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Aneros Eupho - Super Orgasm (The Sequel) **VIDEO**
  • Aneros Eupho - Super Orgasm (The Sequel) **VIDEO**

    ArcticWolves is back by popular demand!!

    After many months, I have decided to make another video for my fans and supporters of me experiencing the most incredible super-orgasm of my life. I rank this orgasm above and beyond any other I have had. Perhaps it's because I'm trying another position than my usual routine or the different model aneros I am using (EUPHO), or maybe it's because I'm not shaking violently out of control! :lol:

    For those interested, I am using the Eupho (Aneros). The video footage shown is about 30 minutes into my aneros session. Keep in mind that I had many mini-orgasms and lots of delicious P-Waves leading up to this wonderful world of ecstasy.

    Also, I am trying out a new position on my back with MUCH success as you see!! However, as with all aneros sessions I have completely relaxed my mind and body even though it looks like I'm forcing things. I can assure you I am not and I am basically letting my body take over and do whatever it wants.

    I hope that I can continue to inspire all the aspiring males interested in a "Super-Orgasm."

    P.S. Turn your sound up and you can hear me moan from all the pleasure!!!!!!

    P.S.S. It was like 40F degrees outside and I had my window open during this. So that's why you don't see my balls hanging or me sporting an erection during my session.

    Aneros Eupho - Super Orgasm (The Sequel) **VIDEO**

    Yes, that's my voice. Please don't laugh. Actually wait... Yes laugh it's a great seductive voice for aneros tutorials!! :)

    **A Very BIG Thanks to my aneros friends/supporters and everyone involved in writing the WIKI and all the contributors to the idea of a super-orgasm. Without them I wouldn't even know I was capable of such perceived unrealistic possibilities.**
  • Well I just saw your video on the Xtube Latest Videos page. I was about to tell people on the Aneros forum about it but noticed you beat me to it. lol. I'm glad to see you've made another video. Don't let good talent go to waste. :D
  • Thanks equalityboy!! I haven't seen my video on the latest video page hmmmm.... Anyways, just click on my purple text to be taken straight to the link.
  • Even though the Wiki helped you you've helped the Wiki (in a way). You were the first one to show a version of what the Super O looks like. The combination of you and the Wiki helped me get my first Super O. Remember folks, while there are similarities in everyone's Super O's, everyone is different in how it happens just as in everyone is different in the way they experience traditional penile ejaculatory orgasms. While some of the same things that have happened to Arctic Wolves happened to me with my first Super O there were differences too.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi AW,

    Good video! Just goes to show the boys and girls out there what kind of pleasure can come from a Eupho. Great things come in small packages!
  • Great video AW!
    I like the voice over at the beginning! I can't believe you show your face in the video. Are you hoping to be the Aneros poster boy? ;)
  • Actually, I believe people need to see your face as it's part of the orgasm. They need to see the facial reactions (jaw dropping, head moving) are all part of the process. To be honest, I don't really care if people see my face on xtube. After all, we're all human and there is nothing to be scared about. (Besides I could deny it was me due to xtubes terrible compression on the videos) I guess it's just me. I have my own style and I don't care what others think about me anymore. It's such a great feeling. Why? Because I know a secret they don't! I'm not scared what my videos do for my future or how popular they become.

    In fact, I wouldn't mind walking in the public wearing an Aneros shirt (Got Aneros? **Front** Life is short! Treat yourself right with a mind blowing, body shaking, out of this dimension ... Super-O!! **BACK**). I basically hold a secret that most men don't know about, especially at such a young ripe age of 23. However, I am hoping that will change in the future. I wish every man could experience such pleasure. I wish we could openly talk about this to every man we walk by day-by-day. Unfortunately, with such American views on this subject and relating it to sexuality I would no sooner be arrested for some false charge of harassment or be accused of offending someone. Sad world...

