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Choice for a very confident, first time user
  • PaskoPasko
    Posts: 4
    I'm stuck between choosing the helix or the progasm. I have heard that the helix is a very good all around choice, but i also keep reading how people get used to it and upgrade to the progasm. I understand that the progasm is for advanced users, but i only want to purchase one, and i am very confident about adapting to the progasm's large size. Helix or Progasm?!
  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    completely different models that give 2 completely different sensations I have both. Ive had deeper more pronounced feelings of near orgasm with the progasm but the helix is alot of fun to. I havent gotten a super-o yet but I had a session today where I just kind of teetered on the brink of one for a good 30 min to an hour. If I had to pick one Id go with the progasm but if you can get both.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have most all of them and the helix is my least favorite. I know that is not the opinion of this board but it is my opinion. the progasm is by far my favorite but if I was only going to own one, I don't think I would make it the progasm.
  • PaskoPasko
    Posts: 4
    Yeah, i think im going to side with the progasm. It seems to have everything the helix does, and more, but requires more effort and practice, which is what i intent to do
  • PaskoPasko
    Posts: 4
    If i choose the progasm though, should i get the original or ice? i heard that nice is smoother..?
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Look at the dimension photo that Aneros provides. The Progasm is 1/2 inch longer than any other model that is made by HIH/Aneros. For me that 1/2 inch is a half inch too long. My body structure pushes the device out that half of an inch. I do not have that "problem" with the MGX. That same 1/2 inch does not allow my muscles to grip on contract the Progasm correctly and the articulation is lost. Also, the P tab on the Pro doesn't come close to my P-spot.

    That said, while I do enjoy the Pro I think I personnally (in hind sight) would have benefitted more by choosing the Maximus over the Progasm for a 2nd model. And soon I will have that Maximus, and will be able to report my experience.

    I do enjoy the Pro and I like sitting on it to keep it up-in-there. It's amazing how much 1/2 inch really is in relation to total control of the device and lack of total articulation of that same device.

    It's something to think about anyway. It does make a difference. After all, articulation and the resulting stimulus is what makes these products really take you over the edge.
  • PaskoPasko
    Posts: 4
    Ahh, im so conflicted. Being a student on a limited budget, i would just like one. If you could just own one, which one would it be? :\
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Pasko, :)

    As you've read, the opinions vary widely and are personal to each user. You won't know without trying a model. I'd recommend both if you could afford it. As there will be times when your body will strangely favor one Aneros model over another as far as giving you pleasure. Just to give you an idea of this over my approximately 3.5 year journey that hasn't produced a super-O yet...

    I started out with the Helix for the first 1.5 years or so, bought the MGX as I started getting results with the Helix. Went back and forth between the Helix and MGX for a few months. Bought the Progasm, and used it almost exclusively for eleven months due to it reliably giving me pleasure. Then the Progasm stopped giving me pleasure. I re-discovered my Helix and was blown away by how good it felt, repeated the same experience with my MGX not long after. The MGX became my main Aneros for a few months. Then it started making me a bit too sore. Started using my Helix almost exclusively for the last few months to present and got my first mini-O with it. I only use the Progasm at this point for the occasional super-T to clear out the fluid from my prostate. And they are down right pleasurable. :)

    I think either choice of the Progasm or Helix will be fine. Generally the guideline around here is if you have no previous anal play experience, go for the smaller sized models. Otherwise there is just no reliable way for you to know which one is going to work better initially. Besides, as soon as you start getting results, you're likely to end up buying another model anyways out of curiosity and for variation. Just like most of us have here. LOL

    If i choose the progasm though, should i get the original or ice? i heard that nice is smoother..?I have the original Progasm in black. But from my readings in the forum here, it is my understanding that the Progasm Ice has a smoother surface, which I think is preferable.

  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Which model, if I only owned 1. Hmmm. I have a MGX and I like the ribbed stem as it allows a good grip on the device and I am able to move it around the prostate nicely. But... If I only had one choice and could use my experience with the MGX and Progasm, I think I would choose the Maximus. Why? Girth and the length is 4" versus the 4.5" I talked about earlier. I do enjoy the girth. Plus the P-tab is in the proper configuration to hit the P-spot.