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Thinking about getting the aneros
  • I have been thinking about getting the aneros for a while now but I'm a little hesitant because I have had hardly any pleasurable experiences with things going up my ass. I have tried fingering myself and that really does nothing for me. I have tried anal sex before (receiving) and that was quite uncomfortable (and painful). Usually when I (or other people) play with my ass, it either hurts or I get this "shitty" feeling (you know what I mean). I've read the reviews on the aneros and I'm very curious about the super-o's and the orgasmic feeling you can achieve from this product but I don't want to waste my money on something that might be disappointing.

    Have any of you guys had bad experiences with anal play before using the aneros? I'm wondering if the aneros might help me with finding pleasure in anal sex later on. Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • It is my opinion that most of the aneros massagers work in a more precise and focused way than receiving anal sex. Now I have never received during anal sex so you'll have to take what I say with a grain of salt. I've seen it in porn and it just looks painful. When you have one of these toys in it really doesn't move in and out that much but still produces good feelings. It is designed to stimulate your nerve rich sensitive areas both internally and externally. Better than a finger for sure. I can't remember ever experiencing pain from using one of my aneros toys. I suppose that initially it may take a little getting used to having it in but the majority of the toys are really not that big. I feel that an aneros toy and receiving from anal sex are at opposite ends of a spectrum. One is sublime and sensual, while the other is (from what i've seen)rough and painful.
    The toys from smallest to largest(excluding peridise) are sgx, mgx, helix, eupho, maximus, and progasm. I'm not sure where the peridise fits into the list so I left it out. I bought my first aneros about three years ago and am glad I did. Over the last three years I used them to enhance traditional orgasms and just recently starting experimenting with the hands free aspect of the toy. I can say unequivocally that these toys have given me the best (traditional)orgasms I've ever had. Hands on, hands off, its all fun. Plus, its good for your prostate. I like using them so much that its a core facet of my sex life. So my advice is that it will enhance your sex life with having the added benefit of improving your health.
  • rumelrumel
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    Welcome the the Aneros Forums,

    Being a straight male I have not had anal sex, but have in the past (prior to Aneros use) tried using various devices such as a 'Crystal Wand', a butt plug and dildos in anal play. I have found a dildo or butt plug to be painful due to the anal sphincter stretching. While the 'Wand' was effective at stimulation it does require continued manual manipulation and the comfortable positions for use are limited. Your own finger, the simplest solution, is probably inadequate in length and stamina to provide the requisite prostate stimulation leading to the Super-O as well as requiring awkward body contortions to employ. The anatomically designed Aneros massagers are an excellent hands free method to accomplish a very comfortable and pleasurable prostate massage.

    I did have a bad experience using the 'Crystal Wand' in which I injured myself by providing an overly vigorous manipulation of the prostate which lead to some bleeding, swelling and pain lasting a couple of weeks before healing. I have since learned to be gentle with those tissues and membranes inside, it is not necessary to provide macro stimulation levels when micro actions actually prove more effective, hence no more butt plugs, dildos or wands for me, specifically designed prostate massagers is definitely the route to go. Whether use of these massagers will help you find pleasure with receiving anal sex in the future I don't know, but, as 'wintermute007' indicated, even traditional masturbation pleasure is enhanced.

    I don't want you to waste your " on something that might be disappointing" either so ask yourself this "If all I got from using this device was a healthier prostate would I be disappointed about the cost?" I encourage you to read about the health aspects of these devices on the website from which the Aneros massagers evolved. High Island Health LLC is the parent company & manufacturer of the Aneros® brand of prostate massagers. This patented device was originally and is currently offered for sale as the Pro-State® line of massagers on the High Island Health website. The HIH website is primarily oriented toward the health aspects and benefits of prostate massage in accord with Oriental medicine for prostate related issues. A forum for users to discuss practice with these devices also exists on that website, I encourage you to check out the ongoing Columbia Medical School study using the Pro-State massagers and testimonials from users regarding their experiences. The Aneros® website, by contrast, is oriented toward the sensual pleasure aspects of prostate massage.
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
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    While I never had any bad experiences with anal play prior to getting an aneros, I didn't really have any good experiences either. I tried a couple of butt plugs and they didn't do anything for me. I also used my finger without getting any pleasurable sensations. I always liked the idea of having something in my butt and read about so many people getting pleasure from it, I felt like continuing to try things. It's really this perspective that allowed me to pursue aneros.

    As it turns out, based on my experience, I don't consider aneros use "anal play". It's really prostate play. It just so happens that the best way to access the prostate is via the anus. In addition, the fact that the massager uses the anal muscles to make it move is what allows it to be hands-free. So, if I were you, I would not use past anal play experiences as a metric to decide if you should but an aneros. However you do need to at least be comfortable (or willing to get comfortable) with sticking something in your ass :).
  • CoolbeanCoolbean
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    I'm thinking of getting an Aneros in the future as well.
    I've been reading a lot about the product from these forums and from other forums and websites as well. It looks very promising.
    I read the wiki, and I practiced the breathing technique while contracting your anal muscles without an Aneros while sitting down.
    I can do this until I get some light involuntary twitches.

    My question is, if I do this with an Aneros, will I be receiving pleasure when my muscles twitch? Right now, without an Aneros, it feels very slightly pleasurable, and I'm wondering if an Aneros would amplify it.