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What you do when you get a BIG boner?
  • kajotukajotu
    Posts: 1
    Hi guys
    This my first post. I have played with aneros for a while but didn't get any fantastic result from that. Yesterday my new maximus arrived and when I started using it it felt so good (may be the size fit me). It was the first time I get a BIG boner, it was rocking hard. It was huge development so far and I felt like my journey would begin from this point. However it is too hard, the feeling from penis start to dominate the dedicate feeling from contraction. Normally what would you guy do? Keep contract or let the boner go away and start focus on contraction?
  • Just don't start masturbating, and continue to focus on the good feelings in your perineum/prostate/anus.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    La petite mort has this right. There is nothing wrong with having an erection, it is your body's response to the Aneros, it is natural, enjoy it! But you want to avoid stimulating your penis at the same time (directly or indirectly), as this takes you down a different arousal pathway. It's important that you perceive the erection and the sensations that accompany it as a function of anal, perineal and prostate stimulation. This is an important distinction, these are internal sensations that radiated outward encompassing your penis. Stay with it, often the erection will subside. From there, be attentive to the other sensations that the Aneros produces and don't forget to focus on the subtler sensations that come your way. Doing so will magnify them many fold, much like a snow ball rolling down a hill.


    BF Mayfield
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Good time to start expanding the arousal to other energy centers of your body -- eventually expanding the p-wave to whole-body joy. Mentally, connect each of the following dots to your prostate:

    Male-deer (Google or see the Wiki) exercise for the Dan Tien (Naval Chakra) is the most logical but, Nip stim to the torso was an easier first jump for me. In either case, breathe and reflect that pleasure back to your prostate. Visualize, then sense, a triangular p-wave: Nips -- Dan Tien -- Prostate.

    Later on apply stim to distant points on your extremities -- wrist, fingertips, sole of a foot, etc.

    At some point get closer to home with some testicle tickling ('Discipline' with a large "D")

    Then expand the triangle further to your head. Tongue on the roof of the mouth to find your dormant suckling instinct (reflect that back home to your prostate.)

    And try gentle tickling of the pelvic acupuncture point on your ear, finding the exact square millimeter that connects to your prostate and anal canal. Then try the other ear and see if it's better.

    Tongue to the roof of the mouth was very powerful for me -- Next week I'll be adding Pablum to my diet!
    8) Remember to breathe and relax so that the Maximus has room to 'rattle around' inside you.