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Noticed something really bizarre
  • Not to long ago I had a brief anerosless session with the lights on. Its the first time I've had a session with the lights on so I was able to witness things I never seen before. I unbuttoned my shorts so nothing would be touch my penis and distract me. I start to do this "magic contraction" that almost always builds pleasure. After doing this contraction I look down at my penis and see it get pulled inward, like its shrinking. I repeated the steps that caused this a few more times to make sure I wasn't seeing things and was able to duplicate it. I don't think its a muscle contracting because I was able to contract my PC muscle while the little man was littler which caused it to move as expected. I think whats happening is that blood is being drawn out of my penis which is causing it to shrink. It's not a huge amount of shrinking but it's definitely noticeable. If I keep this up will I end up with a vagina? HAHA I don't believe that for a second. Has anyone else ever had this happen or am I a freak?

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi wintermute007!! :D :D

    First, you are not "a freak", and many other guys experience this shrinkage beyond floppy flaccid to a more solid feeling tiny cock, yes even retracting fully inside your penile body cavity.

    That's not your vagina, it's your Mangina! Something to befriend and learn how to enjoy. See my blog posts, the Joyous Soft Penis Sex series: . Many guys enjoy this and some have started a Yahoo group, "mangina_fun".

    I had this happen first during a session on my back, wedge under my tail bone to elevate my butt and legs up into the air above my body, with my Helix in, my cock did just what you describe while the involuntaries were marching me toward the big-Os. From that session's experience I found this happening repeatedly, not always, and explored the possibilities. Both the Male Clitoris Massage and the Mangina play use that firm tiny cock to directly thrill your prostate in several unique ways. The Master Organist works well in this state too, although you can do it as a full boner owner as well!

    How old are you? Are you on any medications? These factors may be part of this effect with you, as with some others.

    onward, inward, all directions all that serve the magic potent potential of your prostate's ongoing awakening all

  • Hey Artform thanks for the reply! I'll have to take a look at the links you posted. I'm 33 and not on any medications. Should I be concerned that I have this happen even though I am not on any medication?