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a question for more experienced users re Super O, no Super O, mild Super O??
  • I've had my aneros for several years. And while I've had some wonderful experiences i have yet to experience a super o. For this reason my use slowed down to almost nil over the past year. However, i do enjoy the experiences regardless and so about a month ago i pulled it out again.

    As in the past i had some nice rhythmic contractions and leg shaking, etc. This got me thinking... Is it possible that I've actually had a super o, albeit mild ones, without realizing it? After all, everyone is different. Some people will get earth shattering, hang from the chandelier super o's and others less intense.

    I guess I have always gone with the premise that you know when you've had one and maybe it is this notion that is throwing me off.

    So I'm wondering what do you guys think about this possibility?
  • Tell more details about what your sessions are like. What you do to prepare? How much time do you spend for a session? What do you do to enhance the session (music, touching, with a partner)? What Aneros products have you used? Do you have health issues? Your age? That information may give more insight.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    I admit that it took me some time to be sure that I was having the experience that others were talking about, so I appreciate your dilemma.

    But on the other hand, I can't comprehensibly put the words "mild" and "super O" together in the same sentence either. Even the "not sure if this is a super O" experiences were very intense.

    In my experience, anyway, it's taken a quite extreme extent of arousal to get into the super O zone, nothing "mild" about it. Though perhaps others might disagree.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    To add to Mr. Adams' questions above, have you had "dry O's" at all? Have you ever felt as if you're "coming?"
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    It is a very distinct possibility that you have in fact been experiencing Super-O's. This question does occasionally recur. You may wish to read 'Buster's thread What exactly is a Super-O? or 'B Mayfield's response post (#2) in the thread Non-Ejaculatory response vs. Super-O which pretty much established the original definition of the Super-O. If you go back and re-read the WIKI definition of a Super-O you will see it is a very broad description but there are some important qualifiers.

    First, it is "... an orgasm that steps out of the normal frame of reference." A prostate based orgasm feels different from a traditional penile stimulated orgasm which normally lasts perhaps fifteen seconds before the ejaculatory event is triggered. A non-ejaculatory orgasm (dry-O) that continues longer than fifteen seconds would certainly qualify as beyond 'the normal frame of reference.'

    Second, an important part of that description is the qualifier "... may involve: ...", not 'does involve' or 'will involve' any or all of the listed sensations. Just because your particular experiences do not match the descriptions of sensations reported by other men does not mean you haven't also had a Super-O. I personally have never experienced the full body spasms or large muscle quaking reported and videoed by some members. My physical manifestations are generally much more subtle with only minor muscle spasms in various parts of my body at different times, sometimes none at all. While I have not experienced the more dramatic physical responses of many members the pleasure I have received during my multi-orgasmic sessions leaves no doubt they are Super-O events.

    If you establish in your mind some expected levels of physiological or psychological response to define a Super-O, you may be establishing artificially high or unobtainable experiences, thereby discounting all the "...wonderful experiences..." you have had. If you can establish in your mind that you have actually had Super-O's then you can look forward to ever deepening levels of pleasure and meaning in your journey. IMHO, fretting about an 'exact fit' with a hypothetical notion of a Super-O is a waste of one's energy.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    To agree largely with above, I've always found the super O term to be vague and thereby possibly misleading. I remember having one in day 8 of my exploration that was far beyond my frame of reference (like a huge tumbleweed coming up over the horizon and rolling right over me, and right over/through a series of lesser dry O's that were already blowing my mind), and wondering "was THAT it?!?" But in hindsight, I don't think so, or who knows, maybe I'm splitting hairs too narrowly.

    But to rephrase my question above, have you ever felt your brain going oogly-oodly-blurgargiggly, while the whole reality of your pelvis seemed to be turning inside out? That's been kinda my working definition lately, lol.
  • MB5MB5
    Posts: 6
    My Super-O hit me like a truck, no mistaking it for something mild. My report is here #166
  • wow, wasn't quite expecting this kind of feedback. thank you everyone. there's some good food for thought here.

    details for those who asked:

    I'm 50 y.o. and in very good health and shape. i have the helix model.

    Preparation usually involves taking a shower to clean up and relax, toweling off, lying on my bed (on my back with knees bent), putting a good amount of lubricant on the aneros and then inserting it .

    Sometimes i will have meditation-type of music playing softly in the background. Other times i will just darken the room and go with a quiet environment.

    I have tried many of the suggestions from the forum as to position, what to do, etc. but i almost always go with the "Do Nothing" method. I don't touch myself. I relax as much possible, breathe slowly deeply and rhythmically and then i just let my mind go.

