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Regarding to aneros helix question
  • Hi Everybody

    I am a new user on aneros helix. I just bought one of helix. Could you tell how to put its abutment on the "right point" in order to make its tip against prostate correctly? I guess the people who said there is nothing happend during using aneros must put the abutment on wrong point.

    Looking forward to someone reply

  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    I have had my helix for about a year and just recently realized how important it is to relax your anal muscles, especially in the few minutes after inserting.

    Once you do that you can feel it ride up in more and for me that must have been when it finally touched my prostate and I began to react to it.

    Involuntary (and highly pleasant) contractions would take over. Then remember to ride the feeling not control it, it makes all the difference when the mind really wants it and is freely letting it happen!

    Not everytime is the same, but certainly it really was a milestone worth remembering how to reach.

    Hope this helps.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Hi robertsays,

    The Aneros Wiki has a good discussion. Go to this link ---> Sweet spot - Aneros Wiki --

    Once you've tried that, let us know how it works how good the contact is and how it feels.

    @tdt Excellent point that I had difficulty with. First step should be to relax and get as loose with the Aneros as possible.

  • Are you chinese? I saw your logo is 希(hope)。 But total word it should be 希望
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    [QUOTE=robertsays521;87552]Are you chinese? I saw your logo is 希(hope)。 But total word it should be 希望
    Nope, not Chinese. You are correct. Kanji for 'kibo' ('hope' in japanese) would be proper.

    This avatar is actually a reproduction of a single Kanji symbol on a large, 200+ year-old, wood carving, hanging in the garden of a local Breast Cancer treatment center. I photographed that carving and several BC spouses teamed to silk-screen the T-shirts we wear to support meetings and local runs.

    When my spouse makes it though her first declaration of remission I'll probably return to my 'rook' Shogi avatar(s). I think that will coincide with the Susan G. Komen run this fall.

    thanks for asking. also, tks for a nudge to put this job (in 100x100 format) on my todo list. Tks also for the read. ...rook