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the SUPER O......what it means ..'really'???
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    Quick post here...hoping to get a lot of inputs from others on this thread...but, in the past few months, i've sorta helped a few members in the aneros group with some basic tips about how to get started in their aneros journey....many times, i'm asked, 'have you had the 'Super O' yet ?? my answer to these men is , 'i think i have, but then, what a 'super o' is to me.....may be totally different to you '........
    what i'd like to know from as many as would like to respond is....'Do you ''know'' when you have just had a Super O session, and if you 'do' know, please share 'why' you would call it a Super O session.....i find that many users, esp. the newer guys, are more hung up on finding this sensation of the Super O, and thereby missing out on many or most of the wonderful sensations that aneros has to offer as a your 'homework' all of us in on your 'checklist' of things that you require to call your session a Super O session....perhaps, there will be a clear 'checklist' that we will find in common, and thus give us more information as to where we might be in our journey......chuck
  • HelixerHelixer
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    IMO any 'roadmap' would restrict the infinite possibilities one has, IMO having a word like Super O is asking for trouble. My advice: just be assured that if you think you're having great multiple orgasms now, things are gonna get much much better than this. Don't try and recreate an experience or use a fixed method that was successful in the past. Always take every session as a new experience and let your pleasure be your guide.
    Every time you have an orgasmic experience, your body will have created new pleasure pathways which will make even greater future(combinations etc)pleasure possible. Don't get stuck in the wiring or on the semantics of what a 'Super O' really is. Create your own metaphors and meanings.

    To me orgasmic energy is linked to your awareness/consciousness. How should one view consciousness, I like the idea of a searchlight of one's soul. You want to move your finger, your will/consciousness sets the 'mechanism' in motion. Same with (orgasmic) energy, unlimited(connected to your soul) and you can will it wherever you want, with whatever intensity you want it.
  • rumelrumel
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    IMHO, this is still the standard for interpreting the term "Super-O"
  • I agree with Helixer, to describe a Super O may restrict one's experience by limiting the expectation to a certain thing. I have had experiences that I have labeled Super O for me. Just be aware that each person's journey is different and that one person's experience is NOT necessarily going to be yours. I have two Super O entries in the General Discussion forum under that posting "My First Super Orgasm" - one is called Three and a Half Hours, the other is called Four Hours. There are a lot of different guys' experiences posted in that forum. Relax and enjoy the journey and don't limit your experience by limiting it to what someone else has experienced. You have the right attitude, Chuck. Good luck!
  • TremeloTremelo
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    I've been thinking about this all day, and generally agree with all the caveats above.

    The only thing that occurs to add (which might be helpful for "the target audience") is that for me, the Super O isn't really an event, it's a ZONE, of (seemingly endlessly) unfolding ecstasy and intimacy with myself, with some "climaxes" within it but not defined by those. But beyond that (and possibly even including that), any further definition would surely be only my personal experience.

    It's ironic that you just launched this thread, because I'd been interested lately to survey y'all and see if we could even agree on what "coming" means. I'm not sure we could!, lol.
  • Tremelo,

    Great thought that the Super O is a "zone" rather than a level. That rings very true and I agree. It is a place were a certain realm of experiences exist. This whole "journey" is unlike any other.
  • My understanding of the 'super o' is actually having the full sensation but much more intense version of a tradition orgasm but without ejaculating, usually lasting a couple of minutes. After experiencing one of these I was left in no doubt that I had achieved a 'super o'.
    I think if you are in any doubt that you have acieved a super o than you probably haven't.

    Athough extremely pleasurable I wouldn't describe the involuntary shakings and wave of pleasure as a 'super o'

    Well that's my understanding anyway!
  • TremeloTremelo
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    goldenboyuk, do you mean the "illusory" feeling that one is ejaculating, but not actually? I get those on the good nights, where I find it just incomprehensible afterward that my belly is basically dry (other than a small puddle of precum).

    But personally, much as I love those episodes, I don't consider them the threshold of "super O or not." I feel I'm in the super O zone long before those episodes occur. (And actually, I had an earlier more primitive form of those "delusional ejaculations" long *before* I considered myself super orgasmic.)

    For me, it's when my brain starts to noodle from persistent and ever-flowering extremes of self-intimacy becoming more and more overwhelmingly euphoric. Emphasis on "overwhelmingly," emphasis on "euphoric" (in the truest sense of the word), and emphasis on "personally." ;-)

    The "if you have any doubt" point is a good one, but points to exactly the dilemma. I spent about three months "not sure" if I'd joined the club or not, as my experiences kept escalating (and they still tend to make big leaps of magnitude every week or ten days). It was only after a certain point and height that I could look back in hindsight and realize that I had probably joined the club ("for certain") earlier in those three months, not later.

    Another issue that people might differ over is the importance of "our consciousness grunting out a flexed extreme"' climaxes. (You know, the kind that knock the wind out of you.) Some might consider those an essential part of the super O experience, but I don't (largely because i consider getting the wind knocked out of me relatively undesirable). Which isn't to say that I'm right and anyone else is wrong, but just to point to the difficulty in defining the term.

    If there was one point I'd stand tall on personally, it would be that super O's necessarily result from involuntaries, not any conscious contractions or intervention. But AGAIN, twice as many people might disagree, and be justified. Very relevant to the overall issue is that all of us, presumably, are leaning toward the kinds of orgasms/orgasmic experience we want, and not at all necessarily what someone else might want.
  • I agree, Tremelo. You put things so well.

