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Interested coaching by voice?
  • I'm interested in being coached by someone who is having success. By phone preferably.
  • That's a good idea...maybe something even like voice chat class online.
  • B2WashB2Wash
    Posts: 1
    yep i would like a coach
  • ilguyilguy
    Posts: 1
    yes..i think a voice coach would be a great idea
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    OK - so what exactly would you want the coach to be doing/saying?....................
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Understandable, butt...

    A number of us who are more or less adept at achieving dry-O or Super-O levels have been experimenting with exchanging these orgasmic energies by texting. These are exchanges over great geographic distances. We have had a great deal of success doing this.

    We specifically stick to text only to avoid any direct sensory inputs, any of which naturally carry significant conscious or subliminal emotional inputs. That too easily would become phone sex. Even texting can become "sexting", butt that must be the overt intent for it to have any effect. Phone sex/sexting is simply a different phenomena and would seriously distract from achieving the required separation of your oragsmic response from your ejaculatory response, and the full awakening of these Life-Force related energies which are well beyond simple sex.

    Haven't seen any of you, excluding buckingbronco, in the Open Chats here yet, although you may have been. If you haven't, try chatting. Many pick up both useful practice tips and a jolt of this energy all of this is based upon, simply by engaging in the text chats. A much better bet IMHO for the best results on your journey.

    all the best opening stroll as you start your journey men old and young

  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176
    Artform: Is it possible for you to give us an example of what you are texting? or is that too personal?

    Arousal is what we men are all about (aneros wise or non aneros wise) and as a newbie, I understand that that is very important to getting into the super O land. We men love the feel of arousal in our bodies.

    Thanks for anything you can share as an example.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Join me in the Chat on here now and we can chat about this there.
  • Makes sense to me...lets have a "coaches corner"!
  • Good success with Aneros and willing to COACH guys who want to take their time and talk

    email me at [email][/email] and we'll set up a coaching session
  • hi, id be interested too. i just purchased my aneros and not having alot of success in reaching the huge orgasms i read about.

    my msn is [email][/email] or yahoo mkymh

    thanks guys
  • hey interested here as well making a little progress with my pro (i.e., i'm getting where i can handle having it up my ass some)


    - rip
  • I really like the idea, I Have reach the shakes and quakes. and I am stuck. I like the effect so far
    {a lot} but may be a puish in the right direction.
  • anal funanal fun
    Posts: 51
    Maybe you guys that run the chat room could set up a teaching chat room where anyone wanting coaching could receive one to one coaching with experienced users.I have given a few coaching sessions via private chat and messaging and hopefully have been of help.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Yes, I do that texting too anal fun! It has certainly worked for most. The new chat system may make it easier for this coaching to happen one on one or in small groups.
  • anal funanal fun
    Posts: 51
    That should be interesting art.
  • samsallsamsall
    Posts: 1
    has anyone skyped before?
  • [QUOTE=RipTheJacker;92972]hey interested here as well making a little progress with my pro (i.e., i'm getting where i can handle having it up my ass some)


    - rip

    damn!! ... i'm way the hell past this point (it was november) and now have a bonafied (?bonerfied?) crush on my progasm ...

    nonethless i'd still appreciate some coaching

    ... and yeah i do have skype although i use it infrequently

    - rip
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    like we could do this in the chat room would be cool too!
  • i'd be interested in being coached too... not sure i am doing this right