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3rd times the charm
  • (this post was edited 2005-08-15 21:47:58)

    Recieved my aneros last week and couldn't wait to give it a test drive. First time round was an unmitigated disaster as I got too enthusiastic with the lube. Second attempt the next day and I had several erections, coupled with an intense tingling and shaking all over my body while lying on my back
    Last night was the best. Super-O three times in quick sucession. All it needed was a little change in position. I started on my back and then roled over so that one leg was out straight and the other bent up towards my chest (as per instructions). Then it was just a matter of time until my pulse started to flick the aneros around.
    Can't wait to get some mopre lube and get home tonight!!!
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    wow, in such a short time! I hope you will tell us your new stories too. Do you have a cam? :-)
  • Just added my email for u all


    Look forward to hearing from ya
  • Will be making a video of how I insert etc soon
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    This is the most elaborate hoax of all time. I have used this thing and it just sits there as does any other butt plug. The perineum massager hurts, stick to normal masturbation is my advice.
  • PanPan
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    Sure Kevin, it's all one big hoax. Just one small part of a vast conspiracy to convince men that prostate stimulation feels good and can produce orgasmic sensations without ejaculation (oh wait, that's a well known medical fact).

    Hmmm, well then I guess the real lie is in the theory that devices can be designed to massage the prostate and produce pleasure. Yes, that must be it. Because surely no men out there are buying dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads, crystal wands, or Aneros Prostate Massagers simply because they feel good. No, no,'s all been a big scam just to get your money. And you fell for it! MMmmmmwwaahahahaha!

    Well, it's a good thing you uncovered our elaborate trap! Otherwise, you might have continued exploring the sensations of your prostate with patience, and open an open mind, possibly leading to those completely imaginary multiple orgasms that feel so good. Yes that would have been terrible indeed!

    Well done Kevin, not only have you saved yourself from the Super O, but are also doing your best to lead others back to that good old reliable Regular Masturbation.



    Ok, please pardon the dripping sarcasm. But seriously folks, I've been multi-orgasmic for years and posts like this sometimes upset me. I know for a fact that men are capable of enjoying multiple orgasms. The Aneros is just one possible way of learning to do so. No it doesn't always produce instant results, and no it's not guaranteed to work for you personally. But then no method, device, or pill, can guarantee that. We're all different, physically, emotionally, and mentally. And therefore nothing works for everyone. That's life.

    But if you've never enjoyed prostate stimulation before, and you give the Aneros a fair try (by carefully following instructions, researching the forum, and asking questions), chances are that you will eventually experience some wonderful new pleasures (which Regular Masturbation can't offer) and learn to build upon them over time, potentially becoming multiple orgasms in the process. At the very least, the Aneros offers most of us an opportunity to explore new feelings.

    So if you're having trouble getting the results you want, then by all means vent your frustrations. Other folks around here are bound to know how you feel. Just remember to also ask for help! Otherwise you have no one to blame but yourself. The Aneros is a tool for achieving orgasmic pleasure, not a source for it. So Step 1 in learning to use the Aneros is to first take responsibility for your own pleasure. Step 2 is to realize that if you aren't willing to ask for advice on a subject, you're certainly are not qualified to give any.

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    WOW!! You have changed my whole outlook on this amazing product!!! Give me a break, that was the most scripted pathetic reply I have ever read in a forum. You are obviously working for the company. Prosate stimulation has been proven to work I agree, but from trained individuals who know what they are doing or from manually manipulating a toy. Not by sticking some fancy looking cork up your ass and just sitting there waiting for the "magic". This product's advertising is misleading and immoral. Take my advice people, save your money.
  • neoneo
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    Hi Kevin, I thought the same as you when i first got the product but with the little experience i have had with it so far it has been great and getting better every time. You need to give it more time it can be extreamly fustrating not to get results fast. I reviewed alot of the forums information before i bought the aneros and i expected so much instantly from it and while i couldnt figure what out what i was doing wrong i stuck in there and boy its worth it. I think if i hadnt read the forums info and got so excited about it i probally would have progressed faster but then again allot of the info posted here is great. Please if you dont believe in the product thats perfectly fine and i respect that but when i was first reading the forums before i bought the aneros and if i had seen some posts like yours i might not have bought the product. And i can tell you from the input of others in the forum the aneros means alot to them, it means alot to me as well, as its, as i have only recently discovered a long journey. I do hope you get positive results from your aneros in the future. But if not enjoy yourself all the same.
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    Pan and everyone,

    We must all remember that Kevin knows it all,.. except of course how to spell prostate (prosate)! Hey, maybe that's his problem...the guy's looking for his prosate and he can't find it,...hell, no wonder he's so upset!

    Frankly HIS post has all the earmarks of a phony. Notice how he validates manual prostate stimulation or that of a professional(??) and slams the Aneros as a fancy cork.... etc. Either he missed the concept that the unit is anally driven or he doesn't want to do the work. (Perhaps he's plagued by anal rigor)! Again, it's proof positive that this guy is either a psycho newbie or a phony. Also notice how he offers virtually no details of his experience.

    Really, lecturing about morality while discussing anal/prostate just seems like there's a disconnect here...don't ya think?!!

