for 35 years.

    Well, about nine days ago I decided to go on an extended abstinence from masturbation. I typically masturbated daily, so this soon turned into a different environment. Particularly the last several days I had been extremely horny and my nips were extremely sensitive to even the thought of being touched. My Aneros sessions with the MGX were good, but not any progress. I tried the Helix and Progasm once, but found myself really trying to hammer out a result.

    Unfortunately I really could not function "normally" at work this week in this extreme sense of "horny-ness". So today I decided in advance to end the session with a TO and resume the journey in a week or so. For some reason I switched to the Helix, but today's session was proceeding as normal. Some sense of prostate sensitivity, but nothing else.

    I decided to get my stuff to end with what I knew would be a strong TO, but the trip was cut short. On the walk to the bathroom, I got a strong prostate response. I stopped in my tracks and rotated my hips a few times. "That feels nice. hmmm...That feels real nice. wow...That feels f#ckin nice! What the f#ck!!" I then proceeded to stand there for approx 10 minutes with sensations that I will not try to characterize. All I know is I was "laughing" hysterically because these sensations were extremely intense and unexpected. I was basically doing nothing but standing there. I was actually afraid to move, not because I thought it would stop, but more so because it might get stronger. When there was a slight reduction in the sensation, I finally forced myself to jump into bed and settle down for a more "normal" position than standing. Of course, nothing happen for five minutes and I had to piss. I got up and the same thing happened after a few steps with the same intensity. Again after ten minutes of just standing there almost feeling "helpless" to these sensations I have never experienced before, I jumped back into bed and calmed down. I decided to end the session right there with the largest spout from a TO that I ever had.

    Obviously, the intensity of these sensations was totally unexpected and almost too intense for a newbie. I figure I have had approx 10,000 "orgasms" from ejaculation, but the sensations just from today probably equally the combined intensity of those "orgasms". It has been a couple of hours and I am still trying to get my wits back. Fortunately, the super TO has eliminated all horny-ness and nipple sensitivity.

    I will try not to expect the same sensations in future sessions, and I will try to obtain some responses while laying down. I'm not sure I want to experience any heightened sensations while standing :)

    Looking forward to the journey.....
  • Wow! Talk about a breakthrough! Amazing what the body can do huh JustWannaPlay?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Congratulations JustWannaPlay!! :D :D

    Did that handle come to you before or after the BIG EVENT you describe so well above JWP? Welcome the surprising, captivating adventures of your unique Aneros journey!!! And Welcome to this great community in the Forum too!! I love the joys of standing. Let your body/mind be free to take you where it will. Better and faster rewiring generally with that as a policy. Enjoy the ride and all the possible surprises. Ego quiet in the back seat, or the trunk...

    all the best leaps and boundless bliss all

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Good story JustWannaPlay and just 6 weeks into your journey. Funny how these breakthroughs can happen when you least expect them. I look forward to hearing more of your exploits.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello JustWannaPlay, :)

    Thank you for posting this experience. That is quite odd that standing up made such a difference. But I certainly wouldn't question it too much if that is what gives you results. I've noticed in my own experience that laying down on my back with legs flat pushes the Aneros more firmly against my prostate than my typical position of on my back with knees up and legs spread somewhat. I don't know if this is the difference or what you are experiencing when standing up, but it's cool that you had these experiences. Go with it! :D

  • Well, probably as expected, the sensations have not been nearly as powerful as four days ago. I wonder if it is because my "horny-ness" level after four days of masturbation abstinence is not nearly what is was after nine days. However, I do find it much easier to get waves while standing. It just seems that the Helix "floats" easier and minor hip movements "tickles" the right spot. Also, gravity does not seem to be an issue with the Helix as it was with the MGX. The MGX would drop much further if I did not hold a tighter contraction.

    The funny thing is that I do not have the urge to masturbate anywhere near as much as before my experience four days ago. Maybe the TO was so big that the refractory period is longer than my normal day or two :) I am enjoying my Aneros sessions, but now my penis is hardly a factor. Earlier in my journey, I felt like I had to end with a TO to make it a "worthwhile" session.

    Enjoying the journey.....

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello JustWannaPlay, :)

    I think you'll find that as get further into your journey, that ejaculation becomes much less of a priority than it used to. I used to masturbate almost daily prior to getting regularly involved into my Aneros practice of almost four years now. And particularly after I understood the importance to practice some ejaculation abstinence and not do any penile stimulation during Aneros sessions. I really started to progress after that point. And now I don't feel the need to ejaculate whenever possible. I often get plenty of pleasure from my Aneros sessions, even though I've yet to achieve super-O's. It's interesting how all these changes in our bodies, thinking, and habits occur on this journey eh?

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Congrats JWP,
    Rousing gud sho. Remember that it just gets better. You'll seldom know what's around the corner and just when you think you've learned it all something new appears.
    All the best on your journey. Plse keep us informed.