    I try to "tune into" my body and become "aware" of my body on both the inside and out and of the things that we normally don't notice. I try to "feel" the aneros inside of my body and in particular where it is resting on the inside of my perineum.

    Eventually I will start to become aware of a present "energy" for lack of a better word. I usually notice it in my upper legs first -- most likely because they are raised and require energy to be kept in this position.

    I have tried laying on my side as many have recommended but i simply don't like it.

    In the past I have tried contracting various muscles and through experience and awareness I think that I can actually control all of them on command, however, experience has also shown me that this hinders the process more then it helps.

    As i become more "in tune" with the energy, the energy will build and my legs will start to tremble just slightly. This is the "wave" that i try to ride. It will build and as it does i will become more aware of the other muscles in and around my prostrate and penis areas. Eventually I will experience mild contractions. With this i notice I will also notice a slight, non-deliberate tightening of the sphincter muscle. With time i will notice that I've actually "clamped-down" on the aneros considerably. The contractions will intensify and subside and this will continue for 5 to 10 minutes. I try to keep with it but eventually they will fade. Sometimes I can get back into them sometimes not.

    Regarding sexual arousal, there is some, especially once the trembling starts, and i will usually get an erection but rarely will my erection last for more then a few minutes. Sadly, I'm not one of those guys who can shoot just from thought or minimal stimulation.

    I've had also tried sessions which were more sexually-focused (ie. where i purposely followed a sexual fantasy) but I can't say that there was much difference overall. Some have been a little more intense. Sometimes, nothing.

    No dry O's as far as I know. Definitely "feels awesome" but no "oogly-oodly-blurgargiggly brain".

    As for expectations, I'm very good at not having any and I am always very relaxed during a session.

    From the responses it seems that the answer to my question is: no. And if I had to guess it would have something to do with not being aroused enough. Unfortunately, this is not something I can increase.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Hmm, I'm not quite clear on that very last point there. In my case, I find that my ability to mentally arouse myself has drastically increased since I've been using an Aneros. I used to need porn (AV or only aural) but now find that I don't really need them at all because my imagination has become so super-charged (and continues to deepen and intensify).

    So I guess I'm saying, in contrast to your last point, that maybe there's hope?
  • it seems that being highly aroused helps to people achieve the super o. i don't get highly aroused
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Being highly aroused (and I'm not talking erectile state here) is a very important component to getting into the Super-O zone. You said "I don't get highly aroused." and "Unfortunately, this is not something I can increase." IMHO, there are ways to increase your arousal level.

    One way is through temporary abstinence,which has been effective for some guys here. Taoist philosophy teaches that a man should conserve semen by limiting his ejaculation frequency. It is believed doing so promotes a long, healthy and vigorous life. There have been a number of different formulas proposed for what the correct ejaculation frequency should be based upon one's age and even the season of the year. You may wish to give some consideration and observance of the Taoist guidelines for ejaculation control and the conservation of energy.

    One Taoist reference considered a maximum rate of 2-3 emissions per 10 coituses. Another Taoist believed that if a man 'can make love a 100 times without emission he will live a long life'.

    Lady Su’s Guide to Ejaculation Frequency
    Age… Frequency
    20….. 2x a day
    30….. 1x a day
    40….. 1x in 3 days
    50….. 1x in 5 days
    60….. 1x in 10 days
    70….. 1x in 30 days

    Seasonal Guidelines to Ejaculation Frequency
    Season…… Frequency
    Spring……. 1x every 3 days
    Summer… 1x every 15 days
    Autumn…..1x every 15 days
    Winter……. 1x every 30 days

    from The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity by Daniel P. Reid -
    ""Sun Ssu-mo's advice to men on regulating ejaculation frequency can be sumarized as follows :
    By the age of 30, a man begins to lose vitality and should stop squandering his semen recklessly. It is time to give up the habit of masturbation and to become acquainted with the Tao of Yin and Yang.
    By the age of 40, a man has reached the critical turning point in his life. If he wishes to prevent the rapid slide into the grave which undisciplined sexual relations cause at this stage in life, he must now start practising ejaculation control as a habit.
    By the age of 50, his ejaculation frequency should be no more than once every 20 days.
    By the age of 60, most men should completely curtail ejaculation (but not intercourse). Exceptionally healthy men with strong libidos, however, may cintinue emitting semen about once a month, or, better yet once in every 100 coitions.
    By the age of 70, if a man is still hale and hearty, he may continue using Dr. Sun's ideal measure of once in every 100 indefinitely."

