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  • congestedcongested
    Posts: 28
    Hi i have purchased an SGX Aneros prostate massager is there i way that i could get a refund(ordered 2/3/10) i contacted customer service i think 2-3 months ago and no one has gotten back with me. I still have my original invoice that came with the product, where can i ship it to? By the way i started back using the product and i have a little relief . So that is agood thing!

    Thanks in advance.
  • congestedcongested
    Posts: 28
    Can anyone help?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Though your 90 day money back guarantee trial period has elapsed, I suggest you still try to contact Support again or try emailing [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. As a third option you might try using the "FEEDBACK" tab on the left edge of the screen.

    In any event, explain your circumstances to them, as the readers of this Forum have no ability to address your communication with High Island Health LLC. I have found all the people I have dealt with at HIH to be very respectful, helpful and professional when addressing my concerns, I am confident they will treat you in a similar manner.

    However, I am curious, if you are getting some relief from Aneros usage, why are you now wishing to discontinue use and seeking a refund?
  • congestedcongested
    Posts: 28
    Well i feel that i should discontinue it due to the fact that i just used it for my congestion, and have no use for orgasm play.
    Thank you for your help man.
  • Hi Congested, please send us another email, we will get back to you. Sorry for missing your email a couple months ago.
    Aneros Support