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  • ApexAZApexAZ
    Posts: 3
    Hello! I'm new to the Aneros and to the forums.

    So I got a bug up my ass (no pun intended) to experiment with prostate massaging. I've had some basic anal experience which helped with intensifying ejaculatory orgasms, but never straight prostate massage or dry orgasms. I'm 31 and a testicular cancer survivor (over 10 years ago) so I figured not only could this be enjoyable, but might be helpful in keeping my prostate healthy.

    I went and bought a different product called a rude-boy to start and it was okay but was a little more than I wished to take on (or should I say 'in' lol). Then I found this site and recall seeing these products next to the one I bought and started reading about them. I decided to give the Helix a whirl. I've had 3 sessions with it in 3 days and am going to wait several days before my next go at it.

    The device immediately feels pleasurable upon insertion and during contractions but between learning how to do the movements properly and lack of patience I haven't really felt anything else. It definitely feels very good but I can't seem to progress beyond that point. With normal orgasms, it sort of builds and builds until you climax. With this, it's a good sensation as you flex the PC but it never gets better and better. It's more of a plateau.

    I would say my PC isn't as strong as it could be so I've also been trying to flex it at random times and while urinating to try and strengthen it. I can't really seem to hold it. Heck, my penis barely moves when I flex it. It's also challenging to separate it from my anal muscles. I tend to want to flex them both simultaneously. This seems pretty normal for beginners.

    After my session last night I decided to sleep with it in. This morning I woke up and felt as though the feeling was greater than it usually is, but didn't have time to experiment for more than 30 minutes, which probably isn't enough.

    Anyways, hopefully I can achieve some involuntaries but I'm just not experiencing what others describe about the muscle fatiguing and contracting on it's own. I went for 1.5 hours of contracting and never really felt 'tired'? I may try some cannibis but I have weird anxiety issues every so often which keeps me from using it anymore. I may try just a small amount to help me relax though. I also have some left over prescription percocet that I could try to help me relax.

    I read the quick and dirty thread and that definitely helped point me in the right direction. It does seem that with each use it feels a little bit stronger and better.

    Anyways, that's my progress so far :)
  • I find putting the p-tab on my sweet spot right at the start of my session helps bring on the involuntaries. I lie on my back with a pillow under my lower back/butt during my sessions. I think you will find the more you are able to relax the aneros will move on it's own, a twitch here and there. Just relax during your sessions and have no expectations, just have fun with it. I find the hynaerosession(there's a sticky about it) cd to be very helpful so you could consider getting that to help you relax.