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HELP! Is this progress?
  • I think I finally had some progress my my aneros tonight. I have the SLX or the MGX. Cant remember which it is. I took a tub, listened to some meditative music and relaxed a good 1/2 hour with the aneros in before moving it.

    I tried the side, fetal, back and finally on the stomach I think I got something. However, it only occurred when I pulled the device in with my anal muscles or kegel muscles. When holding in, I started to get some quivers and the thing seemed like it was moving in and out on it's own. Nothing crazy, subtle but good. I felt like a merry go around at some points. I got some spasms going for a bit and then after like 20 minutes of this it seemed like it went away or my prostrate got tired.

    Is this normal? To tire like this after a short time?

    And, do you have to pull the device in to get this going? I never understood this. If I let it sit, not much happens. If I pull it in and hold for 5 seconds and let it out, nothing happens. If I pull it in and hold it for a few minutes, the spasms start. Is that what I'm supposed to do? I'm not waiting for an orgasm. I'm trying my best to just enjoy the sensations. I just want to ensure I'm doing this right and making progress. The orgasm will come. I'm not taking no for an answer. I want this really bad. But I will be as patient as possible to get there.

  • Nobody? Come on, anybody?
  • unconventional,

    Whatever works, works. That's to say, if you need to pull in and hold to get things going, why not?

    Just for the hell of it, I've tried doing nothing, kegels, deep contractions and every timing combo I could think of. In my case, they all "work." The key in all methods is to get all muscles to relax, including the ones you don't think about, like your diaphragm, in between doing anything. For me, that was the difficult thing.


  • Funny thing is that out of all the times I've used it, last night was the only time that happened. I don't relax well. I hate to take them, but I took 1/2 a clonazepam to see if that would help. But I would like to not have to use that crap. Anyhow it was fun. I don't think the MGX or SGX, can't tell which one I have actually hits the prostrate good. I wish this wasn't so difficult. Nothing on this F'N God Damn planet is easy.
  • I used to have the same situation like you because of wrong technique used. And now i noticed:

    What i did is
    1) to contract your splinter muscle of your anus and hold it there for as long as possible, you will feel something soon. The moment you relax, the feeling is gone.
    2)You need to be sexual arouse (because i noticed the difference personally and when ever i am arouse, my MGX did something different and the feeling will be gone when i not aroused. Think of some beautiful girls when relaxing)
    3)bowel clear
    4)lube well
    5)lie on stomach

    I can get body spasm in 5- 10 minutes and mini-O if i concentrate on thinking sexually.

    good luck
  • Thanks Jack, that was nice and simple 1,2,3 just the way I like it. Thank you. Unfortunately I have the SGX. I had an MGX a while back but can't find it. I think I'll be ordering up a helix and a prograsm.
  • I have an Aneros coming in the mail.

    I tried a no-name brand before, and it didn't seem to do anything other than cause stronger penile orgasms--except one time when it definitely started moving "on its own".

    Not so sure if I believe in the Super O, but I know from experience that some weird hands free action happens down there, so going to explore the possibility again, with the MGX this time.