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I need some advice cum leakage from prostate during a bowel movement
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Hi there all as all of you know my aneros journey has not been quiet as good as
    i have wanted it to be and have run into a bit of a road block a nasty dirt road with
    lots of potholes and stones and well it a pretty rough and bumpy ride so i have been
    to see a colorectal surgeon about my problem with my back passage and he had a
    look with the endescope and found nothing unusaul not abnormailities where the words
    he told me after he had finished looking up there, so i guess and at the time i was thinking
    this is good news and bad in the sense that i have no major damage or issues with my rectum
    like hemmaroids fissure fistula and or any major signs of rectal trauma, and the bad news i
    thought was i still dont know what my problem is, it seems to be quiet a hard one, the little
    bastard that is causing all my problems seems to want to just remain hidden and cause me nothing
    but trouble unfortunatly, but i wish i knew what it is, so hopefully i can get it sorted out hopefully in
    the future i will discover what the problem is.

    But lately i have been having a wierd issue when i go to the toilet almost everytime i go to take
    a shit i can feel large blobs of semen and cum being forced out the end of my penis and sometimes
    there is a large amount about maybe a table spoon or a bit less of semen and cum on the inside of the toilet bowel that seems to have been forced out, sometimes there is none at all and sometimes there
    is only a little bit of cum or semen hanging or leaking out the end of my penis. Usually i get the most
    amount of cum and semen when i take a bit shit when i have a lot to empty out and my rectum is full
    and it seems obvious for some reason that when i take a shit my prostate is being squeezed having pressure put on it by my turds when i take a crap and the pressure is squeezing the prostate forcing
    cum and semen out of it and out of the end of my penis, i feel as though this is quiet abnormal and should not normally be happening especially with the amount of cum and semen that is sometimes
    being squeezed forced out the end of my penis, i find this issue a little bit concerning and it worried and bothers me a bit that this happening that is why i and writing this, so i ask has this happened to anybody else here on this forum? has anybody else had this or a similar issue? Because im thinking maybe i should go see the doctor and get it checked out and ask them what the problem could be just to make sure it is nothing serious, what do you guys think i should do? And also i must ask does anybody know what could be casuing this to happen is it normal for some people during aneros use?

    And also i have had some minor success a little bit of hope come my way becasue during the last few weeks more like three weeks my problem seems to have improved or lessened most of the discomfort
    pain seems to have almost vanished i used aneros about two weeks a go and last night and about two weeks a go i had a flawless session with almost no pain discomfort what so ever it was almost as if my problem had conceided defeat and left, but last night was not so good because i had some minor pain discomfort during my session nothing to major or overly painful or worrying and today when i woke up after my session last night i could feel some mild pain at the back of my rectum, so now i am hoping
    that things will continue to slowly even further improve, so atm i have atleast some hope now, but i cant
    understand why it is better one second and worse the next, because just last week and before that it was feeling a lot better i could hardly feel and pain or discomfort at all and aneros usage was easy with nothing to really about but now it seems to be coming back at me with avengence i just hope it goes away again and continues to improve, and i just dont understand why one second it is all better and feeling like i am cured and the next second it is coming back all over again coming and going as it pleases like a migrain would do so.

    I look forward to your feed back on my cum leakage issue and hope you are all well and enjoying your
    journies, thats all i want is to be rid of this problem and enjoy my journey in peace and have my piece of cake too and eat it in peace too like all of you are.

    Cheers and take care thecritta
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Dietary fiber? Amounts? Brands?
  • petardpetard
    Posts: 27
    I always look forward to new updates by thecritta. I hope you have successfully negotiated the road block on your "nasty dirt road", my friend, and are enjoying a nice, warm piece of cake. Keep them coming, so to speak.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    It sounds like some rewiring has taken place, but it went a bit "hyper". Do you leak during sessions?
  • I've had it happen several times after I became rewired. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  • Honestly, it sounds to me just as if your prostate's become more sensitive and is just reacting to the bowel movements. I've not used this product yet, but I've had a few times where I've had a shit large enough to really shove into the prostate. Last time it happened, that forced an amount of pre-cum out. Hurt a bit too.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566

    SHIT like you CUM....fuckin... HARD!
  • I agree...image:):)
  • yes, dont be so worried man....cumming is so good man...just wait for it to taste! thats what i do!