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....other worldly....
  • JazepiJazepi
    Posts: 6
    This morning what happened I can only describe as "a trip" with my aneros. I was doing some deep breathing, relaxing etc. then all of a sudden I was on a different planet. I could feel the aneros doing crazy shit, and my body, in sensation, but not actuality, was being tossed around everywhere. I have no idea where it came from or how it happened, but holy crap.....I could feel myself sliding up and down my bed, but I didn't move. I could feel the aneros plunging in and out. I felt myself get flipped over, but it didn't actually happen. Anyone else every experience anything more along this lines rather than just the physical "norm"?
  • mogmog
    Posts: 167
    Hi Jaz!

    >Anyone else every experience anything more along this lines rather than just the physical "norm"?<<br />
    Yes, surely! At times I used to have a powerful sensation of movement during some of the best events without any movement happening. The sensation of being thrust sideways was so real that I used to grasp the bed hard.

    Real and virtual colourful disturbances to vision were also ten-a-penny. As my practice has developed further those effects occur less frequently though.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Jazepi!! and Welcome to the Aneros Journey and this warm community!! :D :D And Greetings and Salutations to Sir Mog!! :D :D

    Jazepi, how old are you? 50 years ago, when I started massaging my prostate, I experienced what I called Intellectual Orgasms ( ) that took me on rides such as you describe! Only I did some actual physical movement, yet not nearly what I was sensing. Much as you and Mog describe. I too have had some of that with Aneros/KSMO and other "out there" experiences that are astounding. It may well be that you and your body/mind as naturally tuned for this level of reaction to the energies an awakening prostate can let loose within us. Relax deeply, and go along for the ride as observant as you also seem to be. Perhaps you would like to start your Travel Journal in the Blogs section here!

    all the very best energetic openings and travels all

  • JazepiJazepi
    Posts: 6
    Haha, I'm 32....