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I got some movement!
  • shadylxshadylx
    Posts: 12
    To anyone who cares:

    I had read on a post somewhere that indicated it would be easier to relax first thing upon awakening in the morning, which makes sense. So, this morning I woke up and immediately stuck in my MGX. I got in bed for a while and just relaxed, but felt nothing. Eventually, I had to get moving for the day, so I removed it and went about my business.

    When I got home, I decided I wanted to put it in for a while again and look at some porn since I didn't get to devote as much time to it as I wanted this morning. I stuck the MGX in an began watching some porn, becoming very aroused. I began doing some deep breathing techniques and also the breathing-valley, or whatever its called, technique. After a while I began to feel some tightening around my anus and I was getting overly aroused watching the porn. I decided to take out the MGX and slip in my Progasm.

    I immediately felt the cannon that the Progasm is - the pressure in the entire canal. I started doing some slight contractions, holding them and letting them taper off. This is where I'm happy, but also looking for the advice/experience/suggestions of you veterans (and also just to share with somebody). I started to get uncontrollable leg shakes and pelvic thrusts, much like the videos people have posted of themselves using the Aneros. I continued to get these thrusts and shakes, with some slight pleasure, which was definitely different than what I'm used to. It seemed like it was taking me to a place where there were good feelings, but my brain/body was failing to recognize it or know what to do with it.

    I also felt some tingling shoot up to the tip of my penis. I continued to escalate to the point where during these "convulsions," I was convinced that I was going to have an orgasm of some sort. However, I did not. It seemed as if my body was failing to make the connection on what to do with the signals it was being given.

    So, that was kind of drawn out, sorry. But, I am grateful that there is some progress being made (I hope). I guess I'm looking more for confirmation that this is a step in the right direction on the long path ahead.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 854
    This is huge progress!!! Your rewiring is almost complete. You are the cusp of the elusive Super-O! Your descrition perfectly mirrors my own experiences. As long as you don't have expectations, you will get there very soon. :)
  • shadylxshadylx
    Posts: 12
    Just got done with another session (I couldn't wait to put a couple days between sessions). Same exact thing happened today. However, even though I'm shaking somewhat violently, there's almost no pleasure associated with any of this. I realize its a journey, so if I just need to be patient, tell me. I'm just looking for any similar experiences or words of wisdom. I also noticed more pre-cum this time, which I would hope is another step in the right direction.