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nearly there
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    lm nearly there it feels but l just cant push myself past that threshold.. so am in need of some extra push.. so lm wondering if anything if anything from the below link would be of possible assistance as from reading other information from posts it seems like it does the same things as similar products others have mentioned..

    Electro Sex - Chastity Play - page 1 (hope this doesnt contravene any rules)
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    I'm not responding to your link, but your dilemma, a phase I recall rather well. (I called mine "December.")

    Ultimately, I got through by learning that when the push feels strongest, to relax specifically at that point, as if "pulling away" (slightly) from the push forward. Then I "let go" of the deliberate relaxation, and THAT is when the new heights push through.

    Does this make any sense? I hope it helps.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    As your arousal/excitement level during an Anerosession grows a certain amount of natural body tension also grows. This is the pattern for traditional masturbation as well, hence the desire to add stimulation to "push" one further along. Since a Super-O can't really be forced to occur in the same manner as one can 'rub one out' through traditional means, trying to push harder may be counterproductive.
    'Tremelo's suggestion to relax at these moments is sound advice. Intrepid 'darwin' suggested some time ago a similar concept when he advised a member try to NOT have an orgasm, while still practicing the same techniques that got you excited to begin with.

    That having been said, other subtle forms of stimulation may prove helpful as well. There are many posts which discuss nipple stimulation as a trigger to launch into the Super-O zone.
    'BF Mayfield' wrote about using electro stimulation in his I SING THE BODY

    The point here is there are paradoxically different techniques to arrive at the same goal. Which set of techniques will work for you can only be determined by experimentation on your part.
  • Auroken,

    I have found that my Aneros sessions are satisfying no matter the "outcome." Getting where ever I go is the best part. Many times the path winds through completely uncharted country. I had anal contractions/orgasms once, never since. I have had ejaculate, not pre-cum, flow out of my cock when soft. Hasn't happened again. But in all of this, I am completely happy with my journey. My only expectation is that the road will be packed with new and interesting things as well as recurring events that bring much pleasure (mini, dry, super, and super t's). The other morning, I simply stimulated my wife by putting my hard dick against her opening, I entered her, we had a simple time of intercourse. But, it lasted an extremely long time. A new thing for us - again, unexpected and completely satisfying for us both.

    All of this is to say, "Don't push it. Let it happen. It will be well worth it." I echo Tremelo's idea, pull back when you want to push ahead - relax and enjoy. Keep expectations at bay and let the "chaos" take control.

    Happy journey,

  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I can't give you better advice than what is already posted other than to just give it time and take what you are given.
    I felt just like you almost a year ago and felt I was "almost there" looking back, I see that I wasn't
    Today, I still feel like I am almost there, but none the less, I have not yet arrived.
    Just hang in there