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is there such a thing as too much?
  • AurokenAuroken
    Posts: 113
    just wondering if there is such a thing as "using an aneros too much" and if used safely could useage change the colour of what you pass after usage?
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    I have read that you should have a day off between sessions.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    HI, Auroken, welcome to the forum.

    I asked the same question when I started to really get into this Aneros thing, and the answer is IT DEPENDS. Sorry. But that's true. Every body is different, and everyone's body has to be the measure of how much is too much.

    Personally, I've had session after session on the same day. If the results are good, no, great, then what the hell. You're body will tell you when it's too much, believe me.

    I've had two Super O's on the same day! I've had sessions in the morning and then again in the evening and then again in the morning. YMMV, naturally.

    Now having said that, what are the danger signs of over use? First would be any kind of irritation or soreness. Second would be any kind of cramping or discharge as a result of your activities. I think that if you're always clean before indulging, that goes a long way toward protracted and repeated use with little or no irritation or soreness.

    When used properly, with no manual manipulation (force from your hands) and plenty of lubrication, the only limit to your enjoyment of your Aneros is your own sensitivity to it and its use. Enjoy your Aneros, whenever you want to or can.

    Now, to the Bishop's point. Many guys here will tell you that sessions tend to be more rewarding and easier if you give yourself a little time in between sessions. I have found this to be true at times. But again, listen to your body and enjoy as often as it's fun, erotic and orgasmic. Know when you're having a "dud" session, as there will be those as well...when you're simply not feeling the feedback from your prostate. Stop early when that happens, and believe that your next session will be just that much better.

    I'm sure others may have their opinions, naturally, but for me and my butt, sky's the limit.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    [QUOTE=Auroken;88383]just wondering if there is such a thing as "using an aneros too much" and if used safely could useage change the colour of what you pass after usage?

    Other comments on "too much" are all good.

    As far as the color of what you pass... The aneros won't have any effect however, some lubes can affect the color of poop, but who's there to judge. (bloody is not good! -- see a doc!) Be more guided on how lube affects your bowel habits. If you're sensitive to a lube, switch to something else.

    I readily absorb lube; and, aromatic lubes like sesame oil or perfumed shea butter get into my blood stream and I can smell them for several hours after a session. So, I avoid anything aromatic and inject just enough of any other lube to give good slip and agility.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Sesame Oil!!! I love it with soy sauce on avocado! As a lube... WOW! I can hardy wait! "OPEN SESAME" could unleash fresh magic, eh!!!

    all the best lightly scattered humour and joyous results all

  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    I recommend a good multigrade for all-weather use.

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    I can't think of a way that Aneros usage by itself should change the color of your bowel movements. As this forum highlights, the type and amount of lubrication that is being used as well as to what extent you may use enemas before sessions could affect bowel function. As you may have read, using glycerin containing water soluble lubricants or using too large an enema before a session may produce laxative effects up in your colon. Personally, I don't enema (I stay relatively "empty" eating a high fiber diet) and I don't inject lubrication. Rather, a small coating of vaseline to the anal sphincter (as I tend to get irritated there easily) and then a light coating of non-glycerin containing water soluble lubricant to the pre-warmed Aneros is just right for me. Within three or four minutes of insertion like this (the Eupho is currently my favorite) I'll start having strong anal flutters and involuntary contractions. Then, within a few minutes more, strong orgasms that feel like I'm ejaculating all over myself begin, although throughout I remain completely "dry" and only about 3/4 erect. It has, however, taken me 9 months of "grinding" at this to get to this point.