    While the control of sexual energy applies to both men and women, it is men who tend to suffer the most from poor sexual practices. The ejaculation by men during orgasm creates a significant loss of a man’s vital essences, called Jing. The Chinese text Classic of the Plain Girl provided some guidelines on ejaculation frequency based upon a man’s age and health:

    Age Frequency
    20 Twice per day
    30 Once per day
    40 Every three days
    50 Every five days
    60 Every ten days
    70 Every 30 days

    Here's another website discussing ejaculation frequency.

    Taoists believe that frequency of ejaculation depends on a man's rhythm cycle. This is the frequency a healthy man can ejaculate without losing vital energies and nutrients. This is the most common formula I've found for ejaculation frequency.

    Age x 0.2 = frequency of ejaculation (in days)

    However, you are the one best able to determine your own ideal schedule.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    What if you've had a vas? How does that count?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Even if you're shootin' blanks, you're still "poppin' off"!

    Good Vibes to You!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    I felt I'd reached the level of having Super-O's about 9 months into my now 13 month journey when I began to be able, at least in some sessions, to come to the level of having a sensation lasting about one or two minutes in length in which I felt like I was actually having a very intense sustained ejaculatory orgasm from which I fully expected to have to "clean up" only to find I was dry, or at most had produced only a couple drops of precum. This was usually accompanied by a mild, pleasantly warm buzzing-like sensation in my butt, thighs, pelvis and abdomen sometimes with mild trembling of my legs as it approached. An erection, though often occurring as part of the process, would be only moderate and short-lived. Even in sessions where the full ejaculatory sensation does not occur, I still experience the other sensations along with a deep sense of relaxation and sensory awareness.

    A question I would ask of those more experienced is how do I reach that wonderful ejaculatory orgasmic sensation more consistently in sessions? In almost all sessions I come very close, but only in some do I go over that illusory edge and get fully there.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    slimjim, I'm about exactly where you are (as described in my last blog entry), except that when I CAN get into that zone, I can get it to last longer and/or repeat multiple times within the session. And it is gradually becoming more common for me. The key factor that helps in my case is extremely lurid fantasy.

    Also, a norm in my routine may make a difference. I usually have a session, take a break, and then have another. My imaginary ejaculations usually occur in the second session, after I've flown up, come down, and then flown up again.

    Hope these simple thoughts might help. But driving myself mad with fantasy seems to be the most fruitful.
  • Thanks Rumel. It's an interesting concept. The times I've abstained in the past, for whatever reason, it didn't seem to make a difference. I can honestly say that i wasn't more aroused during the period of abstinence nor was I more aroused when I finally did masturbate. I'm always horny. But i think horny is different from arousal.

    Regardless, I will try it again though. I'm up for anything that may help increase the quality of my sexual experiences.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Insert, I'd just add that my imagination was once very limited, and then my Aneros sessions began to help, which then enhanced the Aneros sessions in turn, and so on, until my imagination is *insanely* rich and fruitful. And within all this, I've found both the brightest and darkest corners of my own sexuality.

    Lately, I've been "writing stories in my head," which has been extraordinarily rewarding. I'm glad you mentioned that you DO get horny. Start zooming in on those thoughts or stimuli that make you MOST horny, and try to feel your Aneros activity AS your arousal within you. This is exactly the perceived correspondence that really got me off and running (with an emphasis perhaps on "got me off" ;-)

    I hope I don't seem to be ignoring your assertion earlier. Just trying to give you fresh terrain.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    A couple of other options come to mind regarding building arousal. While you say you are healthy, there still could be some minor conditions which can effect your moods, desire and general arousal. Have you had yourself checked for testosterone level. This can play a significant role in your ability to respond to sexual/sensual stimulation. Have you considered some dietary supplements or herbal preparations whose traditional usage has been shown to be effective for some men. You may also want to check out 'zaneblue's 'Orgasmic Diet'. Some men have reported good effects from following some of these regimes. It may be worth doing some investigation on your part, it certainly wouldn't hurt to try a few new things.
  • thank you both for the suggestions.

    Tremelo, I do understand exactly what you are saying. When I get on onto one of those "stories" my level of arousal does increase and the contractions and sensations increase substantially. However, I can't seem to keep the interest going. No matter how much I try to "run with the story" after a few minutes it fades. It's the same with porn. It does very little for me in terms of getting me more aroused. And it's the same with the contractions. I can be going along just fine, feeling the sensations building, and then bang, they're gone just like that.

    Rumel, you raise a couple of very good points. It never occurred to me to have my testosterone level checked. In my case it's probably warranted. As for the herbal supplements, I will check out the threads. I certainly have nothing to lose to try them.

    again, thanks