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Bedtime Attire
  • View Poll Results: What do you wear to sleep? Edit Voters: 48

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    Absolutely nothing 27 56.25%

    Bottoms only 12 25.00%

    Tops only 3 6.25%

    Socks only 0 0%

    Other (please explain) 6 12.50%

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    Posts: 0
    Are aneros users more comfortable sleeping in the raw? Doe it facilitate their aneros use and the clothing restrict the ability to sense the energy. Does it advance their use. The poll may help with some of those theories.
  • I haven't worn anything to bed (except when necessary for social reasons) since I was 12 or so.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    When I was a kid, it was always sleeping in my underwear. In my 20's I started sleeping nude. Probably because it was the first time I had a room to myself. I never looked back. Even on the coldest nights, it is a time to be unencumbered by clothes.
  • You bet! I've slept nude for at least the past 20 years. The greatest progress concerning bedtime attire, since I purchased my first Aneros, though, is that my wife has also started sleeping nude! :D I love to see her that way; and, she admits it is much more comfortable to do so --- her nightclothes don't bind or get all tangled up anymore.
  • Been sleeping naked since I got married at 21...26 years. I'd walk around naked all day if there were no other people around.
  • It was about four years ago that I awoke in the middle of three separate nights within a two week period from the same dream, except each one more vivid, more realistic than the one before. The dream was that I was having a big pee somewhere out in the woods. The third time I was astounded to find that I had not soaked the bed, the sensations were so real. However, I decided to put a stop to that nonsense, so I've been wearing Depends or equivalent ever since. And sure enough, I've not been awakened by that dream ever again. :D

    As we get older our circulation deteriorates, so I now wear PJs, tops and bottoms, and frequently socks also -- even tho I love nudity.
  • isportisport
    Posts: 12
    Every night is naked since about 14 or so. I find clothes to be very uncomfortable in bed.
  • I currently sleep naked as much as possible. I also prefer being naked as soon as I get home and until I leave or have visitors. Sometimes I wear very loose things for keeping myself warm like a blanket, the bed covers, a bathrobe, an apron (protection in the kitchen) and so on.

    I also try to increase the sensitivity of my genital-to-anus area by shaving (save a hedge at the top), so I recieve as much automatic caress as possible from the motion of air as I move, from my inner thighs, and of my bed covers. I enjoy how the covers move during sleep and the morning glory that often comes with it.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    I used to sleep in the nude, but after relatives, guests, and their children started coming over fairly regularly and spending some time on what is now called "stay-cations" for cook outs, visits, pool parties etc... I felt it more appropriate to wear a tee shirt and cotton gym shorts to bed.

    I also have to get up a night several times to stretch, let the mutt out, get a drink of water, pee etc... If it's raining out I usually check the pool or in the winter the pool cover and start a siphon up when necessary... (general pool maintainence).

    About the only time I get a full nights sleep is when I get itchy and take 2 or 3 benedryls. Then I sleep straight through.

    Somehow the dog knows when it's feeding time (6am and 6pm)... and ensures that I am aware that it is feeding time and to get up and cook up an egg or something other goodie to throw on the kibble.

    So I'm up and about, and with the gym gear on.
  • :D I am a Naturist and sleep naked.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    In the summer just silk or micro-nylon boxers for easy wood. Winter adds sox and tee shirt for warmth. Tee shirt is nice to provide a more gentle level of nip-stim.

    Update a year later:
    Have cut off the lower half of the tee shirts (just above the navel). Had my wife add a hem to keep them from crawling up under my arm pits. Looks about like a schemmel that you'd wear under shoulder pads. This makes it easier to get to bare nips and do male deer but still cushions the nips for extended stim.
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42
    I sleep in a T-shirt, both underwear and shorts, and occasionally socks, though they tend to clash with leg hairs and itch if worn for a long time.

    I suppose I'm the outlier here, lol. Though granted, I do live with family.

    [e] Because I'm so used to this, I would probably be rather uncomfortable sleeping in the nude. I tried it before as a kid, obviously, but it ended up in far too many embarassing situations that I'd rather not risk repeating orz. Also, I toss a lot, and wake up more often than not half-uncovered, so it serves the double purpose of keeping me warm in those cases~
  • Completely naked since about 18. I like the freedom and comfort :)
  • artisanartisan
    Posts: 14
    Slept naked pretty much since I left home, though in recent years - I'm hurling comet-like to the wrong side of 50 - tend to wear long sleeve t-shirt during winter. Find it hard to sleep with shorts or anything similar, everything gets tangled.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Any clothing in bed simply gets in the way.

    Only wear clothes in bed to keep warm on VERY cold nights!
  • Been sleeping naked since I got married at 21...26 years. I'd walk around naked all day if there were no other people around. head massager
  • jtoddjtodd
    Posts: 1
    I started sleeping naked in jr. high and still do, some 30 years later. Occasionally, I may wear a long sleeve shirt to bed if it's cold outside but that doesn't happen too often down here in Texas. I guess I just hate waking up with my pants all twisted up in a knot!!

