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Any guys use dildos?
  • Hey guyz,

    Did anybody use the penis dildos for self fucking? How do you feel when use it? Whether the entire sex toy move into your asshole?

    Share your experience here...

    Thank you
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello kinkykelt, :)

    I have a Feeldoe More double dildo that I bought a while back as I'm curious to be pegged by a woman. Unfortunately for me, it's a bit too big. A smaller model would be a lot more comfortable and manageable. With the many times I've used it solo I've lost all sexual arousal and have yet to find any sexual pleasure from it. Besides the initial excitement of it being something new to try. My feeling is that since I have not yet achieved super-O's, being penetrated by a dildo may not do much for me. So in the mean time I concentrate on my Aneros practice. You can read mine and other users experiences in the pegging thread.

    Posts: 13
    I use dildos, and basically all of my wife's toys in any possible way. I have the Feeldoe Slim, and it works great in me from either end. I mostly enjoy using the Aneros for hours at a time while relaxing around the house. After I take it out, I do my chores for my wife, and each step I take, and each time I bend over after using Aneros or dildos, I get an intense feeling that can make me involuntarily squeal like a pig, I love it!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Perhaps this doesn't qualify as a "real" dildo.

    Forty years ago, before I went away for a tour in Nam, I had a "replica" made as a "family keepsake." When I returned in one piece it fell into disuse and settled to the bottom of our toybox.. Several months ago I lubed up and gave it a try.

    Fair fit and some interesting sensations along the anterior wall from the corona; but on balance, Aneros has leapfrogged evolution. :)

    Maximus feels better and either Helix or Eupho does a better job tickling my prostate. The dildo doesn't "hug" my prostate as well as either Maximus or MGX.

    Metrics: I'm nearly 1-3/4" shorter and more than 2" larger in girth than I was in my 30s.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    After giving this topic some more thought. I have to wonder if discovering pleasant sensations, and dry orgasmic events without penile stimulation via being anally penetrated by a dildo or erect penis is a practice much like Aneros that can take a while. I say this because I know there are some men out there that are able to get incredibly pleasant sensations and dry orgasmic events from being penetrated. But this is not information I found here in the Aneros forum which tends to contradict this possibility. And I also do not know these guys prior history to know how they got there. But, a lot of us Aneros users know that it can take a while from the first try before pleasant sensations start to occur from Aneros sessions. So it occurs to me that may be there is more than one way to achieve what we are trying to get from the Aneros prostate massager's, KSMO, Tantric practices and so on. Just a thought... Care to share yours?

  • I have gotten to the point where I can have "super orgasms" with nothing in my anus. It is as if my prostate is alive now and can be "activated" upon request. The Aneros is the only thing I have allowed in my ass, except for my doctor's finger. My wife's touch (hands, tongue, mouth) on my body (chest, neck, ass, balls, perineum) can bring me to what I would call a super-o without touching my penis. I hope someday that my wife will finger my ass and massage my prostate. We will see.
  • Posts: 0
    Aside from my Progasm, I use an 8" dildo. Love the nice tight feeling in my ass. Really a great sensation
  • I use dildo ..And I must admite : I LOVE MY DILDO!!! image:D
  • mikeygmikeyg
    Posts: 14
    i dont have an aneros yet but i have been using dildos for along time now. i love the feeling i have never had an anal orgasm but i absolutly love the full feeling i got my wife to use a strapon on me a couple of times but she wont do it again. i hope this isnt going to far but in my opinion there is no better feeling in the world then a good size dildo up my bum especially when my wife would do it. my nex favorite is one that is 9 inches long and about 1.5 to 2 inches across. you have to build up to it but wow is it great hope this post wasnt going to far or to off subject, i just found this site today and have never been able to talk to anyone that is into this stuff too.