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  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    Well I bought the starter kit with MGX and lube. First impressions is that it seemed really small. Ive done some experimenting with anal play during masturbation sessions before and inserted larger things. Getting the MGX in was easy with the lube. I could tell it was pushing on the prostrate because I had precum. I did the excersises for a while with contractions timed with breathing. The only time I could really feel interaction with the spot was during the tightening of the muscle once it was tightened completely there was no real sensation at all. I tried speeding up the contraction and this seemed to be getting me somewhere at first but then nothing. Maybe Im expecting to much. I always just used prostrate stimulation during masturbation to heighten the sensation of a regular penile orgasm I never thought it was possible to have a hands free experience until I read about the Aneros. Maybe the MGX is to small for me? Maybe Im laying in the wrong position? Am I doing something wrong?

    *edit* After reading the keys to the backdoor post I think not being hard might have had alot to do with my lack of success. *sigh* Wasn't sure if it was necessary.
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    Some suggestions:
    -Read the wiki and browse postings
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401

    New users (almost) always feel frustrated when instant results are not realized. Read the stickies at the top of the forum, read the wiki, expect nothing, And most of all simply relax.


    Nothing in this life is ever worth having that you don't work for. Aneros bliss is no different.

    It's a marathon, not a sprint, Vinestal.

  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    Thanks for the replies guys Ive been reading the Chery picks and the Wiki today, and learned a lot. I think Ive been trying a little to hard. I had no idea there was so much info on the subject, its a lot to absorb. I think mostly I'm going to start just enjoying what ever sensations I get and not try and press so much. Ive also gotta do something about the perineum tab its hella uncomfortable at times and I'm also really wondering if its hitting the right spot as I think my sweet spot is closer to the penis than where it tab is sitting.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Re the perineum tab, there have been many comments and suggestions made about the P-tab, especially the one on the MGX model.

    I solved the problem by inserting it into the rubber bulb from an eye dropper. That has the effect of softening the aggressiveness of the tab and cushioning the pressure that it applies. You will probably find, as I did, that with familiarity, the pressure becomes less uncomfortable, indeed it actually becomes more pleasurable.

    The MGX is actually not my favourite model anymore. You might find the Helix model more comfortable as it has a much smaller P-tab.

    Best of luck,

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Your initial foray into the Aneros World was not unusual. Your statement "Maybe Im expecting to much." is correct, this method of sensual stimulation is different from traditional penile stimulation/masturbation. When immediate results are not felt, new users often think they may be "...doing something wrong?" or have the wrong model Aneros or some other reason. The simple fact is that it may be necessary to adjust your mental approach to understanding what constitutes an orgasm and how one may obtain them in a different manner. This is a paradigm thought shift away from traditional masturbatory practices.

    I think you may have misinterpreted 'BF Mayfield's thread regarding the term "arousal" or "aroused", in the context of that thread it is not necessarily referring to ones erectile state but rather it is referring to ones mental state, please read the Are you "aroused"? thread for more detail.

    As regards your "sweet spot" please don't let finding that spot become an obstacle or obsession for you. I've been a user for more than three years and I still have not found my "sweet spot" but have had many orgasms from Aneros use anyway.

    As regards the P-tab discomfort, I suggest you read Softening the P-tab in the WIKI. This problem will likely vanish in time as your body becomes inured to Aneros use.

    P.S. I sent you an introductory PM with some additional hints and tips to get you started.
    You can also see it if you visit this Blog entry.
  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    I had quite the session yesterday night, woke up around 10:30 and decided I'd pop it in and enjoy myself for a while. I was defiantly having P-waves I felt like I was teetering on the edge of a super-o for like 5 min then it just kind of eluded me. I really enjoyed the session and I'm learning to just try and enjoy whatever good feeling come from my sessions. I am considering trying a different model though. I think the helix or progasm would be more enjoyable. I guess that's a common feeling with new folks? Ive read where people have had better results with the larger models when switching to them right off the bat though.
    Its amazing to me how much nipple stimulation enhances the Aneros experience. I've never been into my nipples honestly it always makes me think of the Adam Sandler movie "Little Nicky" and the guy in that lol. Anyway its odd how much 2 different areas of the body can effect each other like that. Id have never put the 2 together until I had read about it here.