    Also, the older I get, the more I dislike wearing clothes so I'm naked as much as possible.....
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    I wear only a tee shirt and no pants. I like the freedom and I like my wife l to hold my penis and balls when we are cuddling.
  • It's Boxer shorts (I like the freedom that BOXERS provide but I want a little something between me and the sheets) and a well worn T for me.....oh and SOCKS as my feet are ALWAYS cold!
  • You can look at my screen name and figure out what I wear, so I wont add to
  • AnalAceAnalAce
    Posts: 7
    I've been sleeping naked since I was 12 and now I'm a full time nudist. I can't imagine wearing any type of clothing to bed or around the house. If I'm home, I'm naked.
  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    I'm another who doesn't wear anything in bed :) I used to sleep in my briefs until I met my husband (15 years ago). He slept naked so I followed suit.
  • needit_needit_
    Posts: 34
    mercy me all i can say to that 1 is LUCKY HIM
  • Geezer UKGeezer UK
    Posts: 61
    Naked for over 20 years. Wouldn't want it any other way.
  • For the past several years I wear a (Bike) swimmers jock strap. I like the way it holds my penis and balls up in place. In fact, I'm more apt to wake with an erection than if I were naked. I do however enjoy sleeping naked on occasions,

    While using the Aneros though, always in the nude. Have to be able to touch and stroke all areas freely :)

  • sojrnr73sojrnr73
    Posts: 4
    I've been sleeping nude for years. It's far more comfortable than getting tangled up in PJ's or being constricted by undies.
  • naked since i was little... have only put on sox to keep my feet warm in winter or when getting up in the night.
    love the freedom...
  • As my wife can attest, I am a furnace - always warm. So, I sleep naked all the time, even in the dead of winter. It snows here a lot and gets very cold, but still nude. It makes cuddling so much more fun. I LOVE the feeling of my wife's naked body against mine. And she likes to cuddle with me, spooning with me in front, her hands on my penis and balls. Wonderful!
  • Absolutely nude all night long! I hate to put on clothes!
  • tallguytallguy
    Posts: 61
    I used to go nude in warmer weather, but then I had kids/cats/dogs/leaky gutters and countless other reasons to be dragged from bed in the middle of the night.

    Nowadays I'm usually a bit on the cold side, so it's a tee and cotton pajama shorts for me. During Aneros sessions I will wear my usual Calvin low-rise briefs. Sexier feeling plus no way for something like a stray Progasm to get lost in a hotel bed.

    In the winter, the T becomes at long-sleeved model, and if it's really cold, the shorts become long underwear or sweats, and maybe socks too.
  • buck naked ... so does my wife ...

    if i travel north - and on the few cold days we get in FL - i have a few long cotton flannel nightshirts

    ... just pull 'em up and yer ready for anything u might wanna do in bed

    - rip
  • Bobby BBobby B
    Posts: 27
    Generally sleep in the raw but for sex I prefer to keep my socks and briefs on. Just my thing...
  • cmfcmf
    Posts: 10
    Nice Dude, I do the same. Good to know there's others out there like me too. Lol.
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    May I ask, how can you have sex with briefs on ? Inquiring minds.............
  • Bobby BBobby B
    Posts: 27
    No you may not! A gentleman never tells... ;-) CMF feels me. If you don't get it, you don't get it! No disrespect...
  • I dont sleep nude with my aneros but we do alot together and i cant think of anything better than to naked bodies snuggling together and if you share intemacies like snuggling aneros max is great too
  • As the 2nd youngest of 13 kids (all I can say is I'm glad I'm not the yougest)
    we had great thick cotton pyjamas in winter and in summer??? :)
    We got bri nylon pj's for the coolness??? :)
    As I got older I discarded the top.
    When I got wed I was naked of course for 1st few yrs.
    Then as now I sleep in boxers.
    I'm divorced now.
    I rarely sleep naked, as I sometimes sleepwalk.
    Me in the buff, not a pretty site.
    Very cold weather I wear socks.
  • Buck naked
  • Naked most of the time. In pantyhose the rest...
  • i always wore boxers and shirt, till about 5 years ago when i met my first sexual partner,then i slept nude, been back in the habit of wearing boxers and tee for a while...
    somebody on here suggested i start sleeping in the nude again for more pleasurable sensations (now i'm 'part rewired') on waking or just in the bed... it's true it is better, i love sleeping naked and would never look back.
  • Lizard1Lizard1
    Posts: 4
    My wife and I both love the freedom of not wearing anything....nude is great...especially when using my Aneros.
  • Either naked or tighty whities or bikini briefs, kind of depends on my mood!
  • Hi guys, 

    My wife and I always sleep naked for the pleasure of feeling our bodies against each other. This is an incredible pleasure, sensual and very comforting contact our skins ... Really exciting and great for the libido.

  • Summer - Naked
    Fall - Depends on Weather
    Winter - T-Shirt
    Spring - Naked
  • @theme_gasm same with me. I can't throw my clothes off quick enough when the weather is over 60 degress. But when its winter i have to cover up. 
  • I always wore briefs but since I started my aneros journey I much prefer just a loose fitting pj because of the stout morning wood I wake with.
  • I wore pajamas in my youth when I lived at home with my parents. But beginning from college, I began wearing briefs at night in bed. And yes, from 1971, I began wearing Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. Sometimes I would wear a jockstrap, sometimes with an athletic cup for a secure erotic feel.

    This year however, with our severe winter, I have had to wear sweats to bed to stay warm. However, when I wear a jock and cup to bed, I feel so good and so sexed up, and sleep like a baby! ;) :D :D


    Last night I wore All-Star Shock Jock Cup with Supporter to bed. It felt so sweet!

    Sometimes I may a Nutty Buddy Cup to bed too. It is considered by many as a state-of-art athletic cup. It too feels real awesome!
  • Hi there,

    My wife and I sleep nude. Been sleeping nude since 24 or so and feels odd now not to do so. Except when its skinning cold of course! Love the naked feeling.
  • Thom, both look hot!
  • ltgltg
    Posts: 36
    Nude or socks only.   If cold I'll put on a shirt.  If I'm in  hotel with non-commando friends, I'll wear boxers either when I get up, or while sleeping too - depends on the folks.
  • Nude since around when i was 10 i think. I used to rip my pjs in bed somehow. Maybe clawing at them because uncomfortable.