    To pin this whole thing down is impossible, and in my opinion, counter-productive. For me, repeat, for me, each Super experience is different. For example, this morning in bed after waking up, I had some Aneros-less waves. They built and built until I was in a jet stream of a zone, between multiple dry-o's and super o-s of varying intensity. I stayed in the place for an hour, moving up and down in pleasure within that stream. It was not what I had experience before, and I may not experience it again, but it was terrific and all involuntary. Just relaxed and took a sensational ride. I felt things in my loins akin to someone teasing my prostate with a feather, buzzy and electric. My nipples were hard and felt as if they would ignite at any moment. During the ride this morning, I SWEAR I was cumming right and left, but actually not at all. I would say the ejaculation feelings were "illusionary" too. During the whole episode, I felt complete, whole, energized, content, thankful, and desiring to carry all of those feelings with me throughout the day.

    I agree regarding the total involuntary state of the "zone." While controlling the situation CAN result is some great stuff, riding the roller coaster with NO control takes you places you may never have been able to go before - places filled with amazement. That journey attitude is what I want to implement in my life in general and in my sex explorations in specific.

    This is a great discussion.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    I'd just split one hair there. It wouldn't be counter-productive IF a usefully universal definition could be distilled.

    So here's a stab at it. "If you're so overwhelmed with euphoria and continually coming your brains out that you don't CARE if it's a super orgasm, you're probably having one."

    My Helix just absolutely fucked my brains out like never before, about 50 minutes of no mercy whatsoever (and yes, feeling as if I was pumping out spew during about a third of all that time). If it were possible to come to death, I feel certain I just would have.

    The most amazing thing about this whole experience is that there just doesn't seem to be any "top" to it. Every week or ten days (or sometimes even more often), I reach some new height I could not have imagined only shortly before.
  • I completely agree with the majority, here. Super O is at one and the same time indescribable and totally joyous. And as others have pointed out, totally a personal experience. We can all attempt to describe the sensation, but somehow, words just don't do it.

    I have tried to explain it for ME in my post BLISS COCOON, which speaks to the point of the individuality of the experience. It simply cannot be expressed in words.

    Initially, I looked for the semi-uncontrolled, leg shaking, whopper of a Super O...that's what my reading of the experiences of others led me to look for. And believe it or not, I got that...eventually. But even before that, and in line with my premise that it's different for everyone, I had reached other states of Anerosian bliss prior to the the "poplular" view of what it is supposed to be.

    Also, initially, my Super O (or what I now believe WERE actually Super-O's) centered in my groin and prostate area. As I have become more and more adept at my Aneros addiction, I have also become more aware of the much-sought-after FULL BODY ORGASM (FBO) that can be achieved also.

    So, my point is that just a uniquely different as we all are, so is Super O. One man's earth shaking, full body explosion, is another man's Calm Seas Orgasm with little or no bodily spasms, but a full, unadulterated Super O nonetheless.

    Above all, I think is the fact that Aneros is unique to each of us, and with the proper "spiritual" attitude, that is, peaceful mindset and freedom from the stress of "I have to do this" all of us can and will achieve his own level of Anseros bliss.

    For the many "it's not working" guys out patient and work at it. Find spiritual peace in the, dare I say it, REQUIRED, quiet state that so encourages success with our toys. Learn the Zen truth of allowing what is already within you to be manifested. You do have it inside. Find the peace-state that allows you to release it. Find Super O for yourself...realize your own power, strength of mind and character.

    Don't allow the thought of failure be part of your journey to success.

  • alvalv
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    And you can Super-O without an Aneros during regular partnered sex. Thanks to the Aneros I now have become multi-orgasmic and during regular sex with my girl friend and not using an Aneros I Super-O a number of times first starting with pelvic vibrations and later ending with full body orgasms loosing all sense of the present and reality - these Super-Os can last for a minute or two and cycle over and over again.

    I enter this orgasmic states by not allowing the first few orgasms to develop - once the Super-O sets in I cycle these a number of times each getting more intense and intense all through penile stimulation only. The sensation radiating from the glans penis is out of this world - a quite unique feeling nothing in common with the feeling prior to ejaculation, the penis feels hot, huge and a continues tingling feeling which you cannot point from where it comes from and it just grows and grows, not only in intensity but the perceived size or area of the feeling is much larger and beyond the actual physical body, this all leads to more and intense pelvic thrusting which can spread into the rest of the body vibrating and the hands clinging to the mattress to somehow have some security. Both of us being very vocal at the time.

    After I do not know of how many of these Super-Os the sex session does not end with ejaculation but with shear exhaustion of myself and my partner after two to three hours in bed, it is strange once one relaxes a very deep and satisfying relaxation state is entered very suddenly, you actually feel your body relaxing and sinking into the mattress, which puts one fast asleep in next to no time - including my GF.

    Honestly I do not think that these multi orgasmic Super-Os during partnered sex would have been possible had it not been for training my pelvic and anal muscles received while enjoying the Aneros - I find during sex that my anal and pelvic muscles contract in the the same way.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566

    I guess everyone is entitled to call whatever they want a Super O, although I definitely concur that the Aneros by strengthening the pc muscles can help develop your multiorgasmic penile capacity, I disagree that the multiorgasmic effect starting/ emanating from your penis (to the rest of your body) is the same as the Super O.
    Since the Super O was more or less coined as orgasms emanating from the anal/prostate, and it's just a completely different sensation than from the penis. The anal/prostate variant being much richer/more varied/deeper in sensation.

    Still, sounds like you and your gf are having a great time regardless, why care about semantics! ;)