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Aneros-less session - pretty bizzare
  • I've been using aneros for the past couple of months. I have used max twice a week so far.

    I was lurking this forum for the last month or so. Felt weird to talk about something up my butt with other guys .. :D so hadn't registered so far.

    Today I had some time and was a little tired. So I just lay down on my bed and was relaxing, I put on some porn. I was merely relaxing when I felt a buzz in my prostate and there was a p-wave. I was totally surprised since I have never had this experience without the aneros in. So I relaxed further and concentrated on the feelings. In a very short while it was if there was a virtual aneros, I could feel the twitching and tingling in both my prostate and sweet spot. I Just relaxed in to it and within 10-15 minutes I had intense feelings. I think I had a mini-O, though I'm not really sure. After a while there was intense sensation in the sweet spot and then it got added to my balls as though I was going to cum any minute now. This while I was more or less flaccid. This continued for quite a while with a lot of twitching in my balls. Since I didn't have much time left, I finished off. Even after this I could feel the buzz in my prostate/p-spot.

    Given that all this happened with no physical stimulation, it was pretty bizarre! Does this mean I'm closer to super-0? :D
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    The mind is a very powerful tool, add a little arousal.And yet another nail in the coffin of the plug-and-play naysayers
  • resu_sorena,

    I don't know if you are closer to Super-O or not. But I DO know that Aneros-less orgasms are very real for me. I have them (from p-waves to Super-O's) on a regular basis. My wife's touch can bring me to prostate orgasms pretty easily. I also believe that the experience you are having is evidence that your body is getting re-wired to heightened prostate pleasure. Keep enjoying the journey!

  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Same here. I haven't had any orgasms yet, but I can get my prostate aroused now just by thinking about it, and if I'm lying down and relaxed, there are times when the feeling is as intense as if the aneros was inserted. I am now learning to extend the sensation down my legs and up into the abdomen. There I've gone and started it again just by the act of writing this.
  • [QUOTE=Helixer;91487]The mind is a very powerful tool, add a little arousal.

    Not sure what you are getting at. I've had the same tool for close to 3 decades and never had it do such things :)

    [QUOTE=Helixer;91487]And yet another nail in the coffin of the plug-and-play naysayers

    What does this mean?

    @brianadams, Woodsman
    Thanks for your comments, this wasn't so bizarre after all :)
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Let's just say that mindconsciousness is perhaps a better word. It's a bit like this state you are in when you're completely focussed and all you do is in the moment and unreflective, just gliding by on a stream and knowing where to go is most important coz all is possible. Even so, the immediate reaction of erotic imagery like found on pornbb seems to egg it on quite nicely as well.

    "Plug- And- Play"You indeed won't find that one in the Aneros Wiki...
    Even if you haven't had a Super O you have already experienced the effects, only after a Super O it's even more intense after you've shAt out the Aneros. I know it's hard to do, coz you're always expecting more and there's always more coming and you never can be sure if you could have gotten more if you'd kept it in. But once it's out it's amazing, you're completely unrestricted and the movements still going and you can still intensify it with your mindconsciousness. That in short is what the plug(insert Aneros till you got the Ozone going to an appropriate pitch)and play(shit it out and be completely without restriction, you've just downloaded some muscle memory from the Aneros mainframe Central Computer.

    I know some people have an issue with the shitting it out part, it doesn't seem to register with them that I am in fact speaking 'figuratively'. (which lead to the classic misunderstanding in )
    But truth is it's more like an abbreviation with intended dramatic effect, coz with Aneros you do really shit like a pro. Perhaps we should make an Aneros commercial with that as sales pitch('Shit like a PRO'), it does have a ring to it don't you think?