    In my videos, I only care about helping others by showing the events leading up to a super-O and then demonstrating that the super-O is different every time (many colors, shapes, varieties.) The goal is that once men think they have had a super-orgasm they can watch my videos and possibly relate with on the levels of what they have experienced in their sessions.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I think this video is much better than the previous ones. Thank you for the great demonstration of effects these little wonders can induce. This video comes closer to the effects I’ve also experienced during a Super-O although yours are still more physically active than my experiences (age does slow us down). The vocalizations and involuntary contractions you are experiencing, IMHO are fairly typical of the Super-O.
    I applaud your courage for putting your face out there on this one and I really appreciate your positive attitude toward helping others reach this experience themselves. This is the essential reason this Forum exists.
    BTW, the crossed arms, nipple stimulation technique was a nice bonus demonstration as well.
    Maybe your new nickname will become “Two Tone Two Socks”.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Great job! Yet another wonderful contribution to the forum and the Aneros community. No doubt about it, these videos have provided excellent documentation of the Aneros experience and helped to establish the Super O as a powerful component in the rich panorama of the male sexual response.

    I will make sure that you get an Aneros Tee shirt (PM me with your size)

    Thank you,

    B Mayfield

    p.s. Loved the socks...good choice! (The black shirt would coordinate well with 'em)
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    AW, you are an artist and an inspiration. Both on the bed and in the hot bath sessions I like the feeling and sometimes energy looping of having the soles of my bare feet flat together! Your body pushed you there several times briefly! Gotta luv the Eupho!!! Thank you again!!!

    all the best sharing, walking and talking the Aneros journey :mrgreen:

  • FakmanFakman
    Posts: 45
    With the sound (not so much the commentary) it was awesome. I have similar girations and feelings and it was great to see that I am not the only one:) Looked great. Keep up the good work
  • Hey AW-

    Very professional video work there, really stands heads and shoulders above the normal xtube fare.

    Thanks much,
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    AW has captured it well. I agree with artform about the "soles" of the bare feet. That seems to work wonders with the energy loop and intensifies the O's. I have experienced the O's like those shown by AW and near the end when there's a sense of relaxation - that it is where it can transform into the "calm seas." It's all great - but I like those the best. I've also found that slowing down the touch and caress can speed up the orgasms. We're all still learning though so onward and upward.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Thanks for this video. It is also good that you show your face so we can see just what you are getting out of the experience.

    You may get a few insults or jokes from ignorant people, but for us Aneros-users, or guys seeking (more) pleasure, you are the MAN! :arrow:
  • Just seeing that makes me more determined to keep using aneros and experience the Super-O. I have sorta hit a plateau and dont seem to make any progress in my sessions as of late. What can I do to get things moving again?
  • Video link has been updated - It's good to be back!
  • just watched this video, i noticed that your cock wasnt even hard. very nice video
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401

    Man, that is awesome. I agree with rumel on this one, for sure. This is the kind of video we needed, right now, to help guys understand that this is what we're trying to get guys to, versus the short route to ejaculation. Well done, my man, well done.

    I am so happy to see someone else enjoying and making visual what most of us can only describe in weak verbiage. You actually put it on the line for everyone to see. To see exactly what we're capable of doing! What our bodies will give back to us if we allow them.

    I have experienced almost exactly the same orgasm, repeatedly, with the foot and leg motions. Very cool. I have, of late tried to limit the huge physical surges I get during Super O, as it actually cases me to get cramps in my thighs and calves! By doing so, it also internalizes the orgasms and involves my whole body, which is very stimulating to say the least.

    Good job, AW. And a rarely given Cockadoodle "ATTABOY"!

  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    As someone new to the Aneros I'm delighted to see how someone else uses the device. Using one is normally a solitary pleasure and that video explains as much as sheets of words. Thank you
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    Really really great vid. Although I feel pretty jealous after watching it it keeps me motivated for getting as far as you did.

    Unfortunately I have pretty big difficulties with that. I now have the helix for about 4 months and 95% of my sessions end up in hard quivering and tiny p-waves but nothing more. It seems like there is a barrier that I can't pass. I've read most of the good stuff on this site and I feel like I'm doing everything right but I still can't see much progress between sessions. Of couse I'm testing different positions/contractions/whatever but I feel like I'm so far from where you are :(