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A newbee's experience
  • 6 sessions in with the MGX package, very enlightning!!!!!! Preping, lubing, insertion all part of a very new and exciting transition to a new area of pleasure. 64 yr old straight male, married 40 years on 9/6, faithful but from a very traditional sexual background, ie things are getting boring. Taking the leap to Aneros was not easy, but after reading the experiences of others-hey what the hell.
    First session pretty good, each following one had its moments, but the last one was a mind blower.
    I usually start with a couple hits of weed which helps me relax and really get in a groove. As soon as I inserted the big boy I knew it was going to be a good session. 40 minutes into to it lying on my side I began to identify, focus on, separate the anal vs pc contractions and what followed was pleasure in its purest form. No super O, but felt very close, many extended dry O's that just wouldn't stop-. It felt like the end of my dick was on fire, the source deep inside me. Leg spasms, aggressive humping, and if I stopped the process a few deep breathes and an involuntary from within would start the whole process over again, must have lastest 20 min or more, not really sure. It was the first time I felt in harmony with the Aneros and thank god the dog can't talk cause she would have an interesting tail to tell. The entire time my dick felt like would have poked through a wall, but was as limp as a flag with no breeze, lots of precum (although it felt like I should have let loose), but nothing more. It is hard to describe the pleasure you will receive, but IT FEELS GREAT!!!!!!!!! Ordered the Helix should arrive tomorrow and there maybe more stories cuming down the line. If you are all hesitant about taking this step, go for it you will not regret the decision.

    A key to having the greatest pleasure is to be mentally focused, totally relaxed & go with whatever cums, no preconceived notions as to what may happen. If my mind wondered, the pleasurable feelings would
    go away, but as soon as I refocused, it would start again instally-what's not to like? After 2 1/2 hours I had to stop, my body would needed a break.

    What an exciting journey into self discovery!!!!!!!

  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176
    Congratulations 41618:

    You and I are in the same age range and orientation. You say that you must be mentally focused. You then state that your mind wondered and you had to refocus.

    QUESTION; Tell me about what you are doing to mentally focus and what you did to refocus. In other words, where are you directing your mind in this focusing business.

    Thanks man. You sound like you are the edge of explosion. My problem is that sex with my sweetie is so satisfying that I feel the aneros to be an intrusion into my marriage. I know that there are delights out there to be gained with my wife after my prostate is awakened. Other friends on this website have told me that their relationships both physically and emotionally with their wives have benefited from reaching the super O.

    But in my case, I am going to have to figure out how I am going to get privacy to reach the super O. There is never a private moment in my house.

    Thanks again man on anwering my question on the focusing/refocusing.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Turnrow, I don't know your circumstances, but if I had a lovely wife, I would encourage her to striptease and seduce me (while I had a device inserted) as a form of foreplay. I couldn't imagine a more hot way to explore the Aneros' potential. And it would be hot for her too, seeing how profoundly she could arouse a man without even touching him "around there."

    In fact, since starting with the Aneros last year, striptease has become my favorite form of porn. I focus on the visual experience, and then experience the Aneros activity as my arousal manifest within me. (Keeping my mind on my eyes helps keep it "out of the way" of interfering with my device's activity.) Definitely helped me along my journey.
  • Ok, lets see if I can put this into words. To focus and really concentrate, I must be totally relaxed with myself and what is around me. I find a dark, quiet room, and after all the prep work, lay down on the bed to begin the recommended deep breathing while sometimes doing my body relaxation drill which totally depends on my mood at the time. It begins with tensing your muscles one at a time, from the toes on up the body, releasing them, & by the time you reach your head, you should be mellow physicaly & mentally. At that point I begin to focus on the Aneros inside me, trying to feel its subtle put very distinct movements while sometimes visualizing a sexual encounter that was mind blowing. When the concentration does wonder, I bring it back with deep breathing,concentrating on what is happening and damn that wonderful feeling would start all over again. Keep in mind this process is more mental than physical, you must be able concentrate and enjoy the moment. Some have mentioned it is almost like being in a trance, time disappears while you are lost in the moment-that feeling is worth the journey no matter how long it takes. Just remember there are no strict rules, whatever works for you is the best. Hope this helps, good luck & "bon voyage"