    Like the introductory narration of the Twilightzone.
    "The story we have for you tonight ladies and gentleman is how sometimes in a life that just seems to be passing you by,of hidden aspirations and long forgotten dreams. Latent emotions if strong have a funny way of,once activated, taking over ones life,leading to a path seldom travelled...... in the Twilightzone"

    First you see this fat man with a can of beer, feet on the table, watching the football, with his wife sewing beside him. He rubs his fat flubby ass in a way that if written out in a mathematical formula would have taken at least another 100 years till worlds brightest decifered the full implications of it,in effect,unwittingly calling up the assgenie [ That's the BEFORE fragment]

    He hears a deep loud voice thundering from above:"A little birdie told me you wanna be a pro?"(the bad acting of the TZ actors now becomes apparant) Horrified he looks up, while his wife continues knitting, is going to say something to his wife but timely reconsiders, tries not to show the severity of the emotions he was know feeling, like a floodgate from the past swamping his consciousness with that burning desire for that dirty little secret he had burried long ago, How could this assgenie know?What have I done, what have I fucking done? I feel powerless to this urge, gotta have it, grabs the Aneros from the assgenie's hand

    [then the AFTER picture].

    3 months later he lost 30 kilos in 3 weeks, his stomach has become trim, wife left him for good when she rushed out, baby in her arms and pegs on her nose rushing from the stench, empty toilet rolls ubiquitous, and, written in freshly shat shit,the name of his wife, the love of his life,he wanted to pen the name of his baby as well but he'd run out of 'ink' and was hurtin bad....., he hears her screeching dying away in the distance:"I can't bear living with that PIG of a man any longer",she shrills:" how dare he compare the baring of my baby to the shit out of his asshole?My darling boy to a piece of shit?'Only a shitfeind a fartsnaffler would say such a thing!"
    (in the background you hear the deep rich voice of the assgenie thundering with laughter)

    "Yeah, I'm free", the man cries hysterically", " now I finally get a little alone time with my toy, kinda curious about something I read on internet about Super O and male squirting, now the bitch is gone, let's fuckin get it on"

    Then in closing you see him as he sees himself morphing from a man into a woman, into a little girl, the man raping that tight little pussyhole, back into the woman taking a gargantuan horsedick up her asshole ,as he flows from the perspective of the active to the passive participant Super O's and then finishes off with a good ol' male squirting

    But on topic plug and play is fantastic, I'm doing it right know. It's like I'm on a rollercoaster while I'm typing this
  • TwinkleTwinkle
    Posts: 17
    "Wet Dreams" are testament to the minds capability and power to the ability to ejaculate without physical stimulation.But in most instances it is difficult to tap into that with the concious mind with the exception of random occurances. Focusing and shifting thoughts on particular areas in the body allows us to feel sensations and stimulate those areas with thought, mediation is one way to enhance those abilities, so all of that is possible and with training I am sure you could experience many wonderous things.
  • buttfunbuttfun
    Posts: 60
    [QUOTE=Helixer;91487]The mind is a very powerful tool, add a little arousal.And yet another nail in the coffin of the plug-and-play naysayersimage

    It's been rare for me, but I have had this happen a few times as well and it's been absolutely amazing. If only I could do it at will...
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    Many of us on this forum can conjure up anerosless orgasms with our minds. My ability started with spontaneous feelings like you describe (although for me, the feelings started about a week after I first tried an aneros). My advice is to spend some time trying to develop your anerosless skills. Set aside some time to relax and pay attention to anything you feel. Try with and without porn. Remember to relax and breathe. And, don't try to make anything happen, just let things happen. Most importantly, when you're done, don't masturbate. For me, this was the toughest part and I can't say I was always successful. But, I think avoiding ejaculation helped my body get used to separating orgasm and ejaculation.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Plug-and-play is the only way you can have an orgasmic experience while writing about it.
    And you can quote me ;)
    While you used to watch the news or whatever while eating, now you watch only erotica....

    Today I did plug and play with the Peridise:
    Step 1 Get into the O-zone
    Step 2shit it out, clean(optional), etc
    Step 3 Now you are free to use this mind-body-connection to maximum effect, just imagine yourself doing whatever you want to do and knowing how it's going to feel inside., rubbing and sliding over your sensitive parts....but like with anything you get immersed in all parts get involved into one concept. This happens subconsciously you obviously don't think about what you are doing only the concept you are hoping to achieve. The problem is you let go, so when you act out, and make it real, your (unexpected)moans get involved in the act as well.

