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Do you ever have penile orgasms when masturbating?
  • I havent quite had the prostate orgasm yet but i have had a few involuntary contractions and what i believe is a few p waves.

    I am a fleshlight owner and ever since i got my aneros i just havent used it at all..

    From the short tiny p waves and small contractions ive had so far i can predict that the aneros can bring an insane amount more pleasure than any "wet orgasm" can.

    so do all you veterans just stick with dry orgasms or do you also mix it up with penile orgasms at times?
  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    [QUOTE=Ghettygreen;87609]I am a fleshlight owner and ever since i got my aneros i just havent used it at all.

    I can sympathise there :) As well as the Aneros being very satisfying to use it's also quite an interruption to get the Flesh Jack (in my case) ready. I find that I enjoy a penile orgasm to conclude most sessions and that getting the Flesh Jack ready mid session can be done. I'm a relatively new user so I look forward to the replies of the more experienced and finding out what others do.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I certainly will have an ejaculation at the end of some sessions. I am a believer of the concept of building sexual energy and keeping hold of it. It is a concept that seems to be easier for those with more years under their belts. I am not sure I could have grasped this idea when I was in my 20's. What I found is that if I have these sessions without ejaculation that the sexual energy gives me a lift that took me quite some time to realize. Some times my refractory period after an ejaculation is too long. If I have some built up energy behind these ejaculations, the refractory period is much less. Either way, I tend to miss the energy when I don't have it. Sounds strange, but that is how it is with me.

    I am a Fleshlight owner as well (STU) and use it quite often in my Aneros sessions lately. I have been experimenting with adding penile stimulation in with prostate stimulation. I know that there is more than one way to get there and each path provides its own unique pleasures. I realized that in my experimentation with KSMO. The heights you can get to without penile or prostate stimulation is phenomenal. That realization was crucial in my journey to get where I am. I am a more advanced user and feel that a more basic approach (non-penile stimulation) is crucial to obtaining a Super O. I needed to identify my ability to have an orgasm without ejaculation. Not an easy undertaking for a while. So, I do not recommend it for the new user, but don't throw away your Fleshlights just yet. They can come in handy.

    Always have fun.