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*Spiritual Orgasm: Interest and Experience
  • View Poll Results: Spiritual Orgasm: Interested? How? How far are you? Voters: 693

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    Reach regularly with Aneros+Tao 1 0.14%

    Reach regularly with Aneros+Tantra 2 0.29%

    Reach regularly with Aneros 6 0.87%

    Have approached this almost/briefly A+Tao 1 0.14%

    Have approached this almost/briefly A+Tantra 1 0.14%

    Have approached this almost/briefly Aneros only 4 0.58%

    Interested? 24 3.46%

    Reach regularly with Aneros+Tao+Tantra 1 0.14%

    Reach regularly in integrated own practice 4 0.58%

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    While achieving the Super-O capacity is a great opportunity and challenge enough, others have of us have stumbled into what Old Wolf originally described as "Above and Beyond", a state of floating bliss that is parallel or the same as the spiritual orgasms of Tantric and Taoist traditions and other sacred sex practices.

    This bliss state, achieved in an Aneros session or as a Day-After Effect, has come to be called a "Calm Seas Orgasm". For others that has been the goal from the beginning, or it becomes the central goal at some point in one's practice. Here is the link to Michael Winn's article The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm that Pan posted in Buster's thread: An absolute MUST read!

    It seems like a good idea to see what the levels of interest and success are to this level of experience through aneros practices and our community here. Please tell us your stories with posts here too.

    glorious peace in sailing the calm seas all

  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Artform,

    great poll topic! But no mentioning of KSMO :?: :?: :?:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Pan

    Thanks, and you are right of course, KSMO is or can be a major factor in achieving these states for many of us who mix techniques. And there are those who get there by KSMO alone.

    As it is, the system limits the number of questions one can publish, but not the number you can enter as you build your poll. I thought I got the number correct but the last question on the list I published does not appear here.

    Earlier this year, having mixed KSMO and Aneros almost from the beginning last year, I have wanted and stated to attempt to separate them and see what happens as I try to refine each practice individually. The recent Day-After Effect Mitochondrial-O was the first Aneros-only result as I gradually have begun to be able to do, or approximate, this separation of practices. Given that the silent Key Sound power can seem to have been triggered now by the very first recognition of intention, it remains questionable how effective the attempt at separation of practices really is or can be at this point.

    My experience is that these M-Os, while very different than the almost or actual out-of-body, floating bliss, Calm Seas, ethereal union with the universe events as Spiritual Orgasms, are nevertheless very warm, calm to serene, deeply satisfying, peace-filled, radiant, inward wholeness, totality of being, blissful events; that is profoundly spiritual. So, I venture to offer that there can be both the more traditional Macro-Cosmic Spiritual Orgasm, the telescopic event, and the Micro-Cosmic Spiritual Orgasm, the microscopic event.

    I will launch a second poll on Spiritual Orgasms and the mix of Aneros and KSMO practices to try to get this picture more balanced and complete. Thanks again Pan. I look forward to your posts of your experiences along these lines. 8) :D :lol:

    great orgasmic sailing for you too

  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    I have a 50 year meditation practice and many times have felt a transcendence best described as a blissful unity with all being. Through Aneros and KSMO I learned to invoke MMO's pretty much at will anytime I want (which is many times a day). There is no question that erotic orgasm leads me to a profound transcendental state. It is easier and more readily available than traditional meditation methods. I have never studied Tantric practices, but I suspect this is what I am doing. I believe in Tantra there is an energy which arises in the perineum and ascends through various levels of the body to the top of the head. When I have a Super-O the process begins in my prostate, spreads to the lower abdomen and/or sacrum. Next I feel it in my chest, and fairly quickly total bliss fills my head. Meanwhile in the vague distance, I feel my perineum pumping away its ecstasy. Is this Tantra?

  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    Artform et all,

    The pleasure lures me in but the chance to touch the infinite is what keeps me coming. I have not experienced a super O or even a mini O and I am undertaking this journey because I'd like to see/experience what's on the other side. As I read this forum, and beyond, there are so many tie ins to so many other spirtual paths.

    While the Aneros path may not prove to be any quicker than any other path it sure is fun to travel.

    I'm curious - I have a helix and the peridise starter set. I find that I do not seem to have a lot of day-after effects. Is there a model, the SGX, MGX, eupho, progasm or maximus that you all longer term users have found any consensus to be better at producing day-after effects?

    It would be nice to feel the rewiring. It would help me keep my mind off the Aneros on the days I can't use them!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Very much interested in achieving blissful and peaceful states of transcendence.

    That was the second thing that caught my attention about Aneros after hearing about the amount of pleasure it can provide.

    I've already experienced some day after effects of joy and bliss. And I have not reached the super-O yet.
    So I can't wait to see what other beautiful transformations this might bring into my life.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Bump for the week of being Featured Poll of the Week! :shock: Thanks websupport! :D

    How are things progressing in this dimension with your practice?

    What information might help you?

    all the best spiritual energetics and journeying all

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    This entire topic is intriguing to me............I would seem that I have visited the Calm Seas..........but not the super O................somehow I have transcended that orgasm............I was almost paralyzed and didn't want to leave..........................aneros is amazing man!
  • Last week I had an amazing couple of Super-O sessions. Each one produced six or seven Supers. During the last session, I began a Super-O that reached a plateau, stayed there while two more Super-O's came. My eyes were closed. My arms were shaking (as well as my whole body!!). I opened my eyes and saw that my arms had involuntarily reached up toward heaven. I remember saying, "Thank you," without really thinking about it. Not sure what this might mean, but I felt very grateful to God for allowing me to experience this. Your thoughts?
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    It sounds like it to me.
  • JayTJayT
    Posts: 15
    I use a circular meditation method I learned from a book written by David Deida. Coupled with Binaural Beats, circular method and edging, I've reached one full body (brain, heart and abdominal) orgasm without the use of Aneros.

    I'm not sure what practice that would fall into. I chose the option "Interested?"