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Unexpected success!
  • mclacjmclacj
    Posts: 12

    The first thing i would like to do is, put some things to rest.

    For any newbies/novices in aneros use, that are looking for advice/encouragement, then look at my last post & think don't go there.

    It was posted at a time when there was some frustration with my progress, i think what i was doing was trying to take in all the info on the wiki & elsewhere & try to comprehend it all, i was trying to do too much, i now realise.

    How naive & foolish i feel now, for i could not see the wood for the trees!

    I was that preoccupied with all this information i could not see the big picture & ultimately the simple path for me personally as it turned out, i just gave gentle encouragement at certain points.

    Let me now explain,

    Yesterday was about my tenth session with the helix, i thought to myself before it i am going to keep things as simple as possible & relax, see what comes.

    I was also suffering a terrible hangover, and did not expect much from my session, but i was eager to try to put things right.

    So after about 30-40 min of doing nothing but slow deep breathing something amazing happened (thanks to the person(s) who advocated trying this method)

    I could feel something building slowly with each breath & then it happened, i believe it was a mini orgasm.

    It started as a warm feeling in my prostate/deep groin area with an erection too & oozing precum, it spread throughout my lower torso, it was the most sublime orgasm i had ever dared to imagine.

    It lasted about 2 min, then over the next hour or so i managed to have two more orgasm's with an erection.

    I wish to state i never touched my penis once throughout my session.

    I didn't want to stop but after 3 hours of bliss i wanted to pee badly & this put a stop to my pleasure!

    My hangover was a distant memory it had faded from me & i felt mentally focused & relaxed, eurphoric/glowing all over & most importantly i felt happy/good about myself.

    I am guessing about the mini o, but in a way i hope that is what they were & there is the prospect of a stronger orgasm out there, i don't know if my body could stand higher levels of this pleasure!

    So that is my take on things, many thanks to all the good advice/info out there on the site, hope this is of help to others.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    Sounds terrific! Thanks for taking the time to share your successful session.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Congratulations, on crossing over into the Super-O, while you may have called it a mini-O, your other words describe something much more significant than a mini-O or even a traditional ejaculatory orgasm.

    " was the most sublime orgasm I had ever dared to imagine."
    That sounds pretty Super to me.

    "It lasted about 2 min,..."
    When have you ever had a traditional ejaculatory orgasm last longer than 15 seconds, let alone 2 minutes?

    "...then over the next hour or so I managed to have two more orgasm's..."
    Have you ever had multiple orgasms like that in an hour's time?

    "I didn't want to stop but after 3 hours of bliss..."
    That sounds pretty Super to me, have you ever experienced 3 hours of bliss before?

    "My hangover was a distant memory it had faded from me & I felt mentally focused & relaxed, eurphoric/glowing all over & most importantly I felt happy/good about myself."
    That sounds pretty Super to me and your Aneros even provides analgesic effects.

    "...I don't know if my body could stand higher levels of this pleasure!"
    That sounds pretty Super to me.

    You also remarked about a couple of points I repeatedly emphasize, suspending expectations and having a positive open attitude,
    "I ... did not expect much from my session, but I was eager to try..." I know this web site seems to present a lot of information for the newbie user to assimilate. Some of that information is seemingly contradictory in nature and daunting to comprehend. Then, when you have crossed over, you begin to realize it is really much simpler than you had originally thought. It is simultaneously easy and difficult (another of the strange paradoxes with this practice), it is about adopting some new thought paradigms and discarding some old false notions to get there.

    "... I hope...there is the prospect of a stronger orgasm out there..." YES there is, you just have to allow yourself to experience it.
  • a_usera_user
    Posts: 16

    Your story of success sounds like mine. I've found that when things get frustrating in a session, it's best to just lie there and relax. Now that you've had the SO, don't go into your next session over-excited. Trust me, the expectation can be a mood killer when you know you have the ability.

    You are entering the "rewiring" phase now, and your brain is sorting things out. Take a day or two break between sessions (very difficult, I know). Don't be surprised if you start twitching in the middle of the day for no reason!

    As to the orgasm strength, I find each time it gets a bit stronger as I find what's right for me. Don't worry -- you are on the path. Enjoy the journey.
  • mclacjmclacj
    Posts: 12
    Hello to all,

    Many thanks for the feedback.

    I did not presume to think that i had s.orgasms, as i got an erection when this happened each time, I did not associate at first that this is what happened, but the intensity of the orgasms & your comments have convinced me.

    I intend to start a blog if anyone wants to follow please do.

    Just before i close i want to share my latest experience, not used the helix for 5 days, decided to go to bed early & try a session, drank a small amount of beer to relax.

    I had some pleasure but nothing spectacular, then in the early hours helix still in, i must have dozed off for a short time, i awoke feeling so aroused & within minutes was into an intense orgasm, the pulsing around my anus & groin was so intense (like a heartbeat) my cock felt like it had a cock ring on!

    Over the next 5-8 mins as the first orgasm faded another merged in i was in heaven!

    The next morning i felt so horny i put the helix in & had sex with my wife, this was another feeling altogether, pleasurable but it was over too quick!
    Any tips anyone?

    But this is another story (blog maybe?)

    There is so much more i want to write & share!

    With thanks to all!