    My suggestion to everyone is to bypass this guy altogether. He's not worthy of a response.

    P.S. The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee on the device, all you have to do is to cut off the abutment tab and send it back to them, but of course that's only for people who really have one!

    P.P.S. Oh and Kev... if you're still searching for your prosate you can doesn't exist.
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    No, thats not it.

    The problem is that people expect to stick it in and that magic will happen immediately. Its our instant gratification culture that's in the way here.

    Kevin is not a phony, he's a genuinely frustrated customer who isnt getting the results he expects. No matter that this board is *FULL* of posts advising you to take your time, not to expect too much, and be passive. All that good advice is not reaching his brain from his eyes, because he's been trained to expect products to work right away or else they *must* be junk.

    If you want to blame anyone, blame this instant gratification cult, not Kevin.
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    First, I've followed your posts for a long time and they've been very informative, thanks so much. There have many times that your journey mirrored my own. (I think it was you who posted some time ago about inserting the vibrating bullet with the Aneros..thx for that one)

    But I think that Mark has this one right, or at least it is how it appears from the way that Kevin presents himself. I've seen many a newbie vent about their lack of progress in this forum, but they normally detail their experience in some way that shows its validity. You may notice that he's never asked for any help or advice, instead he just denounces the product and does so in a way that really lays down the gauntlet. to any Aneros enthusiast. I participate in several on line forums, and it seems that there is no shortage of wiseguys out there that just enjoy generating critical threads/posts (whether or not the have any knowledge on the product/subject) just to get a rise out of people.

    Having read your numerous post in this forum, I assume that you don't share his view of the product.

    All of that aside, I whole heartedly agree with you that we are the
    instant gratification culture, if there ever was one, and that this may be one of the greatest single obstacles hampering ones success with the Aneros. It took me over a year before I had my first Super O (although I had many pleasant and very encouraging sensations prior to that kept me going). I battled my own impatience up until the day when it finally happened for me. The constructive commentary that you and so many others have provided here have been an essential part of my success.

    Thanks again,..keep up the good work.


    P.S. If you ever start your chat up again, count me in!
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    Thanks TomD

    And just for the record, I still havent got the super O, nor am I expecting it. When it happens, it happens :)
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    > I battled my own impatience up until the
    > day when it finally happened for me.

    LOL, for me there's a new kind of impatience to battle, which I'm certain is the reason why I still haven't reached the super-O. It is that the sensations are so powerful, and feel so good, that I can't restrain myself and want to finish with regular, traditional masturbation. And for me, having the Aneros in there when masturbation makes the whole thing 10x more intense :)

    So -- there's many steps on this ladder, and you gotta climb all the way :)
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    Joe you are absoluteley right with everything you said about me. As for Mark you are obviously a real intellectual. Basing your argument on a typo that I made. Maybe I should spend a little more time shoving random objects up my ass, chatting about them in forums, and going over everyone elses comments with a fine tooth comb so that I can use my whitty and compelling mispelling arguments like you do. Here is a little advice Mark, take the butt plug out of your ass, walk up the stairs out of your mother's basement, and go get a job. Maybe even try to meet a real girl for once in your life you fat, ugly, judgemental piece of shit. Have a nice day.
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    Now a piece of advice for you....lay off the caffeine (a little bit edgy aren't we?) Man are you in a lather or what? Evoking some very vivid images ..engaging in a little transference are we...WOW!

    I think Joe is a good person that wants to believe the best about people, but as your comments make very plain, you're just a vile, angry, hostile guy.

    The truth is, with a mindset like yours you don't have a hope in hell of having this wonderful non-ejaculatory experience anyway. So go ahead console yourself with the notion that it's all a hoax...whatever floats your boat...

    Enough said

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    Enough with the name calling both of you. STOP NOW!
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    It is a hoax for sure - this forum is maintained by paid employess of aneros - . The design of the aneros is not really that great - I have one, it doesn't do much. I don't get much out of it, and I have used other things in me (my fingers, markers etc) that do feel good. First of all, it sticks at the entrance due to a sort of ridged area at the opening, so IT DOES NOT slide in and out easily. In fact, it rather seems to just kind of vaccum in, and is hard to get out.

    So employees of aneros, congratulations on perpetrating one of the biggest intenet hoaxes (many sex toys are hoaxes - its allright, most don;t do much). I know your industry relies on writing you own reviews, posing as customers, and giving sites kickbacks to "review" your product. I understand these are just your jobs, but try to have some conscience, and when you quit your unfulfulling job here, blow the whistle on Aneros.

    I'm not mad at you employees per se, but more the management of your company. I understand this is just your crappy job. I'mm mad at your management: why don't they just try and make an actually good sex toy? I mean if you were actually trying to stimulate the perineum for example, you wouldn't make some little, skimpy, sharp plasting thing to poke into it. Make it broader and softer. Same goes for the supposed prostate stimulator part - its just too skinny to actually work, if one looks closely. The part facing the prostate is a thin ridge, nothing of the sort to pad and masage a prostate.

    But You guys got methough , nice job with the sale. I propose to salvage your consciences though, that you actually start making better toys (i think you are doing that). Use your ill-gotten gains for good, in other words. Most companies got rich through some deceit or another, so its normal.

    All the best (and bitterness)