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  • Looking to get a hot group together for an Aneros party in NYC. Wondering if there is any interest out there? Looking for hot, young, erotic, straight or bi men. Please reply if interested.
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    Some real sickos out there, pity this board was not moderated, talk about real porno. disgusting, no wonder aids exists...and to think our Cdn govt gave these jerks marriage rights, going to hell in a hand basket for sure..
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    The concept in this forum (which I like) is that everyone should moderate themselves (something you too should strongly consider). Unfortunately, although I think you had a point to make, you lost it in a homophobic rant. I myself am straight, yet I believe that this forum has benefited from the input of everyone! The Super O does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Besides, gay's have been open to this kind of stimulation's the hetero community that's been so slow on the uptake. There's much that's come from gay forum members, with particular about hygiene in this area, that's been of real value to us all. So please, go a little easier next time.

    That said, I think what you were trying to get across is that this forum is NOT intended, nor should it be used as a hook up for sexual encounters (gay or straight). As everybody knows,there are plenty of other places for that. Perhaps the thread author should reconsider his manner of presentation. For instance, if he'd expressed the desire to get together with other users for a discussion of techniques and made it about learning, I think he would have been a bit more within the spirit of this forum.

    It's my hope that someday there will be workshops offered on the Super O and perhaps Aneros technique as well, in the same way that Tantra workshops are currently conducted, i.e. in an instructional milieu. I've heard some rumblings about this in the past, and if anything materializes, I'll be sure to post on it.

    BF Mayfield
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    someone removed the second post that I was referring to !!!!!!!
  • PanPan
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    Geezer, I wonder what was said in this "second post," that warranted insulting 10% of the world's population?

    I'm straight and I found your comments to be vulgar and offensive. I shudder to think how it must feel for our bi or homosexual members to come across comments like that in here of all places.

    Has it occurred to you that most straight men would automatically brand you a "fag" if they knew you enjoy sticking things up your ass? In their eyes Geezer, YOU'RE going to hell in the same hand basket!
  • supportsupport
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    Forum Members + Geezer,
    Sorry for the confusion here, Geezer, who is a valued member of the forum, was responding to a post by a guest who violated the terms and conditions of the forum, not to the first post in this thread. We deleted that second post. Sorry for the misunderstanding the deletion of the post caused!

    The Aneros Staff
  • Thank you , support, I make no apologies for my comments made against post 2,
    and will re-iterate my position on gays as being totally against their lifestyle and supporting ideology. If that sends me to hell then so be it, conversly, their supporters must then go to ????
    If as some state that sticking something up ones ass can term them as gay, I have no answer for such illogical thinking.
  • PanPan
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    (this post was edited 2005-09-14 14:21:30)

    I'm just stating the obvious, that most men who think homosexuality is a "sin" would also think any man who enjoys anal pleasure is a homosexual. They're equally illogical concepts. But sadly common regardless.
  • hulahula
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    Geezer, I thought your response was a little heavy handed, but I now realize you were responding to a deleted post. I agree that this forum should not be turned into a personals website. there are plenty out there.
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    Just to set the record straight, the 2nd post was enough to make one throw up
    and support was wise to have it deleted, I found nothing disgusting or objectionable about post 1