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Dry Orgasm Question
  • I am a new user. I have wanted to get an Aneros for several years and am extremely excited about the experience. I have now had about four sessions. The online instructions and this forum were extremely helpful. The first and second attempts were pleasant but not as earth shattering as I expected. Then I read back through everything and made some adjustments.

    The last two sessions have been excellent. I was able to reach the involuntary contractions and maintain an extreme level of excitement multiple times per session for periods of about five minutes. No erection or ejaculation, purely the contractions.

    From reading the descriptions, I would say these are "Dry Orgasms". The only thing that has me questioning is, there is not a clear release. Not a release as in the sense of ejaculation but rather in all the tension. After being at the "peak" for a period of time a typical orgasm, male or female, has a sort of cliff on the backside. This has been more gradual up to the peak, a period at the top, and then gradual back down.

    Is this what typically happens during a dry orgasm? Or am I stopping short? Thank you for your assistance.
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    I can join in directly. When I'm experiencing what I suppose to be dry-O's it clearly builds up like the typical descriptions on this site suggest. I start to breath heavier, the contractions get stronger, I have more globally muscle movement, etc. But when I'm at the peak it feels like my body has an orgasm without the huge pleasure wave reaching my brain. It's clear that this has to be different from a traditional O and I'm absolutely not saying that it isn't pleasurable at all but I'm missing sth. Maybe this will get even better with more experience and rewiring but another thing that bothers me is that I really can't reach another dry-O after my first one. Obviously I'm relaxing a couple of minutes but the area around my prostate still feels worked out.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    [QUOTE=FeelGoodFanatic;91818]...snip... This has been more gradual up to the peak, a period at the top, and then gradual back down.

    Is this what typically happens during a dry orgasm? Or am I stopping short? Thank you for your assistance.

    Hi "FGF" and welcome to the Forum,

    Great progress!

    this is a typical (but not universal) pattern for most of my mini-Os. Some though subside a bit then a door opens, the next p-wave begins and another orgasm builds. When the next wave is slow to visit you, relax, focus on your breathing and meditate for ten to fifteen minutes then refocus on your prostate.

    Avoid thinking that you've "stopped short." That thinking leads a few of guys into 'trying' to squeeze a bit more out of the sensations and they tense up, destroying their session. Allow the feelings to come to you. Cherish them and allow them to bathe your mind and body with pleasure. Introduce some gentle tactile stimulation to other areas of your bod (nips, thighs etc.) Or, vocalize your feelings of pleasure.
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    I'd agree with rook that what you describe is what I'd call a mini-o. However, I wouldn't get hung up on categorizing things. The range from nothing to "super-o" is a continuum. In my experience, there's also a seemingly endless variety of orgasmic feelings that are very hard to put into a category.

    I will say that one of the things I've had to get comfortable with is the absence of a strong release like you get with an ejaculation. One reason there isn't the same kind of release is that the arousal continues after the orgasm. This takes some getting used to. I do have dry-o's that have a feeling of release albeit not as "final" a release as a traditional orgasm. There are also dry-o's that seem to peak for a while, then subside. I've learned to simply enjoy these. I suspect that one of the biggest issues is that, as males, we're goal-oriented. And, with sex, the goal has been orgasm/ejaculation. You need to reorient your thinking such that you have no goal. Just spend time and let it all happen to you.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    It took me months, but when I got to the point I started having them, dry orgasms, for me at least, feel like very intense ejaculatory orgasms, i.e., you'd think for sure you've wet yourself with semen but when you looked, nothing had come out. In really good sessions I'll experience this sometimes 5 or more times before I get the sense they're not coming back as strongly and I'll quit and roll over and go to sleep. Not all sessions are as intense and realistic though, but even those that aren't do nevertheless feel good, like your orgasm is building and "trying" to come, but just can't "wash over the dam" with a strong ejaculatory sensation. That's where it's important to not get disappointed and try to force things, but rather to relax and enjoy what you've felt and go for it again another day.

    In regard to your question about feeling "release", I fully understand what you're talking about and would observe that dry prostate orgasms, as fun as they are to feel, don't provide a "release" component, you know that "ahhhh..." feeling after traditional ejaculatory orgasm. But neither is there the refractory that accompanies that "ahhhh..."
  • rook, dtmsmith, and slimjm have all described what I have experienced. I also think that you are on the continuum moving toward dry-os. My dry orgasms are most often "release-less" and build and subside much differently that ejaculatory orgasms. I have experienced dry-os that feel very much like I am shooting a load though too. All of this is to say, take the advice of my fellow Aneros pals, don't try to get anywhere, enjoy where you are and the journey to where you are going. Take is as it comes.
  • Had my first series of dry-o's about an hour ago & I loved the feeling! I kept looking down at my cock cause it felt like I was shooting cum but only some pre now and then...I don't mind not having a full release as being able to feel such intensity for a hour is quite an experience. I like how the tip feels like its ejaculationg with all the subtle tingles that go on and on and on! I think I could have had a two hour orgasmic marathon if I had wanted. This is quite something, this aneros! I feel very relaxed and mellow, but not drained...whew!