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Aneros Post on Reddit
  • immafishyimmafishy
    Posts: 5
    In case anyone cares.....

    An unusual (and unbelievably awesome) sexual practice. : sex

    I laugh at the comments!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    Thanks for posting this. Binaryfellow is a member of this forum and has posted many great stories here.
    The comments are not surprising, it's their loss.
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Poor binaryfellow, those comments there are frustrating to read. He does post here occasionally. One day I might tell the outside-world about my Aneros use.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Aneros users may sometimes feel as though their Forum name should be Quasimodo for it is within the realm of these Forums we find our "Sanctuary".

    I am pleased to see 'binaryfellow' has made the proactive choice to expand the knowledge of his experience to others outside these cloistered Forum walls. This is an additional way for us to "get the word out" about the pleasures to be had through the Super-O experience.

    We should not be surprised at the scoffers and skeptics comments, closed minds run on a treadmill of mediocrity, enduring endless mileage of tedious sameness. Aneros users have learned the "treadmill thinking" is boring, unproductive and pointless but they had to open their hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities to learn this.
  • Wow, I seriously missed this thread here until just now. Love_is sent me a PM as a friendly notice, thanks!

    Yeah the comments were frustrating. The thing is, everyone is generally really open minded on that site, and I see pretty crazy stuff posted there all the time. So, I was honestly a bit shocked to get that kind of response. Women post about how they have endless orgasms for hours with their rabbit vibrator, and they aren't scoffed at, or accused or selling something (I have even seen links to product pages posted for vibrators for women with everyone welcoming it). I kind of wonder if it's an ego thing. Maybe men just don't want to believe. Maybe there's enough people who tried it expecting instant success only to get nothing backing that crowd up. This actually might be serious enough that it could be hindering potential people who would get great results. I honestly don't know what the solution is.

    I guess I'm just feeling a bit annoyed right now. At least I managed to introduce a few internet friends (some guys I've known for years online as part of some hobbyist programming stuff I'm into) to this aspect of my life simply by linking them to that post. I finally decided to do it, and thought linking them there would be the easiest way. I want to get the word out, so I'm trying.

    About finding a woman... This is a concern I do have still. I've actually got so much going on in my life for the next year that I don't know if I can really spend much time looking, at least until I finish school. It's just, I know my aneros practice greatly complicates things. I'm not even sure how you would tell if someone is open minded about such things without getting pretty close. Anyway, I am still kind of young so I guess I have time - several people have pointed that out to me.

    Anyway, thanks for the support guys... and if anything for giving me a safe place to vent frustrations :-(

  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    Hey, I think that was really cool and brave of you to post that and be so open. You were just trying to help other guys experience the pleasure this brings. As for the woman, I don't know if you're a believing person or not but I can attest to the fact that God grants us the desires of our hearts. If you're open to this, why not make it a matter of prayer and ask God to bring you a woman that will compliment your desires? I've experienced this blessing with a wife who loves to massage my prostate with her finger and it gives me as much, if not greater orgasms than the Aneros. I know that a lot of women are open to this. I was a teen in the 70's and read a lot of Penthouse Forum stories about girls fingering guys and I see a lot of surveys in Cosmo about how this is a "secret" practice many girls want to do and guys like to receive. So, I say all this to encourage you that this may be something the future Mrs. Binary Fellow may really be in to and you'll be a blessed man.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    HI binaryfellow and newguy8762!! :D :D

    Congratulations BF for expressing and defending your story of Aneros experience so well! I agree with you on that NG8! Your encouragement of BF apropos the potential of a wife who will be a mutual prostates partner (assuming he reciprocates with her G-spot) is fabulous!! Having had the good fortune to have explored and hugely experienced that life with my wife too, thank you for the literature review revealing the wider public discussion of this fact of male erotic anatomy, and the sacred enthusiasm for its full utilization and expression!!!

    Being as you said a teen in the 70s, you and your wife are a decade or so younger than we are at 63 each. I would be interested in your thoughts and experiences in this exceptional and exquisite couples ecstatic energetics living as you have lived it. See our hightlights in my blog: Aneros

    Your voting and posting in the Couples polls here will be much appreciated: , ,

    Thanks so much again for your story BF and your story NG8!!

    all the best mutual partnering for the best mutual prostates bio-energetic orgasmic adventuring and loving through-the-body-travel all

  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Well, as you can see BF, I leaped to your defense!

    Oh, well, fuck them. I loved your response rumel!

    Whose the worse for the skepticism?

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Vent away Binaryfellow. :) I found your post on Reddit to be really well worded without any focus on trying to sell something. And it was also quite ballsy of you to post your Aneros experiences and ask for help there outside of the mostly "faithful" here in the forum. The thing is, you can't make people believe what they don't want to. And if they are not open minded enough to at least ask questions to further allow them insight into your experiences and questions... then that is their loss.