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Involuntaries with no pleasure
  • Sometimes during a session I will have involuntaries but I don't really get any pleasure from them. Sometimes I can't really feel my
    prostate being stroked while the involuntaries are occurring. I do get pleasure from the toy (I do have dud sessions) I am using so I don't think it's a fitting issue. I think the reason I don't necessarily derive any pleasure from the involuntaries is because I'm not aroused or relaxed enough when they are occurring so my body does not interpret them in a pleasurable way. Or maybe the toy hasn't completely settled into place yet. Has anyone else experienced this during a session? Does my interpretation sound reasonable or am I missing something?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    "I think the reason I don't necessarily derive any pleasure from the involuntaries is because I'm not aroused or relaxed enough when they are occurring..." IMHO, you have correctly identified two factors which significantly affect any Anerosession. I believe to a certain extent arousal and pleasure are proportionally reciprocal feelings, as one increases or decreases, so does the other. If I go into an Anerosession unaroused, I don't derive much pleasure, since I know these feelings can not be coerced to occur, I no longer bother to even start a session unless the arousal/desire is substantially present. Aneros use is not like traditional masturbation, you can't just 'rub one out' through brute force and tenacity.

    Your prostate wants to be seduced into releasing its pleasures. As such being tense, preoccupied or otherwise distracted are definite hindrances to the seduction process. This is one of the reasons why relaxation is so important. Seduction is more likely to occur in an unhurried, non-pressured environment where arousal is allowed and encouraged to build, this is where your Aneros massager works best, as an arousal amplifier, but you have to already have a good arousal level established for the Aneros to have something to amplify.

    I don't think you have missed anything, I think you are just pressing the issue a little bit expecting your body to respond in the traditional ejaculatory orgasm manner. Sorry, it just doesn't happen that way.
  • Rumel,

    I do sometimes have a session when I am not as aroused as I could be or maybe not in the best state of mind. My thought process up until now has been maybe I will become more aroused as a session goes on and I will relax more through deep breathing. I never know when I'm going to have a good session so I been to giving it the benefit of the doubt and having a session if I feel like having one. If I have a dud session I don't get upset about it because its not a big deal and there's always next time. Reflecting on your response over the last couple of days has led me to realize that my approach is not the way to go. I agree with you that this approach is trying to force things to an extent and in the long run will be counter productive to my journey.

    As you alluded to in your response I think taking my arousal level and general state of mind into account when deciding to have a session will be beneficial to my journey. As other members have said the journey is a marathon not a sprint so being efficient with my resources is important. The better I feel before a session will increase the chances of good things occurring. I do agree with you that I should be more cognizant of my arousal level and general state of mind when deciding when to have a session. Thank you for insightful advice.

  • rookrook
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    [QUOTE=wintermute007;90305] ... snip ... Has anyone else experienced this during a session?

    Yes and I'd hazard that most members of this Forum have found that their pleasures started small and have grown in dimension along their journey. Remember that pleasure is strictly a 'brain thing' and our body parts are only sensors that provide signals to remind the brain of it's prior pleasures. And, those pleasures grow as we repeatedly appreciate whatever tuns us on. (be that a Monet, a well built automobile, some Beethoven, a Slack riff or sex ).

    [QUOTE=wintermute007;90305] Does my interpretation sound reasonable or am I missing something?

    This interpretation seems quite reasonable to me. My first sip of an excellent British bitter wasn't greeted by my pallet as anything pleasurable. Now, when I visit those islands I look forward to that first sip of the real thing. An experience that has grown from "acquired taste" to one of life's grand experiences.

    My first insertion resulted in a combination of 'interesting sensations' but was accompanied by the discomfort of a foreign body. Try to consider this as a sort of "pleasure to discomfort" ratio. With time the ratio changes. Eventually, just the foto can excite the pleasure centers of your brain and trigger involuntaries.

    I think of involuntaries as just the brain exploring the situation and searching out what might be there. The magic of the Aneros is that it simultaneously excites so many nerve endings, all related to our pelvic delights.

    Enjoy each of these delights and savor them both individually and in combinations.
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Wintermute, how long have you been exploring with the Aneros?
  • Tremelo,

    I bought my first aneros about three years ago, a helix. I own a helix, eupho, maximus, and progasm. For the last three years I have used them to enhance tradition orgasms. I didn't do anything as far as the journey is concerned because I was still living with my parents so my living arrangements were not really amicable to having earth shattering multiple orgasms. Also for whatever reason I wasn't that interested in exploring it. At the end of May 2010 I decided to start my journey towards hands free dry orgasms.

    So far its been a pretty interesting experience. I've felt sensations I wouldn't have thought were possible. The latest "surprise" on my journey is my newfound ability to produce p-waves without an aneros inserted. Not to long ago I had what you could call a aneros-less session that lasted about a half hour. I was lying in bed to go to sleep and without really thinking about it. Out of nowhere I feel a p-wave! So I rolled onto my back and did deep breathing held a light anal contraction and did this sort of internal contraction. I was able to generate p-waves. I got to the point where my perineum was tingling and my inners thighs felt good and warm. It felt as if I had an aneros inserted. Wild! I can even generate p-waves during the day. I just hold the light anal contraction and do that internal contraction.

    While I have felt some really good sensations from the toy I also have sessions where not a whole lot happens. As I said in my first post in this thread I feel the dud sessions happened because I was simply not in the right state of mind going into the session. I'm making some adjustments to reduce the chances of having dud sessions.

    Overall I'm having fun doing this, it makes me feels like a sexy beast.

  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Awesome, sounds like you're on the right track then. :-)