    Reality for your body is what your mind believes it to be. Or :


    Wet Dreams" are testament to the minds capability and power to the ability to ejaculate without physical stimulation

    In your dreams the visualising goes automatically, I don't believe it's got anything to do with graphic memory as such, but the BELIEF that it is real and your mind fills in the blancs. Trying to conjure it up all from scratch is not the way it works. Just like with a Super O it's more like a Gestalt, this can be brought again by believing you're going thru the motions again, believing it is happening at this very moment.

    Thus, reality isn't reality as such but the belief that it's such, you have to believe in the reality of your fantasy


    The advantages of p&p are obvious:
    -sessions longer
    -no bothering about 'drying up'
    -no more muscle pains from little movement as you're free now to do whatever you want, sit how you want to sit etc.
    -fully 'charged'asshole should be able to feel all sorts of things you are now imagining
  • [QUOTE=buttfun;91557]It's been rare for me, but I have had this happen a few times as well and it's been absolutely amazing. If only I could do it at will...

    I can *let it happen* on will the next few times I tried... well almost :)
  • @Helixer: Quite contrarian to most of the stuff in this forum/wiki... interesting :)

    @Twinkle: I also have trouble not "finishing off". I have blue balls if I don't after a session this intense.. :(
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    [QUOTE=resu_sorena;91607]@Helixer: Quite contrarian to most of the stuff in this forum/wiki... interesting :)

    @Twinkle: I also have trouble not "finishing off". I have blue balls if I don't after a session this intense.. :(

    Yeah man, at wiki they're a bunch of p&p denialists
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    Welcome to the Forums,

    The first time one experiences these echo effects may seem rather bizarre but rest assured they are nothing to worry about. IMHO, yes, this does put you a step closer to experiencing a Super-O but it is impossible to say how much closer. I have long maintained the Super-O is more than 90% a mental exercise, with the Aneros providing the little added stimulus necessary to nudge one into the super-O zone. However, once one becomes proficient producing Super-O's with the device, he may also be able to produce them without the massager present.

    This is not a contradiction to material presented in the WIKI, see -
    Tantric training wheels. Learning to use an Aneros device, teaches you to become aware of your body in new ways, establishing new neural links in the brain along the way (rewiring). A number of users have reported experiencing mini-O's, multiple dry-O's and even Super-O's (see - ANEROS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY?) without the Aneros present. I believe this ability is a direct result of their Aneros learning sessions. While this is not the norm, it does occur for a few, you may be one of the few to be inclined to experience this effect.

    Similar orgasmic responses have been reported from practitioners of Jack Johnston's
    KSMO protocol which uses minimal physical stimulation in conjunction with the Key Sound to elicit the orgasmic response. Yes your brain is your largest sex organ and your mind is the stimulus for arousal.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Although as above mentioned shows there are similarities, there are also trademarketed or not....but having experienced both at first hand. Aneros is for Plug&play what the KS is for the KSMO. Once you've got the show on the road you don't have to make the KS any more, doing more than a certain amount of repetitions might even be detrimental.
    Same with the Aneros(don't dry out, muscle ache from limited movement/akward position after), once you've got things going more often than not you are better of shitting it out and continuing without the Aneros. Sure echo effects happen next day as well. But p&p is more part of your Anerossession.
    P&P takes into account that at a certain point(like while Super O-ing) there's virtually NO difference between having it in or out, but that out is always more pleasurable coz you've got more possibilities.
    With echo effects these echos can be strong but depending on the time-interval much less than p&p.

    Also compared to KSMO p&P is better, coz you can still actually feel the Aneros sliding inside you.
    And obviously sitting is better than lying for browsing erotic imagery and when sitting it's better WITHOUT anything up your asshole(even a Peridise)
  • [QUOTE=rumel;91614]resu_sorena,
    This is not a contradiction to material presented in the WIKI, see - Tantric training wheels.

    Hi rumel,
    Thanks for an informative reply! :)

    Regarding the quote above: it was about Helixer's comments - I thought they were contrarian to what the wiki said. Esp about removing aneros altogether. I didn't know about aneros-less experiences prior to starting this thread and hence didn't think it was contradictory to anything..