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Despair No More...@ least for me
  • Hi all. Been at this for about 6 months now (actually a year but took the summer off while the kids were underfoot). Progress to date was.... pretty much nill. But this morning I discovered what for me I think was a stumbling block and thought I'd share in case anyone else happens to be in the same boat. Almost embarrassing to admit what a simple mistake I was making (but then again, given what is talked about here..embarrassment is not part of the equation!). I was penny wise and lube foolish!

    I am a shea butter guy and used it liberally on the helix, thinking that would be enough that internal positioning wasn't necessary. Oh you foolish ptw! Since my progress has been so slow, I was beginning to think that I needed to order a different model, since the helix didn't seem to be doing the "dancing" that so many refer to. Then I had the brilliant thought that maybe it was just not slippery enough inside to move. Made a couple of pea sized "shooters" and what a difference!

    So, if you're wondering what else you can do to help yourself along this self discovery path, all I can say is: LUBE IT UP - Literally!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Putwhatwhere?,

    I'm so glad you have figured this out and have noticed a positive change in your Aneros sessions. :) Although I'm saddened that you didn't think, or want to come here to this forum ask why you might not be experiencing any pleasurable results. Either way... Welcome!

    Indeed any anal toy needs to have lubrication in the rectum. As just placing lube on the toy itself, a good majority of it is squeegeed off by the anal sphincters. So yes, pre-lubrication as we call it here is very good. We even have a section devoted to it in the Aneros WIKI:

    Getting Started - Aneros Wiki

    Unrefined 100% shea butter is a great lube, and is my choice of lube for Aneros sessions. But it doesn't matter how good your lube is if you don't have enough, or any of it in the right places. ;) LOL I wish you much continued progress during your Aneros journey. And feel free to come back here and ask questions as needed.

  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Where do you buy your Shea Butter??? I found one on Amazon from the AAA Shea Butter Company- is that one good? I'd be willing to try it instead of Probe Thick and Rich that I've been using the past year...
  • In preparing my response to you, I looked up where I had gotten mine. Evidently I was fortunate, in getting mine with no problems. The company it turns out is now out of business, with quite a trail of angry entries on various sites regarding their customer service. So, my rec will be of no use and I will listen for others response since I am now in the market for a new vendor myself.
  • btw...I use Shea butter and have found a straw as a very effective "syringe". Just stick the straw in the shea a few times until 3-4 inches has accumulated. After inserting the straw, just squeeze the Shea up into the cavity. Works great and "disposable."

    amazon has the 7 oz Now Foods Shea for $7. I also found it locally at Whole Foods, but it is actually cheaper at Amazon.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Pnoman, :)

    I've gotten my Now Solutions shea butter both locally from health food store, and online. There are many places that sell it online, just do an internet search. Keep in mind shipping and possibly tax add into the total price when comparing with local prices. I recommend you have a read of the main shea butter thread for more information.

    AAA Shea butter has been reported to work well by users here. Although, what you are looking for regardless of brand is unrefined 100% shea butter that is pale yellow to white in color. My personal experience with shea butter that is dark yellow or beige in color, is that they do not work anywhere near as well. The dark yellow was Sky Botanicals and it was too thin in viscosity at body temperature, really strong smelling, and easily stains materials. And the beige was Alaffia, and even though it was labeled as pure shea butter, it had something in it that painfully burned my insides with both tries. So it got thrown away. A big waste of $10.